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Top 5 Methods to Make Mobile Gaming Apps Scalable


Scaling mobile gaming apps to gain support from users to get access to your mobile gaming app is forever challenging. The best time to manage the scaling of an App is before an issue arises. Let’s have a detailed look.

So, What is Scalability?

Scalability is the function of your app to manage an increasing number of ‘active users’. It also caters to the ability of your main developer to maintain the app. If there are issues with the application, adding a new feature to that might cause an app failure.

Top 5 Methods to create scalable mobile gaming Apps:

  • Create an AGILE API Layer

    Integration is not only important but the most time-consuming and challenging part of building an app. If it is not managed well, it can lead to delays in app development. So, it is highly recommended to build an API layer to make integrations easier and faster. There are various ways: using enterprise mobile back-end service tools, using API management tools for large-scale deployments, and even using a Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) tool.

  • Determine if your app is SCALABLE

    The best way to know if your app is scalable before it gets thousands of users is to test it. The main reason for scalability testing is to determine the workload and remove the junk that can hamper your App’s scalability. To make a truly scalable gaming application, you must regularly test it for scalability issues.

    Performance is one of the main parts of an App. The performance i.e (Loading time, lag-free experience) should be of the highest quality else the App will face losses. Scalability testing caters to performance testing on the detailed understanding of the scalability of an application. The goal is to focus on the breaking point and when the gaming application stops scaling and finds the issues for it.

  • Scaling from the Initial Stage

    Plan to scale is an excellent business strategy. There are some important points before you get started.

    • What kind of data do you plan on generating?
    • On average how many people will use the app in the coming 6-8 months?
    • What is the approximate time range to fit all your customers on one server?
    • How do you manage if you have more customers or data than that?
  • Keep the App Organic

    It is highly recommended to use organic ways to convert the viewers into users. To do so, one needs to be creative while optimizing the app descriptions, icons, tags, keywords, app previews, and promos. Whether it is Android or iOS gaming App development, organic ways can lead to better user growth. It is popularly regarded that app downloads can easily be boosted by optimizing the names and keywords.

  • Use the RMAD Tool

    Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) tool uses a coding-optional approach and lets a person with less experience develop a mobile application. This has also proven helpful for experienced developers to add advanced code easily in the past. It is in the present scenario regarded as one of the perfect tools for developing a scalable mobile application and also for backend integration and front-end development. The usage of this tool can considerably speed up the scaling app process.

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Advantages of Scalability:

If initial consideration from the start is taken to lay a proper base for advancement and to avoid the pitfalls of hitting a dead zone and being left behind in the crunch for demand. Some more advantages are

Maintain a Positive User Experience

With the emerging digital world, viral marketing will make your gaming app an overnight success which will generate huge traffic. It is not always predictable but, if your app is scalable, then easily the rapid advancement can be manageable with zero downtime and without forging user experience. So, when the final stage of your marketing comes into consideration then you can be confident about your App’s reliability.

Higher Growth Potential

Every gaming app has a ton of potential if proper space is given for growth. Scaling helps you find the small issues and problems in your app before thousands of users give you negative feedback. The problem can be progressively fixed before and set the platform for amazing user feedback.


So, got some idea about scaling? Scalability is vital for an App’s success. When the app is scalable, it can enhance business growth, offer a good user experience for new users, and give you a better return on investment. Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is always known for providing Scalable mobile gaming apps. Artoon Solutions has 14+ years of experience in mobile game development and our expert developers always focus on the latest technology and provide scalable products.

Contact us to know more about mobile gaming apps. Drop an email at [email protected]. Just share your unique idea with us. We would love to discuss and guide you ahead.

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