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Top 7 Ways to Increase Live Traffic in Mobile Gaming Apps


Believe it or not, the progress of the mobile gaming industries in recent years can not be explained in words. The rise of mobile gaming has created an entirely new type of gamer. The way we used to play games has shifted. Those days are gone when there was a separate time for games. Now we are so involved in gaming that sometimes we even forget our tasks, and our daily routine and keep playing games. The rise of microtransaction has drastically increased the size and revenue of mobile gaming apps.

Top 7 ways to increase gaming app traffic:

  • Add Special Events

    Looking to attract new users? Consider adding a special event, which is a limited-time offer of free play, extra coins, and unique challenges. For example, skill-based games offer new special challenges every few weeks, where players complete specific tasks to earn free coins, and many extra features. In addition to increasing engagement, special events can also increase downloads.

  • Make the Game Challenging, But not Too Challenging

    The best games are challenging but not frustrating. They make you think, but don’t leave you feeling like you will never beat them. So, how do you make sure that your game is a challenge, but not so challenging that users stop playing?

    The simple answer is how you make your game. Suppose you built a game that doesn’t have a feature like skipping the level the only way you can make progress is by winning that particular level. This frustrates users. Instead of making this so tough, if the owner puts an ad saying “If you watch a 15-second ad you can skip this level.” That will do. You got your revenue, and the user is also satisfied.

  • Create A Cross-Platform Social Media Campaign

    LPromote gaming apps on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. These are the ideal platforms to promote gaming apps to a large audience. These ads are not about standard boosted ads or Pay-Per-Click ads. Here we are talking about leveraging influencers to drive a cross-platform social media campaign. The focus is on increasing downloads & brand awareness.

  • Deal with Popular Influencers

    LSuppose a mobile gaming company develops a widely popular mobile game based on a television series. The game lets players play freely with full of energy inspired by their favorite show.

    The game will already have a powerful connection and that will make partnering with influencers a natural promotion strategy. Partnering with the most popular influencers will result in gaining a huge amount of followers.

  • Integrate Rewarded Ads

    In a world full of microtransactions, Game Devs are finding some users won’t pay especially in the Mobile gaming apps market. Rewarded ads, which give users a small reward such as coins or an extra life in exchange for watching an ad, provide those users with an alternative to In-App Purchases payment. Rewarded ads also increase overall engagement.

  • App Store Optimization

    App store optimization is at its core, Search Engine Optimization for Google Play and App Store. With half of the iPhone users finding apps through search, App description is one of the most important things you can focus on in the mobile app marketing efforts.

  • Build a great landing App Page

    Making a great mobile app landing page is one of the most important things for App owners to take user’s acquisition & engagement. The most noticeable thing in a gaming app is Graphics and UI. Awesome graphics attract users and better UI leads to a great user experience. If the landing page doesn’t look good, most often users quit from the beginning that may cause a fall in revenue growth.


Increasing traffic in mobile gaming apps directly proportional to revenue growth. The more traffic, the more users and greater revenue growth. If owners stop putting interstitial ads and start experimenting with the above-explained ways, maybe they will get better revenue growth. Anyways, if you are excited about mobile games and want to own an app, then Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the best platform for you. With 13+ experience in developing our experts, developers always provide the best mobile games.

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