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Discover professionally equipped custom Unity game development services with Artoon Solutions, a premier Unity game development company located in the USA. With more than 14+ years of experience and a proven track record of delivering 100+ successful gaming projects for renowned clients like MPL and A23, Artoon’s skilled team of Unity developers stands ready to bring your gaming vision into real life.

Whether you’re envisioning a new game for mobile or a multi-gaming platform, Artoon Unity 2D & 3D Game Development Services guarantee high-quality, custom solutions that prioritize your unique requirements. Leverage the power of Unity Gaming Services to seamlessly integrate your game into any platform, ensuring an immersive and engaging experience for your audience.

Partner with Artoon Solutions today and unlock the potential of your gaming venture.

Weโ€™re Mentioned in Indiaโ€™s Biggest Gaming Arena MPLโ€˜s Blog in the Forbes India


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Artoon Solutions Featured on Meta

Artoon Solutions Featured on Metaโ€™s Success Stories

Artoon Solutions, its start-up story, and its Founders were all covered by Metaโ€™s Success Stories. A Meta team traveled to Surat, Gujarat, the location of the headquarters of Artoon Solutions, to film a specially planned video that best displayed our story and the sentiments of our founders. Artoon Solutions couldnโ€™t have asked for a better platform to showcase our story!

Attended Worldโ€™s Biggest Gaming Event, GDC 2024
Attended Worldโ€™s Biggest Gaming Event, GDC 2024
Attended Worldโ€™s Biggest Gaming Event, GDC 2024
Attended Worldโ€™s Biggest Gaming Event, GDC 2024
Attended Worldโ€™s Biggest Gaming Event, GDC 2024
Attended Worldโ€™s Biggest Gaming Event, GDC 2024
Attended Worldโ€™s Biggest Gaming Event, GDC 2024

Attended Worldโ€™s Biggest Gaming Event, GDC 2024

After successful participation in gaming events such as AIGF, DGIE, and IGDC, it was time to attend the ultimate and worldโ€™s biggest gaming event, the Game Developers Conference, San Francisco. Our core team attended the event to share valuable experiences in game development and to learn more about what the future holds in online gaming. In GDC, we showcased our expertise in game development such as MGP (Multi-Gaming Platform), Rummy, Poker, CallBreak, Solitaire, Ludo, and more. Also, we shared how free-to-play games and real money games are going to have a larger impact on the future of mobile gaming.

Represented Artoon At the Brasil Game Show in 2023
Represented Artoon At the Brasil Game Show in 2023
Represented Artoon At the Brasil Game Show in 2023

Represented Artoon At the Brasil Game Show in 2023

In 2023, we attended the Brasil Game Show, one of the biggest international gaming events held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. BGS is not just a gaming event, it brings together every gaming brand and knowledgeable personalities in the gaming arena. In BGS, we showcased our best gaming innovations and the gaming enthusiasm that has made us one of the gaming giants globally. With BGS, we explored how adventurous the future of mobile gaming can be in the upcoming years. As one of the leading game development companies in India, attending BGS was a milestone moment for us.

Showcased Our Expertise At the India Game Developer Conference 2023
Showcased Our Expertise At the India Game Developer Conference 2023
Showcased Our Expertise At the India Game Developer Conference 2023

Showcased Our Expertise At the India Game Developer Conference 2023

In the last cycle of 2023, we took a moment to be a part of something innovative and participated in the India Game Developer Conference 2023, Hyderabad. IGDC is not just about gaming, it is a gaming revolution that connects game developers, investors, and gaming enthusiasts under one roof. At the Booth No. E58 in IGDC, we met with a number of game enthusiasts, developers and investors and shared our gaming experiences.

Inducted into Google Appscale Academy Class of 2022

Inducted into Google Appscale Academy Class of 2022

Chosen for our Teen Patti game out of thousands of applications to be among the Top 100 apps in the country in its starting year. Our game featuring 5 Million+ downloads was one of the few games to be selected for the Appscale Academy 2022. We are honored our unique game managed to catch the attention of tech giant Google. The Google Appscale Academy is a joint initiative between Google and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), MeitY Startup Hub. It aims to help Indian startups grow into globally successful businesses.

One of the few companies to be invited to Facebook Headquarters

One of the few companies to be invited to Facebook Headquarters

Honored among a few companies to visit the Facebook Headquarters and learn more about working with their products. Artoon Solutions has been using several Meta products, which have been highly effective in improving our gamesโ€™ profitability without negating engagement.

Invited to All India Gaming Federation Event

Invited to All India Gaming Federation Event

Attended a special event organized by the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) and All India Game Developersโ€™ Forum (AIGDF) to assess the position of gaming in India. The event posed an opportunity for game developers and game development companies to partake in discussions about legislative decisions made about the gaming industry and their effects.

Represented Artoon Solutions at Digital Gaming India Expo 2023

Represented Artoon Solutions at Digital Gaming India Expo 2023

Presented our full range of expertise and products to attendees from India and abroad under the Artoon Solutions booth. Showcased our real money game development services and specialities, such as MGP, Rummy, Poker, Callbreak, Solitaire, Ludo, and more. We showed where products like ours stand in a market where such skill-based, real-money solutions are highly popular and profitable.

Overcome Every Obstacle with Top Unity Game Development Company

Maximize the possibilities of your dream project by collaborating with a leading Unity Mobile Game Development firm such as Artoon Solutions. With our commitment, dedication and proficiency in the field, we transform your vision into reality, and deliver a remarkable gaming experience.

Connection & Reconnection

Our custom server architecture allows you to get away from common app issues like app crashes due to higher concurrent users or due to slow internet, receiving calls while gaming, switching devices, and more.

On-time Project Delivery

As a Unity Game Development Company, our Unity 3D Developers deliver top-tier gaming solutions on-time. With a relentless dedication to quality, our Unity Game Developers work tirelessly to ensure timely project delivery without compromising excellence

Excellent Game Apps with Fair Pricing

We’re committed to deliver transparent pricing that reflects your needs. Before giving you a quote for Unity Game Development, we dive deep into understanding your requirements with Scope of Work document to ensure accuracy and value in every offer.

Maintenance & Support

How will you find support for Unity 2D Game Development? Well, as one of the top Unity Game Development companies worldwide, we provide maintenance & support services to every client for our game projects. Wait no more! Letโ€™s solve gaming issues together.

Latest Technology Stack

As a Unity 3D Games Development Company, we keep up with the newest worldwide technologies to make sure our Unity 3D Game Development is dependable and steady. We use methods that have been proven effective.

We Build Trust

Over 14+ years, our Unity developers have collaborated with leading Indian gaming brands such as MPL, A23, 3Plus Games, and Circle of Games, achieving success across numerous projects.

Why Should You Select Artoon As Custom Unity Gaming Services Provider?

With our skilled team of Unity game developers, we aim to take the advantage of Unity Game Engine by providing outstanding custom Unity 3D Game Development Services. Our goal is to create immersive gaming experiences that feel lifelike, with smooth functionality and stunning visuals.

Platform Compatibility

Artoon Solutions ensures that your Unity game is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including mobile, desktop, web, and consoles. Our developers optimize the game to ensure seamless performance across various devices which offer a consistent and enjoyable experience for all users.

High Availability of Resources

You’ll benefit from a dedicated team of Unity developers who have access to a wealth of resources and tools to support your project. From experienced programmers and designers to cutting-edge technologies and libraries, we provide everything needed to bring your game to life efficiently and effectively.

Expertise and Proven Track Record

Artoon Solutions boasts a team of seasoned Unity game developers with years of experience in creating innovative games across various genres and platforms. With a portfolio of successful projects for clients, Artoon has a proven track record of delivering high-quality custom Unity Game Engine Development Services

Cutting-Edge Technology & Dedicated Support

Artoon stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in Unity game development technology to ensure that your game benefits from the most advanced features and functionalities available. We provide dedicated assistance and guidance throughout the development process. Our team is committed to your success and will go above and beyond to ensure that your project is a success.

QA-Checked Applications

We prioritize quality assurance to ensure that your Unity game meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. Our QA team follow a variety of testing mechanisms throughout the development process to identify and address any issues or bugs to deliver QA-checked game applications to our clients.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed expectations at every turn, providing transparent communication, timely updates, and responsive support to ensure that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Leading Unity Game Development Company in USA & India

Leading Unity Game Development Company in USA & India

  • Artoon Solutions brings over 14+ years of expertise in Unity game development, with a diverse portfolio spanning various genres like card games, casino games, sports games, and board games. Our seasoned team of Unity developers is well-versed in delivering top-notch gaming experiences
  • Whether you’re looking for ready-to-launch Unity game services or customized solutions designed to your specific needs, Artoon Solutions has you covered. Choose from our Whitelabel Solutions for quick deployment or opt for Turnkey Solutions for a bespoke gaming experience
  • Rest assured, we handle the entire Unity 2D Game development process thoroughly to ensure quality and affordability every step of the way. Plus, with our budget-friendly post custom Unity game development services, including support and maintenance, we ensure your game stays optimized and user-friendly.


Cross-platform Development

Unityโ€™s versatility allows us to deploy games across various platformsโ€”PC, mobile, web, and even consoles. We ensure your game reaches a wide audience without compromising quality.

Performance Optimization

Laggy games? Not on our watch! We optimize performance by fine-tuning graphics, reducing load times, and ensuring smooth frame rates. Players will enjoy the seamless experience.

Debugging Tools

A bug-free game is essential for the gameโ€™s success. Our team utilizes Unityโ€™s robust debugging tools to identify and fix issues efficiently. Whether itโ€™s runtime errors, performance bottlenecks, or unexpected behavior, weโ€™ve got you covered.

Interactive Gameplay

Games thrive on engagement. Our interactive gameplay mechanics keep players hooked. Whether itโ€™s dynamic AI, responsive controls, or captivating user interfaces, we ensure that your game provides an immersive experience.

Our Clientโ€™s Feedback

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Head-Developer Ecosystems

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Additional Features We Can Include

Multi-Language Support

Make your Unity game accessible to a global audience by offering it in multiple languages.

Virtual Currency Integration

Boost player engagement by incorporating in-game currency.


Expand your player base by adding multiplayer mode for interactive gaming experiences.

User & Admin Dashboard

Stay in control of your game’s performance and security with easy-to-use dashboards for both users and administrators


Unity game development typically begins at a base price of USD 15,000, covering essential features and functionalities. However, the Unity development cost can fluctuate based on factors like integrating additional features, customizations, incorporating new rules and segments, and accommodating unique client specifications. Ready to kickstart your journey into the world of game development?




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Our Clients

Why Artoon Solutions is Best Choice For Unity Game Development?

With more than 14 years of experience in Unity Game Engine development, Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd provides affordable solutions without compromising quality. Recognized as one of the leading Unity game development companies in the USA and India, we consistently exceed client expectations with our flexible game solutions.

  • 14+ Years of Proven and Successful Experience
  • A workforce of over 200+ in-house IT experts
  • More than 1000+ projects completed to client requirements
  • Worked with clients such as MPL, A23, 3PLUS GAMES, etc.
  • One-on-one communication
  • Reliable Technical support
  • Quality game solutions tested for quality and bugs
  • Development using powerful technology
  • Game solutions for Android, iOS, or cross-platform, Web
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Unity Game Development FAQs

What is Unity game development? down_icon

Unity game development refers to the process of creating game applications using the Unity game engine. It is a popular platform that allows developers to build games for various platforms, including mobile, desktop, and consoles.

Why should I choose a Unity game development company? down_icon

Unity game development companies specialize in creating games using the Unity engine, offering expertise, experience, and resources to bring your game ideas to life efficiently and effectively.

What services do Unity game development companies offer? down_icon

A Unity game development company offer a wide range of services, including game design, development, testing, optimization, and maintenance. They can also assist with porting games to different platforms and integrating third-party tools and services.

How experienced are your Unity developers? down_icon

Our Unity developers have extensive experience in the field, with a proven track record of delivering successful projects across various genres and platforms.

Can you create games for mobile platforms?down_icon

Yes, Unity game development companies can create games for mobile platforms, including iOS and Android, using the Unity engine’s mobile development capabilities.

What types of games can you create?down_icon

Unity game development companies can create a wide range of games, including 2D and 3D games, mobile games, cross-platform games, multiplayer games, fantasy sports and more.

How long does it take to develop a Unity game?down_icon

The development timeline for a Unity game depends on various factors, including the complexity of the project, desired features, and client requirements

Do you provide post-development support and maintenance? down_icon

Yes, Unity game development companies often provide post-development support and maintenance services to ensure that your game remains functional and up-to-date.

How do I get started with hiring a Unity game development company?down_icon

Reach out to the Unity game development company of your choice. Artoon Solutions is also a leading Unity Game Development Company. Let’s discuss your project. Contact Us Now!

What is the cost of hiring a Unity game development company?down_icon

The cost of hiring a Unity game development company varies depending on the scope of work document and requirements of the project. It is best to discuss your budget and project details with the company directly to get an accurate quote.
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