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What makes Unity a bigger game development platform than any other platform?


What is a unity game?

Unity is a cross-platform game engine with a built-in Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed by unity technologies. Unity platform develops video games, web plug-ins, desktop platforms, consoles, and mobile devices. So basically, unity is a game engine, an application, and a code editor where you create, control, and run your games. There are some huge benefits of unity platform game in game development.

Top 5 Benefits of Unity Platform Game:

  • IDE

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software application that provides facilities to programmers for software & game development. An IDE consists of a source code editor, build automation tools, and a debugger. Unity has a very easy interface. When you write code in unity you create logic around an object that can simply be set by adding recovered via code and will be available for logical conditioning.

  • Cross-Platform

In computer technology, cross-platform means the software that can be implemented on multiple computing platforms. Cross-platform is a term that can also apply to video games and the unity game engine is a cross-platform to release a range of video game consoles. Games can be quickly and easily ported onto Android, iOS, Windows phone. It has the capabilities of development for PlayStation 3, Xbox, and web browsers.

  • Graphics

The visual representation of an object is known as graphics. There are 2D & 3D graphics, both are available in the unity game engine. Unity makes the game building simple, easy, and lag-free. It gives a set of tools for common image processing tasks while importing new image assets.

  • Independent coding Environment

A drag and drop environment is available for creating games in the unity editor. Without writing any code it is possible to create a game in unity but most projects require programming skills. Unity users can use any syntax similar to C#, and JavaScript. The unity development environment runs on an open-source version of .NET framework called Mono.

  • The Big Bucket 

Unity is an asset store where you can download game assets, functional extensions, and solutions that are readymade which integrate unity. The unity store is a collection of 12,000 asset packages including 3D models, textures and materials, music and sound effects, editor extensions, and online services.

The above-mentioned points are all about the Top 5 Benefits of Unity Platform Game. Unity Game platform also provides excellent feature-rich tools for mobile game development as well. Let’s take a look in detail.

Mobile Game Development in Unity

The unity game development platform is widely popular for its amazing tools & features. Unity is a mobile game solution too. Talking about mobile gaming, more than 50% of all new games are created in unity. It produces highly engaging 2D & 3D for players around the world. As unity has very powerful tools it ensures high visibility, solid performance, and revenue growth.

  • Seamless, end-to-end experience:

Unity creates a seamless, end-to-end player management experience for its acquire, engage, and monetization order of products that allows you to arrange everything after the game launch. The most successful mobile game creators rely on unity for the amazing features it provides out of the box.

As we are already talking about features. Let’s take a look at the Top 3 features:

  • Universal Render Pipeline 

The goal of a universal render pipeline is to provide optimized real-time performance by making some trade-offs about lighting and shading. This includes Lightweight shades, Render pipeline assets, Lightweight rendering, etc.

  • Adaptive Performance

Adaptive performance provides you with a better way to manage the thermals and performance of your games on a device in real-time, allowing you to proactively adjust on the fly performance and quality settings of your game and utilize the hardware without overtaxing the device. This enables longer playing time, a more enjoyable player experience while preserving battery life.

  • Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS)

Data-Oriented Technology Stack or DOTS makes great games run faster on multiple processors without the headache of heavy programming. DOTS enables programmers’ coding skills as it allows them to write safe multithreaded code for massive performance gain. With the use of DOTS conversion workflow converts game objects to entities with just one click.

Some examples of games developed in the Unity platform are:

Rummy, Poker, Ludo, Teen Patti, Carrom, and Fantasy sports App etc.


So, what is a unity game platform? It is nothing but a game engine that includes some great tools and provides awesome game development features with its own IDE. Game developers create new games using the unity game platform engine. Want to develop games? Don’t worry Artoon solutions are always there for you. With 14+ years of game development experience, Artoon solutions always provide device-compatible, awesome graphics and real-time unity games.

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