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Current Technology Trends for Android App Development


Imagine if all the 2.9 million on the Google Play Store were the same! Users would get bored and eventually give up on downloading any applications. To have a successful Android app development, you must be modern. The same applies if you want to develop iOS applications.

With Android software versions constantly updating, it is also essential to update Android applications. When approaching an Android application development company, it is good to have even a small idea of new technologies you would like to have in your application.

This way, you have more chances of having a successful app that goes with what you had in mind. But, what are the current technology trends for Android app development?

Instant Android Apps

Having to download an application is a bother! That’s why creating an instant app is in your users’ best interest. It saves time and space by not having to download the whole application onto your mobile device.

Android app development services capable of creating an instant app will be more appealing to users who have limited device storage. Also, it helps result in faster access to applications without having to wait for them to load since most of these apps utilize cloud computing.

It also lowers the physical resource requirements for keeping your Android application operational.

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Motion Layout

The motion layout is used to design the animations and appearance in Android apps. Not only is this an essential part of appearance, but it also plays a role in navigation.

In 2022 and moving forward, motion layout is bound to play an integral role in Android application development. It helps to improve the Android app logo, and the way screens change while carrying out tasks in the app.


APM (Application Performance Management)

APM is to test whether the application is working to its optimal and desired potential and providing the intended user experience. With the data collected from these APM tools, developers can judge what needs to change and how.

It assesses how an Android application is exploited and collects statistics to gain insight into the success and efficiency of the app.

EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management)

An increasing number of companies and organizations provide mobile devices to employees for work purposes. However, there is a need to secure the sensitive data on these devices and ensure efficiency is maximized.

This is where EMM is most effective. It helps provide security for the device and its data as well as make working with such devices easier. A direct path can be forged between the devices and the company offices where it is needed.

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AI & ML-Based Applications

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two technologies that have become more popular in Android apps.

AI and ML help improve user experience by making the app more personalized to the user’s requirements. It also works towards improving security by provisioning a better means of authentication.

Furthermore, AI and ML have reduced dependence on human-managed customer support with the introduction of chatbots. These chatbots not only replace the need for a person but also provide 24/7 service to users


AR and VR technologies in Android applications have become so popular that we barely even notice them. You will find AR and VR in apps showing how furniture looks in your home or how a pair of glasses will look on you.

Several other examples of implementing AR and VR in Android app development exist in most social media applications. The presence of filters provides an element of augmented reality and virtual reality



Although they have been around for over a decade, chatbots have only recently become a common element in android app development. This prevalence is due to modifications that make chatbots better at fulfilling the job than human beings.

Chatbots are available 24/7 and can provide instant solutions to a user’s query within seconds to minutes! Now how long would it take for in-person customer care executives to solve the same problem repeatedly? Also, how much would it cost?

There is no denying that chatbots are convenient, faster, and cheaper in the long run! We will be seeing much more chatbots in Android applications.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Data is an important thing! Embedding sensors enable the collection and transfer of data from a variety of electronic devices. These devices will need to be connected to an internet connection.

These wireless devices are embedded with sensors. Although they are not constantly connected to an internet connection, they can collect data and send it back to several devices connected to the network or in the presence of an internet connection.

Examples of Android applications that can benefit from this data are health apps, doctor appointment apps, smart home apps, and security apps.

Cloud Computing Applications

The best application of cloud computing to date is for providing unlimited storage, security, analysis, and scalability, among others. Plus, the best part is it is not location restricted. Users accessing a cloud-based Android application can do so from any geographic location.

Education apps, eCommerce apps, and antivirus apps stand the highest benefits of utilizing cloud computing.

Beacon Technology

The beacon technology was introduced in 2013 but is only becoming more prominent now as major improvements have been made.

How does beacon technology work? It starts with beacons being distributed throughout a store. The user will have their Bluetooth enabled on their phones. Data will be transferred to the user’s device whenever a user passes one of these beacons.

It could be a push notification or a sale advertisement showing some of the store’s best deals. Already such technology has found use in airports where users can get information easier than usual.

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Keeping up with the latest Android app development is important for prospective software investors. Luckily, you won’t have to keep up to date with it as the Android app development company you choose will do it for you.

For Android app development services you can trust to develop the best Android app for you, hire Artoon Solutions. With 14+ years of developing Android applications, we are the best choice to handle your investment.


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