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Important Factors that Determine the Cost of Developing an Android App


Android has 2.8 billion active users, so developing an Android application is an enticing idea! This is because over 90% of Android App Development on the Google Play store is free.

There is a considerable amount of Android apps than there are iOS apps. This evident preference is apparent when considering the magnitude of Android users globally.

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Android app development cost usually depends on how many features you want to incorporate into the application and whether they are simple or complex. Standard features include those whose absence would hinder the app’s use. Complex features are extra ones that are not mandatory but add to the user experience.


While it is compulsory to add standard features, it is not as necessary to add complex features. But if you want your app to succeed and have a larger audience and user base. This is well worth the extra cost of extra features!

Alternatively, conduct thorough research into your target audience to narrow down the features you need to include in your app. This way, you can keep to a reasonable Android app development cost.

High Design Complexity

There is no secret behind the fact that users will judge the app entirely on its design when first engaged. The UI defines the application’s visual appearance, and UX describes how users will navigate and interact with your Android application.

Thus, design is the most crucial aspect of designing an application for any platform!

“Choosing between native UI design or customized UI design is another decision you must take that will influence the total cost of Android Application Development.”

Native UI development uses pre-existing tools and templates, while custom UI involves drawing out the architecture and developing the UI from scratch. Of course, the native option will cost less, but it might yield the desired results.


Customization usually includes everything extra added that doesn’t come ready-made. Carrying out customization takes the time and effort of various experts. Naturally, this would drive up costs since these experts will come with an hourly rate.

These extra hours of customization will increase cost, but it can be worth it if your users appreciate the customization and it leads to conversions. Because Android application development services are so popular, you won’t be disappointed by the unique additions that can be incorporated into the application.

The best way to customize an application is to collect user data (seek user consent first) and then use this to give users a better and more personalized experience when using your Android application.

Security & Scalability

App security is no longer an extra element in Android application development. It is a core element! The repercussions of user data breaches are dire! Hence, it is worth it to allocate a considerable amount of your budget toward securing your application against hackers and malware.

Besides the basic features, any other security measures you are willing to include in your Android application will be welcomed. However, you can expect the final Android application development cost to also increase with higher security efforts.

Certain aspects can improve your app’s security.

  • User authentication can evaluate if the user is who they say they are not a case of user identity theft
  • Enable communications from your app to servers using an HTTPS connection as it is more secure
  • Utilize internal storage for sensitive data while. Externally stored data that is somewhat sensitive should be encrypted
  • Validate user input well prior to the launch

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Backend & Frontend Technologies

Apart from design and coding, there is the need to connect technology that works in the background to present what the user sees. For this to happen, getting the best backend and frontend for your application matters!

Backend (Server-side)

Involves all aspects going on behind the curtains to ensure smooth sailing. This includes storage, notifications, authentications, security, and communication. Basically, the back end is crucial to the representation layer accessed by users.

Frontend (Client-side)

The front end represents what the user sees and engages with when accessing your application. It includes all the visual aspects of an Android application. The fonts, styles, and colors are all a product of front-end coding languages.

While several options are available for the backend, you must choose the one that best suits your Android application. Luckily, you won’t have to choose a technology alone, as your Android app development company can guide you as to which technology is better.

Choose from ready-to-use technologies or custom backend servers hosted on the cloud. Options for your app’s backend include:

  • Amazon Web Services Amplify
  • Microsoft Azure Mobile Apps
  • Google Firebase
  • Google app engine
  • Amazon Web Services

Custom cloud-based services can cost more but offer better services that will make a noticeable difference for users.

Maintenance & Support

Applications are not immune to security flaws, hacking, or technical issues regarding device or OS support. Android application development services can cater to these requirements, in addition to app development.

  • Updating third-party integrations to maintain optimal working
  • Assessing bugs and fixing them immediately
  • Adding new features to keep the app relevant
  • Upgrading the app to ensure that it functions with the latest Android OS versions
  • Scaling your application to handle more concurrent users
  • Updating servers to offer faster functionality

Support features allow users to conveniently raise a request through the app when facing difficulty or discovering a bug.

Support and maintenance may be troublesome to access in some European countries and the USA, UK, and Canada due to the high prices of developers. However, an Android app development company in India is capable of providing affordable and quality services to all clients around the world.

How much does Android application development cost?

The exact price of Android app development cannot be provided on the spot without understanding the client’s requirements. Even after this, costs could vary depending on extra resource requirements or last-minute additions.


Android app development costs can be influenced by a wide range of factors. It all depends on how you want your app to look and function. But actually, your preferences should be majorly dependent on the requirements and desires of your target audience. After all, the target audience is the group of people most likely to use your Android application.

Ready to develop an Android application that reads into your user’s needs and wants? If so, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an experienced Android app development company that can develop apps for any industry based on the client’s requirements.


How much does Android app development maintenance cost?

A common question of prospective Android app owners is how much they can expert Android app maintenance costs. This will depend on if there are bugs and the time and expertise necessary to fix them. Also, it can depend on the magnitude of new features that you will be adding to your Android application and their complexity.

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