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Important Features You Should Include During Android App Development


Along with mobile devices, the software has been continuously changing to exploit the robust capabilities of modern-day smartphones. This means an Android app development company, in particular, must pave the way in assuming the preferences of users while still being futuristic!

There is a large market for Android applications as they are the leading mobile device platform globally. Plus, there are some 1.2 million more applications on the Google Play Store than on the iOS App Store.

Number of apps in Android and iOS app stores 2022

Account Creation/Login

Download any application from the Android app store, and you are guaranteed to have to part with some sensitive data. It could be a phone number, email id, or your name.

Users may not consent to this. Hiring Android app developers that can find a way around this or minimize the number of details required to create the account. Also, your app should keep the login and account creation process short and sweet!


Too many notifications will irritate users and possibly lead to the uninstallation of your Android app, a scenario that can be avoided with thoughtful Android app development! The right notifications at the right frequency can help to retain a healthy user base and monthly active users.

91% of Android users opt-in to push notifications The average mobile user checks their device 63 times a day!

Make notifications meaningful and entice users back to the app if they have been inactive. Here development, as well as content, needs to be spot on!

Push Notifications are small notifications that can either appear at the top of the Menu Bar. Or on the screen, while prompting action from the user.

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Ad-Free Subscription or App

Developing an Android app that is free and has ads? Consider offering a subscription plan to users who don’t want to be put through the agony of watching advertisements.

Providing this ad-free version can help the user experience and build value around your brand if you intend to develop more apps.

Multiple Language Support

The Google Android store is a global platform. Once put on this platform, your mobile app will be available regardless of location. This accessibility is great but comes with one drawback you didn’t anticipate, not all your users are native English speakers!

Importance of app localization

Apps targeting Asian countries should incorporate Mandarin, Chinese, Hindi, and Arabic. While, European country apps should include English, French, German, and Spanish

For the 95% of users worldwide who do not speak English, app localization is the best way to attract them. App owners who added localized apps to the store also saw a 26% increase in revenue!

App Size

Mobiles come with limited resources. Using as little of it as possible will be appreciated by users. Storage is one resource users are not too quick to part with. Thus, ensure your app takes the least amount of storage from users’ devices.

The smaller, the better. Also, don’t lose track of the target. Ensure updates are kept as small as possible, using more storage space. You can even avoid a lack of space by opting for cloud-based devices.

Limit App Permissions

Upon launching an application, the app will ask for user permission if it hasn’t already been granted. These permissions could ask for access to the camera, location, microphone, or files.

Accordingly, provide users with the ability to accept, reject, or allow permission once. This is what makes asking for fewer permissions a better solution.

Users unwilling to permit your app will not get the full experience of your app’s ability. Sadly, they may choose to uninstall your application, and you can expect many people to leave your app this way.

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Social Media Integration

Social media plays an important role in people’s lives today. Spending hours on these social platforms can expose the app to new uses and a better target audience.

Various social media apps exist; the most popular ones are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Any traction gained by a mention of your application can help increase awareness about your application.

Offline Functionality

Being connected to an internet connection 24/7 can be costly or impossible for most users. That said, planning and providing offline support is the best decision moving forward.

If planning an application in an area that doesn’t have great connectivity, offline functionality is essential. This helps in gaining the numbers that you require to have a good monthly user target.


Insisting on a good authentication method also helps to instill a sense of security in your Android application. This is good because security is one of the requirements to launch your app on the Android app store.

Authentication is the process by which a user can be identified and confirmed. Doing this distinguishes the user as the actual owner of the account and the data associated with it. It helps to avoid hacking accounts and being locked out.

Support or User Feedback

Having a support and user feedback section in your app actually works to encourage users to leave ratings and feedback.

The more feedback left, the greater the chances of knowing where your application is lacking. It can also predetermine if your app will become a hit or a miss. If it’s the latter, it will provide insight into what went wrong and how to overcome it the second time around!

Also, adding this feature shows that the app owner and development partner are interested in their app, the owners, and the user experience. Perhaps there is a crucial feature missing, or a bug has surfaced. Feedback addresses these instances.

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Mobile apps and Android apps especially are not novel. It is an evolved world, and every Android app development company has to keep pace with this world’s needs and wants. More and better features that help users adapt to current-day scenarios are vital to Android application development.

As an investor looking to own an Android app, you are best off finding exactly what you need with an experienced Android app development company in India that has successfully carried out such development before.

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