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Major Mistakes that mobile app developers must watch out for!!!


Here goes an old saying- “The first impression is the best impression”. When it comes to mobile apps, this saying probably works right. You approached an app development company or hired a team of mobile app developers, went through all the development processes, and launched your app. But did it prove good enough for you? What might have gone wrong? Let’s help you with a dilemma and get you to the core of the issue.

Mobile app developers must stay away from the following blunders

  • Lack of analysis or research

    Understanding the usage and prospects of your app is a must when considering an app creation. Make sure that you do not serve ham to vegans. Doing extensive research on the type of users you target surely becomes a necessity. You can conduct elaborate market research on the same and develop an app with the right features that appropriately meet the visitor’s expectations and engage them effectively.

  • Not optimizing for App store

    Developing an app doesn’t get you to the finishing line. Optimizing the app to the Apple App Store and Google play store becomes a necessity. Appropriate naming of the app, providing proper app description, selecting keywords, placing keywords, giving feedback, rating the app, and much more. To stay at the helm, a proper app store optimization process must be undertaken which will help in enhancing your app’s visibility.

  • Focusing on downloads

    Prioritizing attention becomes key here. Concentrating more on downloads rather than on retention. Retention happens when there are downloads and users hang on to the page. If there are too many drop-offs, then there is some sort of problem with your app. Strategies must be built to retain more users making it a successful app.

  • Adding too many features

    For a better user experience, stuffing too much into your mobile app is never a good idea. An ideal mobile app developer will make sure that your app is feature-rich but in an optimal manner. Adding unnecessary features will make your app slow and cumbersome for the users to use. One’s aim should be to create an app that is purposeful and effortless to understand.

  • Not executing Beta testing

    The quality of an app makes it flawless to use. Through beta testing, you get an idea of how it becomes more diverse among the users. Identifying the defects, bugs and performance issues of the app are some of the advantages of Beta testing. Evaluating the apps in various prospects becomes a necessary aspect of Beta testing.

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  • Taking feedbacks less profound

    App owners must make sure that they adhere to their critic’s reviews as well. Be it negative or criticizing, feedback must be taken seriously and persuaded accordingly. Use those negative feedbacks and give yourself a chance to improve your app. If someone has given a review, then it certainly means they have given that much time and care for your product. So it becomes important that you take notice of these reviews.

  • Not planning the budget

    Lack of budget planning is a huge mistake. Though budget planning may be a tedious task, there are many apps to help with the same. It may not be an interesting task, but in the long run, this could be a lifesaver. Reliable android and iOS development services will help you save money by executing proper development, optimizing, and marketing costs.

  • Presuming instant ROI

    You should keep your eyes on the stars, and feet on the grounds. Expecting instant returns would be a great mistake. Among all the apps in the market, only 1% make money. So one must pause and demur before deciding to create an app. It would beyond the pale to expect your app would make instant ROI.

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