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What is the Cost of Outsourcing App Development?


When it comes to outsourcing software app development, it is arguable. Some entrepreneurs believe that their in-house experts or team is better because they get to control the entire team. But there are large companies such as Skype, Slack, and Google that have effectively been making use of outsourcing for several years.

However, the cost proves to be a vital factor when it comes to outsourcing. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the major factors that impact the cost of outsourcing app development.

Complexity and features:

The development time and complexity of the entire project revolve surrounding the features. The more amount of time the developers invest in every feature, the more it goes to the cost of outsourcing app development.

To make it clear, let us consider an OTT platform. On average, about 15 hours are taken to create an uncomplicated starting page for all the unregistered users. Although it is sufficient for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), however, there is a need for you to make something highly sophisticated to impress your users.

You will need to upgrade the homepage with personalized features such as tracking the IP addresses of the users and showcasing the popular movies within the country of the users. These additions will turn 15 hours into 50 hours. This automatically increases the cost of outsourcing app development.

Therefore, it is essential to think about every detail in your application beforehand. In case you are unsure that the users require specific features once it releases, you need to add the features later. Always it is better to collect feedback and gradually modify the product formulated on it.

Development Team:

The process of development is not just about programming. Before a product is released, several specialists need to lay their hands on the product. The efforts given by each specialist are going to add up to the entire cost of outsourcing app development.

Some of the specialists involved in the process are as follows:

Business Analysts:

While considering an outsourcing app development company, you will need to talk with the business analysts in the phase of planning.

They help to finalize the project needs, create a list of MVP features, and the estimation of the cost of the development. Business analysts earn about $68,000 per year.

UI/UX Designers:

When it comes to the success of the app, an attractive design is a massive contribution. The incorrect color palette, wrong positioned buttons, or any poor loading screens may test the patience of the new users. Therefore, you are going to need a professional UI/UX designer on the development team.

In the very first place, the UI/UX designers make wireframes and show you your app’s structure along with the layout of every screen. A complete UI/UX design is created by the designers based on the particulars that are offered by the business analysts. The UI/UX designer typically earns about $85,000 per year.

Project Manager:

The project manager is close to the client and the development team. They are the mediators between the engineers and the client during the phase of development.

A project manager needs to keep the working process organized, pass the demands of the clients to the team, and make sure that the app is going to be delivered at the correct time. The project managers earn about $66,000 every year.

Android/iOS Developers:

Developers form the core part of the entire team. The programmers craft the architecture and the entire performance of the software. For creating a full-fledged application armed with complicated features and seamless performance, the developers need to have experience with the technology stack of the project.

Generally, software engineers possess the highest salaries among all the team members. Thus, it impacts most of the outsource app development cost.

However, you must know that based on your project’s complexity, you will need multiple developers. The companies allow you to hire up to ten developers for every project. The Android or iOS developers charge about $74,000 per year.

QA Engineers:

When it comes to an app development project, it is essential to ensure quality. If the vulnerabilities and the bugs are not noticed by the development team, besides shattering the user experience, it can cause something worse- data leaks. To avoid backfiring, it is essential to keep a QA engineer on the app development team.

It is recommended not to hire freelancers for massive projects because they do not bother with quality assurance much. If the app is not correctly tested, you will end up releasing an app full of bugs. And when the bug comes out, you are going to have to get in touch with the developer once more and pay them more for fixing the problem. The QA engineers charge about $71,000 per year.

Developer’s rate:

Not only the standalone programmers but also the app development companies charge a fixed rate for providing you services. In most cases, the price range does not differ much from one company to another. It may cost $25 to $50 per hour.

The best way of calculating the outsourcing app development cost is to multiply the time for the development of the project by the rate of the company.

The popular projects:

The cost of outsourcing app development may prove to be different based on the number of features that need to be added and also the project’s complexity. Some of the popular projects, along with their cost, are showcased below:

  • If you are considering an OTT platform armed with attractive design, streaming algorithms, and different payment gateways, it is going to take about 3,000 hours to develop the app. If the rate of the company is $50 per hour, the app development project for both Android and iOS is going to cost $1,50,000. If you want to hire a cross platform app development company, both the price and time will be low, and it will approximately cost $82,000.
  • If you want to outsource an app development team for a simple eCommerce app with a cart, array of goods, and seamless payment gateways, it will take about 2,500 hours of development time. The development cost for both Android and iOS is going to be $1,25000. But if you opt for a cross platform app development company, it will cost you around $68,700.
  • If you want to make a ridesharing or transportation app having GPS navigation, flexible types of rides for the passengers, and multiple payment methods are going to take 2,294 hours. The development cost will be about $114,700 for both Android and iOS developers. If you choose cross-platform development, the price may come down, and it will cost around $63,000.

How to get the most out of it?

Hiring an app development company is halfway through. The development team is going to handle problems associated with quality assurance, design, and architecture. But some concerns need to be solved only by the owner of the product.

There are a few points that you need to think about before hiring an app development team. The points to consider are as follows:

  • Feature List:

    When you get in touch with an app development company, you must have a crystal-clear understanding of the features of your projects. The business analysts can help the product owners with the feature list for the MVP of the project, but the analysts can become helpless if the product owner does not come up with any straightforward requirements for the app.

    Unclear product ideas are going to impact the analysis time, which in turn will increase the overall cost of outsourcing app development.

  • User Research:

    The product owner needs to solve the user research issue. Your application is going to be well-aligned with the users. Therefore, before you approve any design or the feature list, you will need to understand your audience’s demands. Once the app is released, you need to monitor the user feedback constantly and make changes accordingly.

    It is bad if a full-fledged app shatters right after its launch because of the least amount of interest from the audience. The careful ones select an MVP first. It allows you to conduct your app’s user testing and collect initial feedback to make further upgrades for low outsource app development cost.

    Besides, understanding the audience helps you with marketing strategy as well. For a mature audience, you promote your app on LinkedIn, and for teenagers, you can choose platforms like TikTok.

  • Market Analysis:

    It depends on you because no one knows your app’s idea better than you. The market needs to be analyzed to understand the relevance of the idea and to discover who the competitors are.

    Timely identification of the business needs results in the proper allocation of resources. It eventually lowers the entire outsourcing app development cost.


When you opt for outsourcing an app development team, you will need to choose a cross platform mobile app development company that offers unique app solutions, is armed with more than one decade of experience at least, possesses talented in-house professionals, has success rates, and works with multiple industries.

So, if you are looking for an outsourcing app development company, we’re right here at your service. Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. strives to offer top-notch app development services at affordable costs. All you need to do is share your app requirements with us, and we will get it developed just the way you desire for.

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