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How To Deliver A Successful Android App For Business?


The most successful way to Android app development for your business is by following a tried and tested development pattern. Also, a considerable amount of market and user research is necessary to ensure that your applications align with customer expectations.   

Points to Consider to Deliver a Successful Android App for Business 

Are you a business owner struggling in the market right now? There could be a way to increase awareness of your business or garner more customers. That’s by developing an Android application. But once you develop a mobile application, you must ensure that your app is a success! 

Check out these six steps to developing a successful Android application. Follow these, and your application stands a better chance to serve as your company’s asset and not a liability.  

Identify Your Goals

Before developing a successful app, you must identify what would be successful! For that to happen, you must state your goals!  

Doing this from the get-go ensures you stay within your desired path. It will shape your project and help the team know the app’s expectations. 

A few thoughts to help you arrive at the answer are.

  • What do I want users to achieve when using my business app? 
  • What are the start points and the end points?
  • Should the whole design and concept of the app be to funnel users in?

User Requirements and Preferences

Another way to make sure your app will be successful is to base it upon the requirements and wants of your target audience. After all, your Android app development services provider is making your app that is going to be used by your customers, so user opinion does matter. 

The best way to ensure users will download and be happy with your app is by asking two questions:

  • What will make users download my app?
  • What will keep users using my app?  

While developing an Android app for your business, leave a clear communication path between you and your users. Ensuring your customers’ interests are protected is undoubtedly the best way to keep them happy, which means your company will do well, also. 

If you aren’t sure about what your users require or prefer, a mobile development company would be able to carry out the necessary research for you. 

Features: Mandatory & Nice to Haves 

When it comes to mobile applications and users having to give up precious mobile storage, features will be used to justify that your app will have to earn its place on a user’s device. 

So, you must think carefully about what features you want to add to your Android application before making it. A great deal of this requires you to know your target audience and anticipate their requisites beforehand.  

Your app should have an almost equal number of mandatory and additional features. You should provide enough features for users to feel they need your app. Also, the app should ensure that users can fulfill your business requirements through your application. 

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Derive Your Unique Selling Point (USP) 

If you look at every successful app a business owns, you’ll note one thing about them. We call this a USP or unique selling point. Just think of how your business differentiates itself from the plethora of other applications. 

This way, there are greater chances of attracting and retaining a large customer base. Hiring an Android app development services provider can help you find a USP, especially if you think your business needs one. 

Again market research can come in handy here. So, you can identify a few problems and solve them in your application. These include:

  • Looking for a new market or existing gap in the market
  • A feature that is not yet present in the market   


This is usually another critical factor that requires the utmost attention to detail. You must be aware of what type of users are your target audience and what their particular preferences are. 

If the Android app development company you have partnered with needs to put more priority on the design of the app, you have to make your requirements clear about wanting a highly appealing application. 

The design of your app should be carefully considered, and it should be such that it allows the user to access the most important areas or buttons with the thumb. This should then be the core ideology behind delivering a successful Android app for your business. 

The app’s screen shouldn’t be cluttered, and users should automatically understand how to navigate your application and how to avail of your business’s services or products through the application. 


This is usually the most crucial element of delivering a successful mobile app experience. Users will only keep your app on their devices if it is functional. Android app development uses two languages Java and the more recent technology Kotlin. 

You can’t just close your eyes and pick one of these two languages. Both have their advantages and depend on what niche your business caters to.   

Choosing the right technology for your business application will also make a difference as to whether or not your application will be a success or not.  


There’s nothing more off-putting than a glitchy and buggy mobile application. But that’s usually the result when your Android app development company skips out on testing. The testing phase is there to ensure that your application stands up to quality requirements. 

There are several different types of testing to ensure that every aspect of your application has the highest level of functionality. There is also a test to determine how well users take into your application. 

When it comes to Android application development, the testing period is extensive! That’s because the variety of Android devices in circulation is wide. There is a multitude of devices to test for (old and new.) 

This may cost a bit more money and take more time, but it is essential. Imagine not testing for an older Android device, which many users use. This would not lead to a successful application as your app would be incompatible with many devices. 

Analytics and Security 

With recent revelations, prioritizing user security and privacy is more critical now than ever. Caring for what your users care about can create a psychological connection with clients, making them very likely to feel more comfortable with your product or services.  

Another point to ponder is analytics. These provide insights into users, downloads, and purchases you had through your application. It can also help to display the user’s journey while using your application. 

Several software tools are available to collect more information about user behavior, and this information can help you improve your app and ensure that it receives a positive response. 

Other Steps That Matter 

Android app development services let you develop an app that can cater to a massive number of users. Sometimes the reason for their poor statistics is due to something other than everyday problems. Here are other ways to ensure your Android app will do better. 


If there is a reason why your Android app is failing and you need to learn about it, feedback is one way to find out. A tip-off regarding the problem can help you to solve the problem sooner and avoid failure. 


Making sure your application is accessible to your target audience is paramount to success. People who cannot access your application cannot use it! Plus, the whole point of hiring a mobile app development company is to be able to develop an application allowing you to reach clients globally. 


A brick-and-mortar business is excellent, as this guarantees a considerable number of walk-in clients. However, a vast portion of your business will be made if certain technological adjustments are made. 

There might need to be more than a website to cater to a changing client base that expects more convenience from your business. An Android app development company can help you develop an application that will best serve your customers while maintaining your company’s image. 

Contact Artoon Solutions, a reputable Android app development company, to get your company’s essence developed in an application. With 14+ years of experience in mobile development for Android and iOS, websites, and games.

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Are Android or iOS apps better for business? 

It all hinges on the type of business you run. Some businesses cater specifically to a specific target audience. Catering to certain audiences requires a mobile platform and appropriate development. Android runs on the majority of mobile devices. Whereas iOS could be highly helpful in appealing to a more affluent target audience. 

What are the benefits of a mobile application for a business? 

A mobile application acts as a more convenient and economical way of doing business, cutting out most of the costs of having to maintain a physical address. Plus it allows a business to target an audience that it previously couldn’t due to geographical restrictions.

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