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Hiring A Mobile App Development Company In India? Why Do We Think It Is Your Best Decision Ever!!


Some 5 billion mobile apps exist between the two app stores. That said, you can develop an app and stand a chance to get a piece of the market. You may need a mobile app development company in India for many reasons.

It could be to make a new app, fix an existing one, or make one for another platform. So, knowing what options are available is something you should always have on hand if you want to develop an app someday soon.   

Before we get there, let’s see why the decision to even hire a mobile app development company in India will be your best yet! 

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1. Flexible Timings

Most people consider time differences to be an inconvenience or even a disadvantage! This doesn’t have to be the case. A change in perspective can remedy the ‘problem.’ 

So, clients can connect with developers at night and wake up to a progress report. A time zone difference may be more effective than working in the same time zone, making work more efficient. 

Clients and developers cannot communicate on the spot when a query arises. But, if project details are elaborated well, neither party will face an issue. 

Overcoming Time Zone Challenges

2. Professional Services

This is a distinction between hiring a company or hiring freelancers; companies provide professional services. That means a company can provide a higher caliber of services that cannot be expected from freelancers and smaller teams. 

Professionalism is one of the multiple reasons why hiring a top mobile app development company is highly advisable for anyone creating a mobile application. 

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3. Affordable Cost

Outsourcing may seem risky at first! However, a mobile app development company in India may not be the worst decision you can make! Upon seeing the final cost, you will have justification for your choice. Hiring a company anywhere in India is much more affordable than any other company. 

Compared to any company in the USA and Europe, India is much less expensive and is among the most affordable countries for mobile app development. 

What’s the reason behind the lower costs of development here? The fact that the hourly rates of these professionals are lower than anywhere else is the biggest reason. This originates from the fact that there’s a surplus of mobile app developers and designers in India. 

4. Skilled Experts

As we have just mentioned, wherever there are excessive numbers of IT experts, costs will also be lower given the high competition and demand. Also, an extra perk is that you are spoilt for choice regarding the skill level and expertise of the mobile app developers.

You can ultimately benefit from entry to senior-level developers when you hire a top mobile app development company. 

Worrying about a lack of experience or skills is unnecessary when dealing with the best mobile app development company in India. This makes it very important to choose the right company for your project.  

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5. More Customization Options

Customization is essential to making a mobile app that is memorable, different, and has the best chance of success. So, ensuring the company is capable of customizing an application is center and front to getting the best solution you want. 

The improved customization is vital not just to the UI but to the whole application as well. So, thinking out of the box will be possible when dealing with experts who are not from traditional companies and areas where most mobile apps are developed. 

Even then, every company, developer, and designer can apply themself in such a way that something unique will emerge! Creativity has no limitation when it has the right canvas! 

6. Wider Service List

An offshore mobile app development company in India is more likely to have more services than a regular company operating in the same city if you live overseas. Companies in India hire hundreds of experts, while companies overseas do not have such large teams.  

Also, a highly experienced development company would be able to develop a mobile app for android and iOS. Finding out that you need an app for both platforms would not be a problem. 

Instead of going through them again to find another company, you can simply deal with the same company. This is very helpful if you have become comfortable with the company and its work.  

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Other Services You Can Avail

7. Guaranteed Software & Support

Agreeing to develop software with a mobile app development company also means that you are guaranteed a working mobile app. Plus, if there is a problem, you can always revert to them to get support and maintenance. 

This is important if you intend on updating the mobile application anytime, sooner or later. Or perhaps, your finished mobile application has a bug as well! If so, hiring a dedicated mobile app development company is the best decision ever!  

The company would likely help you with any issues users may face as time passes. Because the company has developed the application for you, they would be most familiar with your application. 

By retaining long-term relations, you can also develop another mobile app or any software with the company later in time. 

8. Market Research

Most mobile app development companies do their research well, which is why they can make apps of better quality. Insights into user behavior and preferences are beneficial in finding out what app users want. 

Seeking the services of a mobile app development company in India means you don’t have to conduct extensive research. A mobile app development company will take care of it, and you will not have to worry much about it.   

Ultimately, time and money will be saved by not having to do it yourself! Even if you have a few details about your target audience, the app development company can elaborate further to help find who your ideal audience is and how best to create an app to reach them. 

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9. Reliability and Focus

The best part of a mobile app development company is that they offer the highest stream of reliability. The team is available 24/7 and is dedicated to your project. This helps ensure you get a dedicated team to develop a mobile app.

Having a reliable and focused team on your project means having a direct point of contact. You will not have to relay messages through an intermediate person. You can directly get the message across without any communication barriers. 

Plus, the team may be less prone to making mistakes if they are focused and have direct and precise communication with the client. 

10. Leading Market Trends

Investors may not be that technical when it comes to the development of mobile applications. Especially if they are developing an application for a mobile platform, they do not use or have never used. 

Hence, investors like this can trust the mobile app development company to know what are the latest innovations on the market. Thus, it is also vital to pick a development company that stays regularly updated on new advances, be it technologies, app features, or design. 

Failing to pick a company innovative enough could affect the outcome of your mobile application. 

Hire Mobile App Developers


Now that you can see multiple reasons to hire a mobile app development company, it becomes evident that you have to hire such a company. Doing so assures you of the highest quality mobile app in which you can invest your money. 

Looking for a reliable company offering a multitude of development services? In that case, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is bound to satisfy all your requirements. We are a web app, mobile app, and website development company in USA and India, catering to clients worldwide. Contact us and partner with the best mobile app development company India has to offer. 


Isn’t it hard to communicate with an offshore team? 

It’s only as challenging as you make it! If both ends make enough effort, it will be easy to communicate and get the team operating smoothly. Once a routine is established, conversing will become easier and more effective! 

What should I look for when hiring a mobile app development company?

You can assess the company based on its experience, service list, portfolio, reputation, cost estimations, size of the company, and experience/skills of the experts.  

Why is hiring a mobile app development company better than hiring freelancers? 

A mobile app development company offers reliable resources, and you can guarantee you will get the mobile app you requested based on the requirements stated in the agreement. Freelancers may not be as safe and reliable to work with as a mobile app development agency

Can I get a mobile app developed from scratch?

Yes, suppose you want to have a customized mobile application developed as per your specific requirements. In that case, we can do that. All you have to do is contact us and provide us with your needs which we will assess, pass on to the technical team, and after that, we will give you a close cost estimation.

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