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How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?


Developing a mobile application is a process that involves several stages to make sure the final app is of the best quality and high efficiency. Almost every mobile app development company will tell you that there is no strict timeline taken to develop a mobile application.

However, it depends on the complexity of the project, precise client requirements, and resource use.

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

Read on as we give you a more precise answer on how long it takes to develop a mobile application.

Designing Stage

An efficiently functioning mobile application won’t be much use unless your application also looks appealing. This mainly surrounds the application’s UI and UX, which is the user interface and ease of navigation.

The design phase will take time, depending on the project’s complexity. It can be of one of these main types:
● Simple
● Medium
● Complex

With increasing complexity, the development time also increases.

UI- User Interface

The user interface is what the user sees immediately after launching the mobile application. A mobile app can have a few to several screens, and all need efficient design.

UX- User Navigation

Each screen should gel to the next and help the user find their desired path to complete the desired task efficiently. This is when designing specialties come in handy.

Duration- 2 – 3 months

Development Stage

Development involves coding the actual app and will be responsible for the application’s logic. The development phase is another one, like designing, that will take a long time to ensure full functionality. It involves getting your app’s front-end and back-end technology up and running.

Front-End Development

The app’s front end is responsible for data that the user will see while using the application.

Back-End Development

The back-end technology works behind the scenes to ensure that the app and its features function optimally.

A mobile app development agency ensures that the best developers work on the project during this stage. Thus, you are assured of an app that has all your features and is of the highest functionality.

Duration- 4 – 6 months

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Testing Stage (QA)

Testing may sound singular, but it is actually a collection of various processes! Different testing processes are carried out to assess each and every aspect of the application. Examples of some of the testing processes included in the testing phase are as follows:

  1. Unit testing
  2. Integration testing
  3. Acceptance testing
  4. System testing
  5. Security testing
  6. Performance testing
  7. Usability testing
  8. Compatibility testing

These types of testing are mandatory and contain many other sub-tests that also play an important role in app quality.

Duration- 4 – 6 weeks

Beta Release Stage (Pre-Launch)

Before launch, there will also be a few activities to undertake that will contribute to the app’s success. This involves the best stream to launch the app on. You must perform adequate research activities during this phase as well.

The Beta release is important since it brings to light any serious problems that may have gotten through the testing phase. The Beta release is the final stage by which you can identify any bugs and errors before the actual release to the public.

Duration- 2 – 3 weeks

Complete Launch

After the beta release, taking into consideration the feedback received, you may need some corrections to be made. After making the desired changes for the last time, you can now launch the application completely.

This would make your software freely available to the public to use, and the only way to correct and fix bugs after this is to release app updates at certain time intervals.

What is the Complete Time Needed to Develop a Mobile App?

So, what is the total time required to develop a mobile application? It will be a total of all the stages added together.

Mobile App Developments Time

In total, mobile application development can take a minimum of 22 weeks or 7 to 8 months. At the same time, it can even take up to over a year for very complex applications.


Mobile application development is far from an overnight process or even a few days to weeks. Also, it takes the prospective investor weeks to brainstorm the idea alone! After that, some research will decide how feasible the idea is. Following these results, all the best mobile app development companies will start working on the first stages of mobile application development.

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How do you speed up the mobile app development process?

Mobile application development can be made faster by assigning more developers, designers, and testers to the project. Also, the app development company can attempt to eliminate unnecessary distractions that could delay the project. Instead of developing a full-fledged application, focus on creating an MVP first.

Will you deliver a ready-to-launch application?

Yes, we will develop a complete application ready to launch upon delivery to you. We also ensure the app adheres to the rules and regulations of the respective app.

Can you provide a fully customized mobile app?

Our mobile app development services offer customized mobile applications so that every solution suits the client’s exact requirements. However, we warn you that a lot of customizations can affect the delivery deadline and mobile application development cost.

Will you ensure I stay updated on how far my mobile app has come?

Yes, we will ensure that we update you on every milestone we reach as we develop your application. Also, there will be a direct channel to communicate any requirements that may arise during the app development process.

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