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Android VS iOS: Which Platform is Perfect and Why?


Together, the Android vs iOS mobile platforms accounts for most of the 6 billion mobile devices in use worldwide. In statistics seen on Statistica, the leading mobile device vendors are Samsung and Apple. The majority of these 6 billion devices run either Android or iOS mobile platforms, respectively. 

8 Factors to Decide Which is Perfect: Android or iOS

So, if you are a first-time app investor, which platform to develop an app for will be a question that plagues your thoughts? To help you out, we have compiled a comparison to help you conclude. This comparison is based on several smaller factors. 

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1. Programming & Programming Language

Given the differences between Android and iOS platforms are coded using very different programming languages. Android app development services use Kotlin and Java, while iOS app development relies upon Swift or Objective C.

This creates a distinction in the programming language. But that’s not the only place where these two platforms differ. Which platform has an easier learning curve? Most developers have clarified that they prefer the iOS platform, mentioning it is easier to develop.

But, when it comes to Android app development, there is also a shift. The Kotlin programming language has minimal margins before it overtakes Java as the technology of choice for every Android app development company

Developers may choose iOS over Android, but if you need an Android app, there’s no way to avoid or substitute it! 

2. Design

There is a clear distinction between an android app and an iOS app, and you can identify each one just by looking at it. The most significant differences are the positioning of the buttons and menu keys.  

This is entirely up to anyone’s opinion. Since the design elements are so different, there is no telling which one is better for your users. Some will prefer iOS, while others may prefer Android. 

iOS and Android mobile apps are unique, and both are so different and interesting in their ways.

3. Security

You will immediately inquire as to whether iOS or Android app development yields a more secure application given the public outcry over it or rather the lack of it. 

Security will be one of the biggest concerns an iOS app development company will undertake. There has been extensive public attention being put on the security of user data. To ensure your users and their data are not compromised, you must prioritize safety in your mobile application. 

Both platforms have multiple security measures in place. However, there is one that triumphs over the other. Apple devices are lauded for the security they offer their users. But it’s not just the device, it’s also the platform that offers so much protection. 

On the other end, it’s also the iOS platform that fortifies itself, making sure that users are all in the loop when it comes to taking control of their data, be it images, texts, or bank details! 

iOS apps and the platform edge way ahead of Android apps and the platform, as the latter does have some serious security vulnerabilities. 

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4. Testing

When you try to count the number of devices that use each one of these platforms, you’ll notice something. The number of devices using the Android mobile platform is massive compared to iOS devices. 

The reason is that the iOS platform is restricted to running on Apple devices only. Meanwhile, Android is used by almost a dozen mobile manufacturing brands. This creates the problem of a lengthy and tiresome fragmentation testing process.  

Fragmentation testing is the process of testing a mobile application on a range of devices that feature different display sizes and quality ratios. This can be costly, but if your target audience is primarily Android users, it is worth it! 

Testing Android apps can be time-consuming and a bit more costly. But if your target audience is predominantly Android, it is worthwhile to make an Android app.   

5. App Monetization

When it comes to buying apps and spending money on in-app purchases, iOS users lead the way! iOS users are even more open to spending twice as much money on an app than Android users. Additionally, iOS app users will likely pay to unlock more features than Android users. 

However, these statistics may not be that relevant, as the global mobile device statistics show that Android controls nearly 80% of global devices. 

So, it again depends on who your target audience is. If it is Android, sheer numbers of Android users lead to good monetization. But if it is iOS, you can still guarantee good monetization.  

6. Interface

The interface of a mobile application is what connects the appearance and functionality of a mobile application. Can users see and interact with a screen, or is it a view-only screen? This is all decided by the interface.

So, the interface is just a set of screens that will make up your entire application. You can see the stark contrast between the interface of iOS devices and Android devices. 

Android does lag a bit in interface development. Still, there are promises of improvement arriving in the subsequent few versions of Android software. 

iOS does feature a better interface. But, some users wanting simplicity may find that the Android interface is good enough. That said, there is probably a split among Android users, with some wanting more than what the Android platform gives them!  

7. Publishing Time and Cost

A lot of eager investors may insist on having the app approved and published to an application store within the shortest amount of time. In this, you may wonder about the application publishing timeline and costs. 

Android apps are reviewed sooner and cost less to publish with a one-time fee of $25. iOS charges an annual subscription fee of $99, increasing to $299 for businesses. Not to mention, the Apple App Store has a longer and stricter app review process.  

Android tips iOS here, which creates a great reason to choose Android app development services over iOS. 

8. Development Cost

Before going ahead with Android app development services, you will want to know the prices and whether iOS app development is more affordable or not. Although any top Android app development company will have to undertake significant fragmentation, it may not affect the price too much! 

Hence, there may be very little difference between developing an Android or iOS app! So, the cost cannot be the driving factor for choosing the best platform. However, maintenance and updating in the future can be costly. 

Additional Costs 

There are a few hidden costs to bear in developing a mobile application for either of these platforms. These usually include maintenance and update costs and the cost to host your application on the respective application store.

Publishing your app to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store requires a monthly or annual cost. The former charges a one-time $25 while the latter charges a yearly subscription of $99. 

Development Time

When developing an application for your business, you would want it operational in the shortest possible time. Thus, looking at how long it takes to develop both of these applications can provide insight into which one is faster to develop.  

iOS app development services are much faster, as developers have stated the ease of using iOS programming languages. Also, iOS apps have fewer capabilities to deal with, so there will be less time necessary to develop the app.      

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How to Choose the Right Platform for App Development 

Even after evaluating the above parameters, you may still feel confused about what platform to use to develop an app. There are a few factors to consider, such as what kind of app you intend on making, your target audience, and what they prefer. 

Brand loyalty is another feature that one must not forget, as there are many Apple enthusiasts. 

After scrutinizing these aspects, you can increase your app’s chances of appealing to the right audience and help your app to succeed!


There has long been a debate on which platform is better for developing a game or mobile app. Some may think it is iOS, while others think it is Android. Upon analyzing the results based on platform properties, both have positive points and in some cases, it is too close to call!

But, even with the results, people may decide to be more accessible and deliver a mobile application that more people can access. You can hire an Android app development company to develop an app all android users can access. 


Are Android apps better than iOS apps?

There is no such thing as Android apps being less functional or appealing than iOS apps. With enough investment and the right Android app development company, you can make an attractive application that can attract and impress the masses! 

Is it possible to develop a single app for Android and iOS platforms? 

Yes, suppose you hire a top ios app development company in India. In that case, you will likely get a cross-platform application that will function smoothly on Android and iOS devices.

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