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How to choose the best Casino Game Development Company?


Casino games are the best trending games currently. Users can play for both money-earning purposes and entertainment purposes. So, how would you find out which is the best casino game development company in such a buzzing online gaming market? Is it tough to find one?

Let’s explore how to find the best casino game development company?

What is a Casino game?

Casino games are vastly more popular than gambling games. In a casino game, players gamble cash or virtual coins on various possible random outcomes or combinations of outcomes. Nowadays, casino games are also available online, permitted by the legalities and laws of different states/countries.

casino game

There are different types of casino games available in the online gaming market, and two of the most popular are skill-based casino games and luck-based casino games. The only key difference between these two games is that users can earn real money from skill-based casino games, whereas users can’t earn money from luck-based casino games.

So, what are the key areas a casino game development company must showcase?

casino game

Let’s dive in to know more.

Experience of Expertise

Selecting the right casino game development company can be tiring, considering the vast number of gaming industries these days. One of the things that strikes our mind while selecting a casino game development company is whether the company has experience in developing casino games or not. A game development company must have proven experience working with bigger brands on their multiple repetitive projects.

Choosing an inexperienced game development company for a casino is highly risky. An inexperienced team may result in poor execution of functionalities, and the final product may not grab users. So it is a mandatory need to select a company that has some experience in developing casino games.

An in-house Team

A company with 10-15 years of experience must not have 2-3 specialists to check and implement the overall workflow of the project. Concerning the company size, the number of specialists should vary from 50 to 250+ in-house teams of specialists. Developing a casino game is not possible without a qualified team in the organization. It requires a lot of knowledge and skills to achieve the goal starting from the concept of designing and developing to testing and marketing.

casino game

The company should also have a proper ‘in-house server management team’ to take responsibility for a customized server architecture that will be useful in the cost-saving of your game.

An in-house team should look like this:

  • 2D/3D Designers

  • Frontend/Backend Developers

  • QA Engineers (Testers)

  • Server Management Team

  • Project Managers

Dedicated QA Team (Testers)

The QA team must be imposed. The tester should have enough testing devices to rigorously test the game or the product. The QA team should be writing test cases, and the working team should be capable of writing test cases, solving them, and delivering perfect QA-checked products to the client. The products must come with QA-checked marks for stability and reliability.

Concurrent users handling capability

The company should develop games that can handle 10K+ concurrent users. Looking at the vast popularity of Casino games, it is obvious that the user base will grow. If the game can’t handle many concurrent users, it may result in a poor user experience.

The current performance of the game development company is a necessary factor. If the company is working with bigger brands like MPL, Winzo, Paytm First, Flipkart, Myteam11, and many more, it shows the company can handle a large user base.

One must also check whether the vendor is getting repetitive work from their existing clients or not. The number of games delivered by the vendor to the client can showcase whether the vendor is getting more than one project from their clients or not.

Agile Methodology & Transparency in the project lifecycle

A company should follow the Agile methodology lifecycle while developing game apps. They must have a single point of contact rather than multiple points of contact to avoid the confusion of whom to communicate with throughout the project development process.

The company should be transparent from day one. The understanding and scope of work should be clear to the company. One must understand whether the company is sending an understanding document after reading the client’s SOW (Scope of Work) or whether the company is asking several questions to be on the same page with the client.

Once the project is on board, the company should send daily, weekly, and monthly work in a progress report to the client to keep things up to date. The vendor must use project management tools/software in the communication so that the client and vendor always be on the same page.

The company must also provide a pre-maintenance period to the clients. If the deliverables aren’t up to the mark, the company should extend the maintenance period.

One must also find a vendor, i.e., a company that provides host maintenance services and customizations for the cost-saving of the game.

The Bottom Line!

So, are you looking to develop a casino game?

Online casino games are growing exponentially currently, and the points mentioned above are the key to selecting a perfect game development company.

Be it mobile game development, card games, casino games, or others. A game owner must choose a company with vast experience working with more prominent brands.

Artoon Solutions has over 14 years of experience in game development, mobile app, and website development. We always stick with cutting-edge technology and cater to every challenge. With our in-house team of developers, designers, QA Testers, Project managers, and Sever management team, we always try to provide the best gaming experience to our clients.

Feel free to contact us.

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