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Top 10 Casino Game Development Companies in India

Which Are The Best Casino Game Development Companies In India?

Casino games can be either skill-based, luck-based, or a combination of both! Entrepreneurs find this niche increasingly enticing as an investment because of the high revenue they return due to high investment. Therefore it becomes important to know who are the best casino game development companies in India.

Regardless of platform, Android or iOS, casino game development companies are in constant demand. Also, the fact that hiring one of the best casino game development companies in India could be cost-efficient is a leading reason to look into the matter.

Casino Game Development Companies in India

Casino games have just recently become popular and very sought after. Casino game development companies undertake all aspects of casino games. Such games are mostly luck-based games. Due to this nature, these games need a particular unbiased algorithm that offers equal amounts of luck. Examples of similar luck-based games are Teen Patti and Slots.

With the right amount of calculations, users will be willing to test their luck. To offer this to users and persuade them to play, you need the best casino development experts working on your project.

To help you out, these are some of the best Casino Game Development companies in India to hire and trust for your casino game project.

1) Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Located in Surat, Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd has 14+ years of experience and is one of the best casino game development companies in India. The company has already launched several Casino games of its own, consisting of both skill-based and luck-based strategies.

Games developed by the company include:

  • MPL – Rummy, Callbreak, 21 Cards, Solitaire, Bingo, Hill Racing, Ludo, Golden Boot, Mahjong.

  • Winzo –Bingo, Court Piece, 29 Cards, Mindi.

  • HD Works – A23- Pool.

  • Junglee Rummy – Callbreak

  • Flipkart – Celebration Tree, Snakes.

  • Dangal Games- Pool, Callbreak.

The Teen Patti- 3Patti Game has garnered over 5 million downloads, with their Rummy and Mindi games not too far off with over a million downloads each! The company is sure to have some more casino games in the making.

Artoon Solutions ensures all clients receive an app that best envisions their idea but surpasses expectations. When partnering with this company, solutions meet requirements and more when hiring expert teams from Artoon Solutions.

2) Betfoc

This company is based in Indore, MP, and was incepted in 2013. This is one of the casino game development companies specializing in game development, sports betting, and fantasy sports betting software. Situated in India, the company offers services to both local Indian clients as well as International clients.

Games developed by the company are FSL11, Poker War, and Ludo India.

The company is a front-runner in providing white label fantasy sports solutions made according to the client’s requirements.

3) Hidden Brains Infotech

This company has its hand in almost all industry niches and has an expansive portfolio given its 18+ years of experience. The company employs more than 125 mobile experts. The company offers a range of services to clients and even offers cross-platform application development.

The company has successfully worked on over 1000 mobile app projects since its inception in 2003, giving rise to a whole field of game development services.

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4) HashByte Studio

Established in 2018, this game studio has done well to bridge the gap between various games for different platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. The company has developed a range of games with varying strategies, even casino games.

Games developed by the company are Cubilete Cup and Bridge.

The company has headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. The company has been in the game development space since their inception and has worked with a wide range of clients locally and abroad. They have a diverse portfolio to show for it!

5) 99 Games

Launched in 2008, the company has had its fair share of ups and downs but has persevered to continue doing what they are passionate about, game development. The company is located in Karnataka.

The company has had much success with games like Star Chef and Dhoom 3, which cater directly to the Indian audience. But, the company is also equally open to partnering with an international clientele as well.

6) Creatiosoft

Located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Creatiosoft is one of the many prominent casino game development companies in India. It specializes in Casino game development, especially targeting slot machine games.

Games developed by the company are Slot Machine and Pool.

Creatiosoft came to be in 2010 and has 12 years of experience in casino app development and seems to be a name to remember.

7) e2logy

The company e2logy has several branches worldwide but is a name that you may not hear about when talking about the best casino game development companies in India. However, you will be happy with the company’s service to their clients.

The company is stationed in Bangalore, Noida, and Ahmedabad in India, while their other branches are in Australia, the USA, and Singapore.

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8) GSN Games India

Situated in Bengaluru, GSN games can be considered one of the best Casino game development companies in India. They have been operating in India since 2008 but opened their first office in the USA in 1999!

Games developed by the company are Wheel of Fortune, GSN Casino, Bingo Bash.

Interestingly, the company started under the name WorldWinners in 2000. But, in 2009, the company underwent a rebranding to its current name, GSN games.

9) Octro Inc

Founded in 2014, Octro Inc has made a name for itself by persevering and working through tough times to earn a spot as one of the best Casino game development companies in India. The company already owns several highly successful casino games with millions of downloads.

Games developed by the company are Indian Rummy, Octro Poker, and Teen Patti Octro.

The company is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and has a wide selection of card and non-card games. Currently, the company has around 20 games on the Google Play Store.

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10) Gameation Technologies Pvt Ltd.

This company is the brains behind some of the most popular games we know today. Starting off in 2010, Gameation Technologies initiated their company by developing flash games for computer systems, and they later moved to mobile game development.

Success finally came in 2016 with the release of Ludo King, which garnered over 700 million downloads and a spot in the top 10 games by download globally. Their other app Carrom King has followed suit with 50 million downloads.

Games developed by the company are Ludo King, Carrom King, and Sudoku King.

Popularity of casino game development companies are only just beginning, with the peak yet to arrive. By investing in these mobile games, you stand a chance of leveraging timing and being one of the first to launch casino games targeting all audiences regardless of their preferences.

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