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What is the Cost of Casino Game Development Services?


Casino game development is the most popular game right from the beginning. People used to come, place bets and win huge cash prizes. Well, the time has changed now. Currently, casino games are more prevalent on online mobile platforms. How technology has changed everything, isn’t it?

Let’s explore how much it costs to develop Casino games for online mobile platforms?

Online Casino games are booming in the gaming industry. The exciting gameplay, massive returns on winnings, and the possibility to earn real money make it a unique game for users.

Some of the famous casino games are as follows.

  • Roulette (Luck & skill-based)
  • Blackjack (Luck & skill-based)
  • European Blackjack (Skill-based)
  • Baccarat (Skill-based)
  • BINGO (Luck & skill-based)
  • Wheel of Fortune (Skill-based)
  • Keno (Skill-based)


Skill-based Casino Games

These are the casino games that require specific skills to win. For example, let’s assume you place a bet on a number. If your bet doesn’t go your way, you need to know what you are gaining or losing. Decision-making skills must be on point to win skill-based casino games where the winners earn substantial real money that can be withdrawn from bank accounts.

Luck-based Casino games

These are the casino games that don’t require skills to win. Here users can place bets on any number without thinking about the losses as there is no real money involved. These are the risk-free casino games that users can play and entertain themselves. In luck-based casino games, the winners are rewarded with gifts, coupons, and many more exciting rewards but not real money.

So, what are the methods that define the cost structure of Casino game development services?

Let’s look at it one by one.


Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Product or MVP design is necessary while developing a popular game app like a casino. A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product version with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. Here are the following two versions of MVP.

Version 1: Study the gaming market before designing any game. The focus should be on the current market trends, the audience response, and game popularity in the targeted location for this particular game.

Version 2: More features can be added to the game if the audience response is good and the user base is vast. By doing this, the user base grows subsequently and saves money.

High-end Logic and Algorithm

To play casino games mainly depends on the player’s decision-making skills, whereas the implementation of logic and algorithm is necessary while developing the game app. There can be many gaming modes in a casino game where different types of logic will play a significant role. High-end algorithms will make the game app more stable, and winners can be determined easily. Implementation of high-end graphics and algorithms can take the cost to a higher range. Still, attractive gameplay acquires many users, so it is necessary for the game’s success.

Software Development

Casino game development is a complex process that combines several stages. For a casino game that can engage users, game development companies involve specialist designers, developers, and testers (QA Engineers).


While making strategies for casino game development, the team must create early plans for further development. The team must make sure whether the game will be 2D or 3D, which techniques and special effects, animations will use, etc.

The next step is the work on game graphics, visual components, special effects, animations, etc. Casino games are relatively simple, but creating outstanding and stylish designs is not easy. The game designer should draw most interface components, symbols, characters, and images manually.

After taking a progressive lead in sketches and concept graphics, the team works on motion, dynamics, and special effects. Depending on the chosen technique, designers use various software tools for implementation like Adobe Photoshop, Animate CC, Blender, Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, etc.


Coding is a critical part of any game development process. It is the casino game development team’s responsibility to provide the best app possible. While performing the coding stage, developers use various software tools. HTML5 is the most used software tool supported by almost all device types. The other options are Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS, etc. The choice of the game engine also matters in casino game development.


Game testing is essential before the release of any game. The testing stage unfolds all potential issues and bugs that need to be fixed before the game launch. QA specialists check functionality, compatibility, loading, and the gameplay to mark the game as QA-checked.

If any issues or bugs are found during the development process, it is fixed immediately. Therefore it is recommended to test the game at regular intervals during the whole development process.

Website Design

The cost of website design for casino games is comparatively cheaper. A website sets an online casino apart from a physical casino game.

Website design costs are budget-friendly, and there will be monthly costs for hosting and management services. It’s important to add high-quality website design with top-notch UI/UX. If the website looks average-standard, users may leave instantly without playing the game.


The licensing is a huge aspect of making sure your game is trustworthy. If your casino game software is licensed, there are better chances to be on top of the gaming market. It creates a trust factor, and players will feel safer playing the game.

In terms of costs and charges, this can vary per year for the license. The better license your game has, the more engaged users it will generate.

Quality Payment Gateway


Online mobile games are getting better and better. For a smooth and hassle-free payment process that can avoid interruptions, a Quality payment gateway is a must. Providing a vast option of payment methods gives flexibility to users. When discussing multiple payment methods, they should be of the highest quality and popular. Quality payment methods help grow a loyal user base. Using payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI (Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pe), and international payment options like PayPal and Stripe can help grow mobile gaming businesses. This can add more costs to the game budget.


It would be best to deliver the online casino to the audience with a well-planned marketing campaign. It includes game trailers, advertising posts on relevant resources, and social media promotions. A successful casino game can acquire an audience effectively and break into the online gaming market.

Marketing campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are essential to reach a larger audience as there are more young gamers available on these platforms. Also, the game website should be optimized with proper SEO tools by SEO executives.

Final Words!

The overall costs may seem high for setting up an online casino game. However, with time, this should change. Depending on your business level, there will be an adequate amount of revenue.

So, are you looking for a casino game development company? Artoon Solutions has been providing game development services for the last 14+ years. Our skilled technical teams make sure we cater to every challenge and develop the best game to compete with the current trends.

Let’s connect now to discuss casino game development methods that can outsmart your competitors in the gaming business.

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