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Best Node.js Frameworks for App Development in 2023


Artoon Solutions is an expert game development company holding 14+ years of game development experience. Housing 250+ In-house IT experts over 3 offices, Artoon Solutions has worked with some of the biggest brands on multiple humongous projects in which the game’s backend was Node. JS. 

Our Clients Who Have Chosen Node.JS for Back-End

Node.JS for Back-End

Why is Node.JS preferred as a Backend for the majority of Games?

Node.JS has proven to be a reliable technology that works to facilitate better game performance and functionality which is why Artoon Solutions has implemented it 

The reasons for Node.JS being the most preferred back-end technology are:

  1. Ability to handle multiple requests concurrently while providing high output.
  2. Two-way communication allows for seamless client-server communication. 
  3. High Node.JS scalability ensures it’s a future-ready technology that enables game updates and expansion. 
  4. Cost efficiency is provided when using Node.JS because it is an open-sourced technology and it can be used in both the frontend and backend of game development. 

Node is wildly popular as it allows for Javascript code to be written and executed in a computer process instead of a web browser. No wonder why finding a Node js development company in India is such a task! But once you do, the task of finding the right Node.js framework! 

What is Node.js Framework? 

Node.js is an open-source server environment with cross-platform capabilities and can run on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, Unix, and others. Running on the V8 JavaScript Engine, it executes JavaScript outside a web browser. 

Over the years, several Node.js frameworks have been developed as open-sourced options for application development. 

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Types of Node.js Frameworks

Node.js frameworks are categorized into three categories: MVC, Full-Stack MVC, and REST API. They are all unique in that they can be used for differing purposes based on the client’s specific requirements.   

  • MVC

Logic is split into three parts; models, views, and controllers in these frameworks. This separation makes it easier to scale and maintain an application. 

Examples of MVC Node.js frameworks are Express.js.

  • Full-Stack MVC

As the name suggests, this set of frameworks offers a solution for both front-end and back-end application development. They also offer the best capabilities when it comes to developing applications that are real-time based. 


A REST API is particularly popular for building applications faster as well as scaling faster, the reason being that server-side and client-side are already separated. 

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8 Best Node.js Frameworks to Use for App Development 

When searching for the best node js framework, having more than a few options is a good idea, as it allows you to get the framework to suit your exact requirements. Why does this matter? Because, in the end, it will enhance the user experience.  


There are several things to like about Express.js. It is simple, lacks a steep learning curve, fewer code lines are necessary, has excellent performance, and reusable code. 

Express.js is so widely used that it is considered a genuine version of Node.js, and that’s why this framework is at the peak of the list of the best Node js frameworks. 

Advantages of Using Express.js 

  • High app testability due to great test coverage by the framework 
  • Asynchronous programming ensures enhanced performance 
  • A wide array of HTTP helpers assist in making reusable and apprehensible apps 


Koa.js is a strong framework replicating Express.js in many ways, except that it is much smaller and more robust. It’s a customizable and flexible framework that offers a better way to develop web applications.  

This framework provides all the benefits of Express.Js, except it has fewer complexities a developer would face when using Express.Js.  

  • It allows for the custom development of applications from scratch! 
  • Koa.Js has multiple customization options
  • Default features include cache refresh, content negotiation, and proxy-support 


Meteor.js is the most popular of all node js frameworks for its function in Single Page Application development. Its isomorphic JavaScript nature ensures that client-side and server-side page rendering is done so in an efficient amount of time.  

Secondly, another appealing reason to use this Node js development framework is that it is open-sourced, lightweight, and has just a few lines of code. 

Furthermore, quite a few pre-written modules company this Node.js framework, making it worthwhile for developers to use this Node app framework.   

Advantages of Using Meteor.js 

  • It’s a full-stack framework 
  • Integratable into MongoDB and can be used with Angular.Js and React.Js 
  • Apps developed with Meteor.js are naturally in real-time
  • Creates cross-platform code 


It is a fully-fledged open-source Node app framework with a future in such IoT, real-time, and web-based applications.  

The capabilities applications will have when developed with this framework are real-time capabilities and multiple library support. A Node js development company wouldn’t need any other technology as Total.js is complete with everything needed to start coding. 


  • Modest hardware requirements 
  • Rapid development with relatively low cost 
  • Supports multiple Visual Programmer Interfaces 
  • Offers much flexibility to developers 


Until now, the focus has been on mobile applications, Hapi.Js favors web app development. The framework uses plugins that split the API into pieces which facilitate scalability, making it a good option for businesses who intend on scaling quite often.  

A wide variety of built-in features ensures there is no need for unofficial middleware. Developers bear deeper control of request handling when using Hapi.Js as their chosen node app framework. 

Advantages of Hapi.Js  

  • Highly scalable framework 
  • Enhanced security 
  • Caching, authentication, and input validation are done by default 
  • Facilitates easy displaying of dynamic content facilitates bi-directional communication between the server and the client, which is handy when developing applications requiring real-time data updates. It also offers default error detection and auto-correction to save time and resources. 

Advantages of 

  • It has a sizeable community of followers and does well to be a reliable framework. 
  • Facilitates resource management with error detection and auto-correction
  • Provides a mechanism that identifies if connections are live or not. 


Although similar to Ruby on Rails, Sails.Js offers a modern approach to app development. Sails.js favors the ‘Convention over Configuration’ approach, which ensures that developers do not have to make too many decisions without losing sight of flexibility and control. 

Advantages of Sails.Js 

  • Aides in avoiding redundancy 
  • Compatible with 
  • MVC architecture (similar to Ruby on Rails) 


This is one of the few frameworks used in Node js development services that cater to enterprise businesses. It offers rapid development of large and complex enterprise business applications. 

The modular architecture makes it much easier to organize code, and thus it also reuses code well. TypeScript allows for better code readability; this is a desirable feature when a large team of nodejs developers is working on your application. 

Given these properties, Nest.Js is a popular technology for every Node js web development company. 

Advantages of Nest.Js 

  • Built-in support for features like WebSockets and GraphQL
  • Code organization facilitates code readability 
  • Scalable and reliable web application development 

A node js framework comparison would be best to highlight how these frameworks are fair against each other. 

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Express.Js vs Nest.Js Frameworks 

These two equally popular frameworks are always an option for business owners looking to develop an application or web application for their business.   


Being older, Express.Js is the more popular option, while Nest.Js is slowly gaining traction.  


While Express.Js offers greater request handling through asynchronous practices, Nest.Js uses Command Line Interface (CLI), which is ultimately faster and more efficient as minimal software requirements are required. 


Nest.Js includes a default testing environment, and no extra code needs to be added. However, Express.Js requires extra code to be written for the sole purpose of testing. 


MVC structure is followed by Nest.Js but not by Express.Js. The extra components available in Nest.Js make it easier to develop, implement data, and control logic, whereas Express.Js is unable to do this, leading to an application that isn’t as effective. 


Nest.Js supports TypeScript and is even written in it! It’s the opposite for Express.Js, as this framework doesn’t support TypeScript at all. The effects are that an app made with Express.Js won’t be supported on multiple browsers. 

Use Cases 

Both are applicable in developing single-page applications (SPA), and each has its advantages. 

But, at the end of the day, both have compelling reasons to be used. 

Express.Js is most common in applications that require real-time capabilities. Meanwhile, Nest.Js is common when a well-structured application capable of serving many concurrent requests is a mandatory characteristic, specifically for an enterprise. 

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Experts With Knowledge of the Best Node Frameworks

Experts With Knowledge of the Best Node Frameworks


Node.Js has proved to be a technology that can put your software into a revenue-driving position! Regardless of your business vertical, Node.Js frameworks can always make a positive impression.

If you are looking for an expert Node js development company, choose Artoon Solutions. This company has expert Node js development skills and has been developing effective applications for the last 14+ years. With an in-house team of 250+ experts and several related services, Artoon is a one-stop web and application development solution.         

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Which framework goes best with NodeJS?

Multiple frameworks work relatively well with Node. JS. Examples are Express. JS, Vue.JS, Koa.JS, and more.  

What is the fastest-growing framework in NodeJS?

Node.JS frameworks comparison shows the popularity of each one varies. We cannot pick just one as the most popular one depends on your requirements. But, the most popular ones are Express.JS, Meteor.JS, and Sail. JS. 

How much do Node.JS development services cost? 

Node.JS development services cost depends on the specifics of the project as this will decide the amount and duration of the resources required.     

Can you develop a website and a mobile app for my business?

Yes, Artoon Solutions can develop websites and mobile applications for any mobile platform.

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