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Nodejs vs. Python: Which Backend Technology to Use in 2023?


Nodejs vs Python – The backend is the most critical part of websites, web applications, and mobile apps. The need for a backend technology depends on the type of project. The programming language, the coding environment, and the entire technology stack need to be chosen, looking at the project needs.

For the success of the Nodejs development project, selecting the right backend technology stack and selecting the Nodejs development company is essential. Currently, there are several backend technologies available on the market, where Node.js and Python stand out ahead of any other backend technology.

In this blog, we will compare the two leading backend technologies, Node.js vs Python, to ensure the best among them.

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What is Node js?

Node js is an open-source javascript runtime environment built on Google Chrome’s Javascript engine. It is used for server-side programming, widely known as backend development. Developers use Node js to create scalable websites and mobile applications capable of handling large data traffic and the user base. Node.js makes developing cross-platform mobile applications easy to run on any operating system.

What is Python?

Python is a programming language based on the object-oriented programming concept used to create dynamic web applications. It has become an ideal choice for scripting due to the syntax similarity between dynamic typing and Python. Python was developed to provide scalability, readability, and fast development.

Nodejs vs. Python: Detailed Comparison

Nodejs vs. Python: Detailed Comparison

1. Performance

To compare both these technologies in terms of performance, Node js moves ahead as it can handle multitasking without the slowness of server performance. It is capable of handling large data effectively.

On the other hand, the performance of Python is slower and not as smooth as Node js. Python is also incompatible with working parallelly, which makes many developers choose Nodejs over Python even though it provides fast application development.

2. Scalability

When it comes to scalability, Node js again goes past Python. Node js is highly flexible, so instead of creating a core and scaling around it, Node js developers create a set of microservices and modules. Once the application is scaled, all the microservices and modules are allowed to run their processes dynamically. In Node js, the application can be scaled horizontally by adding nodes to the existing modules, and it can be expanded by adding resources vertically.

On the flip side, Python lacks the flexibility Node js offers. Python developers face issues in threads as it denies operating several threads at once. Scaling up can be considered one of the drawbacks of Python, as larger teams find it difficult to manage the code when the project scales.

3. Learning Curve

The learning curve largely depends on the syntax. The smaller code, the easier it is to learn. For Node js, the learning curve is not difficult if you are good at Javascript. It is found that Node js installation and documentation is a bit tricky due to its event-driven programming concept. However, this concept is the major reason behind scalable and efficient Node js development services. Learning and conceptualizing Node can be time-consuming for a beginner, but there is no going back once the fluency comes.

Conversely, Python is easy to learn and uses smaller lines of code than any programming language. Writing code in Python is simple, easy, and less time-consuming. Both Node js vs Python are sensitive to indentation and whitespace. So it depends on the project requirement to select the better backend technology among Node and Python.

4. Architecture

In terms of Architecture, Node js operates on single-threaded architecture as it handles multiple requests with a single thread. Node js is a Javascript runtime environment and focuses on server-side asynchronous programming. Due to this, Node js input-output functionality is never blocked as a certain process is always underway. Nodejs can also run parallel processes, making the deployment faster.

On the other hand, Python lacks such rich functionalities that Nodejs provides. Also, Python doesn’t support multithreading, so developers must wait for one process to finish to call other processes. So again, Nodejs takes the upper hand due to its receptive and quick result-oriented nature.

5. Community Support

In programming, community refers to a group of experienced developers involved in a broad list of projects. With time they keep updating libraries, running exercises, and, most importantly, adding new features. The community support for Node.js development might seem small as it is a new technology, but it is a different story. The community of Nodejs is vast and globally active, with experienced Nodejs developers.

When we come to Python, it also has large community support as it is older than Nodejs. Python doesn’t lack having a pool of skilled professionals. Both Python and Node js development services have outstanding community support, so it depends on the project requirement to choose one.

Now that we have a good comparison between Nodejs vs Python, it is critical to understand the benefits they offer in the project development company.

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Advantages of a Node js development company

Node js development company

Flexible Microservices Development

For the development of a microservices architecture, several component executions and developments are required. Node Js has a package manager that provides free components so developers can work on multiple modules simultaneously. Organizations can easily maintain the testing process and product quality by using microservices development.

Immersive & Strong Technology stack

We are aware of the need for using Node Js and how it works on JavaScript, allowing us to access the entire JavaScript stack, resources, etc. get. You also get the full support of a strong and active community. With Node.js development services, application development can be done easily with the MEAN technology stack, which offers the best database support and front-end and back-end support for scalable development.


Node js development is highly compatible with both front-end and back-end web application development, eliminating the need to hire two independent resources for development. This reduces overall development time & costs and speeds up the development process without compromising application quality.

Disadvantages of Node.js development services

Nodejs vs Python

Unstable API

One of the main disadvantages of Node.js is the repeated API switching which leads to backend incompatibility. This incompatibility directly affects code changes, making them even more unstable.

Interrupted Callback

There is a problem with nested callback functions in Node js development, and due to the asynchronous nature of Node.js, the callback breaks. Whenever there are multiple callbacks, the quality of the code is reduced, and difficult to troubleshoot and maintain. 

Advantages of Python

Advantages of Python

Quick Development

Python offers excellent readability and fast code interpretation, making it easy to speed up the development cycle. Compared with other languages, it requires less development code, automatically saves development time, and helps to develop applications quickly.

Large Library

Python has huge library support, which helps develop any application, including game development, web development, machine learning, etc. It provides easy-to-use development libraries and allows the reuse of library code for custom development.

Disadvantages of Python

Disadvantages of Python

Not compatible For Mobile App Development

Python is not compatible with mobile app development because it is not the language of choice for native app development. Also, neither iOS nor Android supports mobile development on Python.

Executes Slowly

Regarding the speed of Nodejs vs Python, it is relatively slower than other programming languages ​​because it reduces the execution time. Execution of code in Python is done line by line, which slows down the overall execution of web applications. 

Exhausts Large Memory

In any web application development, it is necessary to reduce memory consumption to maintain application speed and performance. Python suffers from high memory consumption, which leads to poor-quality solutions.

Nodejs vs Python both are two of the best backend development technology currently. Several factors come into consideration when the competition is among the best. Looking at the aforementioned points, it is a no-brainer to select Nodejs development services for web applications and mobile app development.

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Node.js Development Company | Node js Services – Perks with Artoon

Nodejs vs Python

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Nodejs Development Services: FAQs

Node js Development Services

How much time do you take to complete the project? 

We study the Scope of Work document, and based on that, we resolve the queries, if any. Post that, we will provide a time estimate, and based on that, the costing & timing shall be provided. 

Do you build mobile-friendly Node js web development services & applications? 

Yes! We provide custom mobile-friendly Node js web development services & applications for our clients. We are a node js app development company, optimizing your website for mobile and web browsers.

What is the need for a Node js web development company? 

Nodejs development company offers huge benefits over freelance developers. Here is a close look at it;

  • Scalable & Faster Development
  • Allowance for Microservices with Ease
  • Cost-effective for Larger Projects
  • Satisfying High-Traffic Application

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Wrapping Up!

Selecting between Nodejs and Python is a tricky choice. Even though Nodejs is powerful in many features, Python can be handy too when the need is for fast and small projects. Node.js is ideal for real-time, high-speed, high-volume data exchange applications like chat or IoT. It is also popular for server-side web development and offers excellent scalability and performance.

Both Nodejs vs Python have their strengths and weaknesses, and choosing one over the other will depend on the project’s needs, team expertise, and available resources. 

Artoon Solutions is one of the leading nodejs development companies with 14+ years of experience and a 280+ in-house development team with a successful & proven track record of global node js web development services.

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