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Top 5 reasons to choose Virtual money games over Real money games


What is a Real money games?

It is a kind of game that is played on online media and real money is wagered on the outcome is called a real money games or skill-based game. In short, it is a type of game where the real money is involved and played through digital media like mobile devices. The person playing the game can purchase chips or coins to play the game. Each chip/coin has a monetary value. The winner is rewarded with more chips or coins whereas chips or coins will be deducted from the loser’s account. Here one interesting thing is that the winner can convert those chips or coins into real money and can withdraw real cash from the bank account.

Some examples of real money games are Rummy, CallBreak, Carrom, Ludo, Solitaire, Poker, and some fantasy sports apps like MPL and Dream 11.

What is a Virtual money game?

It is a kind of game that is also played on online media platforms but in this type of game, there is no inclusion of real money. The chips or coins used to play in virtual money games don’t have a monetary value. The earned coins and points just determine the skill level of a player. The purpose of virtual money games is to enhance the gaming skills of players and entertain the players.

Some examples of virtual money games are Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, BidWhist, Spades, Tonk, Mindi, Football Kick, etc.

So, what are the reasons that a gamer would choose a Virtual money game over a real money game?

Here are some detailed points:

  • Game of luck/chance
  • Risk-free game
  • Enhances gaming skills
  • Can be played by anyone at anytime
  • Offerwalls

Let’s see one by one.

Game of luck/chance

The game of luck/chance means the games that have no probability of winning or losing. No matter how skilled a player you are, you need some luck to win these types of games. For example, suppose you are playing Andar Bahar, here you don’t know if you will get the exact card you choose or not. It is system generated, and the chances of winning or losing are 50-50. Professional gamers may not like this game but beginners and those who want to relax their minds can play these types of games.

Risk-free game

Virtual money games are ‘risk-free’ because there is no involvement of real money. The chips or coins used here don’t have any monetary value. So, when a user plays this type of game, win or lose it won’t affect the financial status, unlike real money games where a single defeat can spell disaster. In virtual money games, you can play without the risk of losing money which makes it even more entertaining and relaxing.

Enhances gaming skills

As virtual money games are luck-based and risk-free it gives an opportunity to beginners for practicing the game continuously. By playing the game constantly a beginner can enhance their gaming skills and become an expert in a specific field like card games, board games, arcade, etc. A perfect example can be the examples of card games. A player can practice luck-based card games and gain knowledge about the gameplay, rules, tactics, and skills and implement it in the skill-based card games (Rules may vary, but it will be easier to understand).

Can be played by anyone at anytime

Virtual money games can be played by anyone who shows interest in playing online games. Some players don’t want a heavy game that comes with high graphics, 3D gameplay, and other high-end features. They want a game that is simple, enjoyable, and fun to play. For those, a luck-based game works like magic. They become fans of these types of games.


The player is offered to earn more chips/coins by playing other games that are present inside the app (can be ad banners of other games).

Ringtones and Wallpapers

Some game’s background music feels so good that many gamers make it their ringtones as well. Considering this, a large chunk of game owners offer the ringtone and even wallpapers in their store with in-app purchases.

This is a feature that is lacking in every real money game as the players are more focused on earning money and staying in the loop of competition whereas, in virtual money games, the user is offered all kinds of features starting from minimum to premium.

In Short!

Looking at the current trends there is no doubt real money games are touching new heights but that doesn’t mean virtual money games are suddenly out of the world. There are still so many virtual money games acquired by users that bring so much fun & entertainment.

So, would you like to develop a virtual money game for the future?

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