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What are the top reasons that you should invest in real money games?


What is a real money game?

Real money games are also known as skill-based games where all types of games that include skill, strategy, tactics, proper game knowledge, and logical thinking are involved. Generally, a real-money game means when the user buys chips/coins to play the game and after winning the user can redeem the chips/coins in real money. However, if the user loses the match/game, all the invested money will vanish. Each chip/coin has a monetary value. Here every win is rewarding and every defeat is a loss. Some examples of real money games are MPL(Rummy, Ludo), MyTeam11, WinZo(29 Card), Indian Rummy (Artoon Games), CallBreak, Solitaire, Ludo, etc.

So, why should one opt for investing in real money games rather than any other? Let’s discuss.

Earning perspective

This is one of the most common reasons why many people play real money games. In real money games, there are many ways of earning all you need is a skill. There are features like tournaments, competitions, special modes, mini-games, tours, playing in special cities, etc. A professional skill-based gamer would always look at investing in real money games and earning more real money. There is always a scope of earning real money in these games. Even beginners can also earn money, they just have to play the ‘practice mode’ a few times. Once the player gains some skill and confidence he/she can earn real money.

The game of skill

In real money games, skill-based and strategy-based games are allowed like Card games(Rummy, Court Piece, Solitaire, Spades, Callbreak), Puzzle games(Dominoes, Sudoku), Board games(Ludo, Pool, Carrom), Hyper-casual games (Hill Climb, Car Race, Cubes) and, Fantasy sports. This is why even courts of law consider it the game of skill and hence completely legal to play in most countries. Some people don’t like to invest money and they want to play a game to relax and for entertainment purposes only, but if you are getting some skills and can earn real money at the same time, investing money in real money games is a good idea. This is also the reason behind real money games being the source of income for many people around the world since it is a skill-based game.

Safe & Secure

Security is a prime factor when you are playing any kind of real money game on an online platform. Real money games shine in the Indian gaming market for providing such safe & secure options. The competition becomes tough when there are feature-rich apps like MPL and Dream11 on the market.

Also, real money games provide responsible gaming policies. They shield all the financial & personal information shared by the user by using different encryption methods. By doing this they add a strong layer of security that protects the user’s information from any kind of cyber threats.

Real money game apps like MPL, Dream11 always keep an eye on their users, and if they detect any unfair, inappropriate practices, apply strict anti-collision measures to prevent the same. Playing in the apps mentioned above secures the faith of players who like to play real money games.

Advanced Tech-Stack

Real money games are touching new heights every day due to their top-notch tech-savvy features in their UI, as well as some perks that you could possibly enjoy in the online version of real money games. Online games in India allow players to play either on a single platform or in a multi-gaming platform or even on some leading websites that offer exciting features & rewards.

In the list of top-notch features, how can you miss the round-the-clock availability of real money games? It allows players to play on their own time anywhere on the move. You can play card/casino games of any type. Moreover, when you play real money games/skill-based games to earn you become more professional and fast as such games feature a limited number of seconds to play one’s turn.

3D Avatars

Nowadays, 3D avatar-based games are the most popular games. Avatar-based games bring more excitement to the table and one can choose their own avatar. Here if you notice all the avatars are 3D based from head to toe they all are having animation which can create a different aura for the gamers. The playing table, chair, background i.e. environment everything is 3D. So, it goes without saying that 3D Avatars attract users and this is also one of the reasons why many players are looking to invest in real money games.

Wrapping Up!

Real money games are growing at a rapid speed and users are getting familiar with this new type of online gaming where you can invest your money and can earn real money. So, do you want to develop a real money game? We are one of the finest and leading game development companies in India.

A game development company must have in-house proven and experienced 2D/3D Designers, Frontend/Backend Developers, QA Team (Testers), Server management team, Project managers. If a game development company is having such buzzed in-house respective departments then it goes without saying that the outcome i.e the end result of the product will be picture-perfect. Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is having 14 years of developing mobile or web games perfection in delivery. Let’s get in touch and we assure you to turn your dreams into reality.

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