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How to increase user base in Real Money Games?


Do you have a Real Money Games?
Are you struggling to increase your user base in real money games? If yes, here is a quick step-by-step solution to that.

Table of Contents:

What is a Real Money Game?

These are the games played on online media and real money is wagered on the outcome. It is also known as skill-based games or games of skills.

In short, it is a type of game where the real money is involved and played through digital media like mobile devices. The person playing the game can purchase chips or coins to play the game. Each chip or coin has a monetary value.

The winner is rewarded with more chips or coins whereas chips or coins will be deducted from the loser’s account. Here one interesting thing is that the winner can convert those chips or coins into real money and can withdraw real cash from the bank account.

Some examples of real money games are Rummy , CallBreak, Carrom , Pool , Ludo , Solitaire , Poker , and some fantasy sports apps like MPL and Dream 11.

Real money games already seem interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s go into detail.

Concurrent users handling capability

In recent past years, real money game users have grown significantly as there is more opportunity to learn new game skills and earn money.

So, when it comes to increasing the user base, concurrent user handling capacity is a must.

If the game continues to offer stable gameplay even with over 10k+ concurrent users, it will showcase the quality of the game.
With this, it will be easier to engage and acquire more users.

Availability of practice modes

Real money games are also known as skill-based games and there is a reason why it is called so. Here each game is risky as well as rewarding.

If you have proper game skills you will be rewarded with chips or coins and if you don’t have the proper skillset you may end up on the losing side.

Hence, the availability of practice modes in real money games is a huge feature through which a lot of new users can keep sharpening their skills.

More help support guide for beginners

In the previous section, we discussed practice modes, and this help support guide falls under the same bracket.

When beginners play games directly (without practicing) there is a large possibility of losing money as they have less knowledge of the game.

There should be a frequent help support guide available for beginners as long as they don’t have a winning streak of 3 or 4 games.

Once the player starts winning consecutive games then the help support guide can be disabled. This is one of the features real money game owners must consider adding to their gaming apps.

With this, the user base in real money games can be increased.

Tours & Tournaments

Tours come as a special event in real money games. It is necessary to keep a regular flow of updating the tours & tournaments occasionally.

Tours get impressions instantly. Inside tours, there will be a number of popular cities (for example Las Vegas, New York, Venice, Dallas, Rio, Miami, Tokyo, Toronto, Mumbai, Sydney, etc) in the world where users can play after leveling up or winning in one city. The owner can make tours based on tournaments or competitions.

This special mode gives users a choice of playing the game they prefer. Adding tours and special tournaments it will create next-level excitement for users and with this, there is a large possibility of increasing the user base.


Mini-games are also another feature many mobile game development companies are adding to almost every real money game nowadays. Mini-games give an option to users that they can earn some quick chips/coins without even playing the hard level.

Some mini-game modes are Surprise Boxes, Scratch and win, Spin Wheel, etc. To open a surprise box the user has to pay just a little amount of chips/coins and he will be rewarded with a lot of chips/coins, and some other game assets.

Now in Scratch and win, there will be 9 boxes and the user has to find the same suit of 3. Once the user finds the same 3, he will be rewarded else he won’t be rewarded.

Another one is a spin wheel, where the user can spin the wheel, and when it stops at a particular specified reward he/she can collect it. So, it goes without saying that mini-games can definitely boost the user base in real money games.

In-App Chat, Video chat, Emojis

Chatting is a great feature to add to a card game. Most gamers always prefer to know about other gamers and increase user interaction. Chatting will definitely help in increasing user interaction.

The owner can add a special feature like emojis to express the feeling in a more precise way. Also, the owner can add a video chat feature. Most users like video chats instead of normal chats. Giving both options in the same app will surely result in gaining more users.


3D Avatars with a great 3D environment i.e. background, while the user is playing any card/ board/ puzzle game. The 3D avatars either Head to Waist or Head to Toe or only Head based Avatars, will definitely stand out from competitors.

Avatars are not limited to only edits in appearance. With technology taking large strides over the years animated avatars have been created and these are the most unique features available in real money games.

Future Scalable

The game should be built by keeping an eye on future technologies. Technology is changing in a rapid fast way. To keep the same level of engaged users, updating the game with the latest functionalities, modes, and new avatars in the future is an important factor that can’t be avoided.

Proper Marketing

Proper marketing is necessary. The game should reach the audience and that can only be done through marketing. To cover/win a consistent increment in user base, a proper ASO, SEO, social media campaigns, and regular social media posts are the primary requirements.

To reach a younger audience Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns are a must. Social media is one of the platforms where many youngsters spend their time.

In Short!

Increasing the number of users in real money games takes some necessary steps, plans, and strategies to work. If the aforementioned points are implemented properly there is a large possibility of increasing the user base in real money games.

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