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The Worst 6 Mistakes to Avoid While Making a Real Money Game App


A real money game app can be a gold mine for your business. It can help you optimize your marketing efforts, sales, revenue, and internal business processes. Having a mobile gaming app for your business means you can target a whole new set of audiences and generate new streams of income. With the invention of smartphones, mobile apps have simplified the lives of people largely. This has led to the mobile gaming apps industry emerging as the most lucrative one among all.

So, while developing a real money game app what are the worst mistakes a developer should take care of?

Let’s take a look.

1. Is the App Meeting User Expectations?

Attracting new visitors to your game app every day isn’t an easy task. There is a different set of expectations associated with every single user. The first interaction of a real money game app with the user is the most important stage that should be taken utmost care of. Some users expect extra-special things and some just figure out all the things included in the app. To reach every single user’s preferences is almost an impossible task and most of those misses early visitors with a poor home page screen.

App onboarding should be on cue. Users may don’t like filling long registration forms. Get routine sign-in/ sign-up procedure in place asking for just name and email address or quick login procedures like Google, Facebook, Instagram sign up.

2. Cross-Platform or not?

Are you developing the same game for too many platforms? This is one of the common mistakes that every gaming industry commits. Making the presence on every platform isn’t a bad idea but it will cost more and the expected result may not come.

You must identify which platform you want to go for. Each platform whether it be Android, iOS has its own pros and cons. Presently, choosing a cross-platform game development will be more beneficial than any other. But most of the time the game owners prefer to start with Android only. But it depends upon the marketing strategy and target audience / existing user base.

3. Not Releasing Updates on time

Developers must consider their game application as a work in progress. They must ensure that they are assessing the app’s performances and making necessary changes to it. To obtain a game application that is free of all the errors, it’s important to release updates on time. Achieving this is not difficult, you just need to have a good developer who ensures to revamp and make necessary changes to the app to improve its performance.

4. Is your app getting sufficient testing?

Testing your game app before releasing is imperative. Daily more than thousands of game apps are released making the competition tough. On top of that, the last thing you would want is your game app to fail while launching. You can avoid this if you have dedicated app developers and QA engineers to ensure adequate testing of your app at regular intervals, on different platforms, devices. If you opt to outsource your gaming project, make sure that the vendor have a dedicated team of QA/ testers.

5. Forgetting the Customer

Having an awesome mobile gaming app with a terrible UI/ UX won’t be of any help. You need to make sure that you are developing an app with a focus on your customers needs.

UX plays a vital role in engaging and improving the customer base. Make sure the app design is fluid and straightforward, allowing users to navigate through various screens swiftly. The game app, that fulfills the primary objectives while providing an excellent user experience can go a long way.

6. Failing to Develop a Marketing Strategy

Before investing your money, time, efforts in the development process, take some time to plan the marketing strategy. Getting an app built is one, but reaching out to the right people for the app downloads is a whole different thing.
There is huge competition in the app store as thousands of game apps are releasing every day. In that regard, it is nearly impossible for your app to sell itself unless you have a solid app marketing plan.

Reach your audience, optimize the app storage page, get reviews to your app, socialize your app, use affiliate marketing to promote and market your app effectively.

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