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How do Virtual Money Game Apps Generate Revenue? 13 Ways are Listed Here


You might have even thought about the virtual money game and how do they generate revenue while a player never spends a penny playing it? If you are thinking the same, you are beyond the large crowd of people. Your thinking may create curiosity and we are the one who helps you get the answer your mind-bending questions related to virtual money games.

Before moving ahead, let’s understand what the virtual money game app is:

Definition: Virtual Money Game App

Virtual money game is played on the digital devices but no real money is involved in it. However, the players earn coins and points by passing the levels but they are just used to determine the skills of players. They don’t have any monetary value. The core purpose of such games is to entertain and enhance the gaming skills of players.

Without wasting a time, let’s start discussing the ways a virtual money game can generate revenue.

A normal player may never know how a virtual money game that does not change anything to play a game can generate revenue in billions. This might surprise you but the virtual money game apps (commonly called free games) can generate revenue in an unexpected figure. The best example is “Pokemon Go”.

Believe it or not, Pokemon Go (a free app) has started earning money from the first day of its launch. It has crossed a $14 million count in revenue without even complete a week from its launch date. The most interesting thing is that the game players haven’t paid a single penny to the game.


At first instance, we too. But most of the revenue has been generated through the optional purchases, people have made while playing the game.

How could it possible?

It’s possible because of behavioral intelligence. This is a hard topic for the civilians but not for the gaming nerds. Understanding the behavior of people and convert them into a regular player of your game is not a piece of cake. It takes sometimes years of analysis and collection intelligence to make a game that touches the heart of people. Pokemon Go is one of them.

Virtual Money Games & Ways to Generate Revenue:

Planning to build a free to play game and generate revenue? You aren’t alone in the world. There are millions of gaming entrepreneurs thinking the same.

Form simple banner ads to exit the game, here is the comprehensive list of ways a virtual game owner can generate revenue without asking money to play a game.

The Core Advertising Module:

Banner Ads: These ads generally cover a small part of the screen and can help you generate $2-$7 CPM. This is not a huge revenue generation way but yes, can help you increase the count. At some point, this ad annoys the players too but is easy to implement, and no major coding knowledge is essential to maintain the ad.

Interstitials Ads: These are full-screen ads displayed while playing the games. Such full-sized ads can become higher CPMs that can help you generate $10 – $15 if placed correctly and the ad content is relevant to the players’ interests. One more thing, such ads are less annoying compared to banner ads.

Exit Game Ads: This is a new concept and most of the virtual money games have applied to their latest version of games. When a player wishes to exit the game, you can showcase a last full-size ad to let the users click on something similar to their interests. This is similar to interstitial ads but displayed with the exit button in it.

Icon Drop: The concept is simple, your existing game is allowed to send push notification to the users & it is used to promote other apps or games. AirPush – a mobile app company that specializes in it. However, this idea is available for Android technology only, not others.

Offerwalls: The idea is quite similar to affiliation. When a user gains the in-game points or coins or chips in return for installing and playing other games. When this happens, the game owner will get paid by the owners of an installed app.

Coupon Offers: This is a new idea of rewarding a user who is good at gaming skills by offering a discount on something worth it for a player. For example a 10% pizza discount after completing a really hard level of a game. This is not so popular idea but some domestic game apps have started using them to attract gamers.

In-App Purchases (Selling Digital Content):

Premium Version: The freemium type of games are the best examples. The idea is quite simple. The game developers develop two versions of games. One is the light version which is free for all, no need to pay a cent to install and play. The second one is a premium version. Only pro users can play it after paying some extra bucks via in-app purchases.

Level Upgrades: They keep some levels in the game for the pro users who wish to play the next level while others are free. But the paid levels are unique, innovative, and alluring ones. Generally, they divide the games into different segments and sell the paid ones individually.

Ringtones and Wallpapers: You have ever noticed that some games background music is so adorable that many gamers make it their ringtones as well. Considering this, a large chunk of game owners sell the ringtone in their store. Some gamers love the game wallpaper too and they buy as well.

Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff in a Game:

Remove Ads: Ads are annoying and most gamers do not like it be displayed suddenly while playing the game or not even tolerate it to a corner of the screen. The game owners provide an option to play a game without ads but to remove ads from a game, a gamer must have to pay a little amount to the game developers.

More Time to Finish Levels: This is suitable for virtual money games where time is a vital factor to pass a single stage. The game owner delivers some more time on each level to a player after he completes a transaction of a certain amount to the game owner.

1+ Life & More Energy: Generally, a gamer has 3 lives to play a game and when they all are gone, a player should have to start from the basic level. 1+ life helps to clear the level even after no chances is remaining. The same concept with “More Energy” too. This concept is good for Racing kind of apps and fighting apps. More energy means more fuel in the racing app and more power in the fighting app. To get this, a gamer should have to pay the game owner.

Double virtual Money: For players, a double virtual Money feature means more power and privileges to play a game. On the owner’s side, the virtual Money feature means a way to generate revenue. Many players pay a little amount to double the amount just to play the games with some extraordinary privileges.

In Nutshell

There are plenty of ways that free or virtual money games can generate revenue without asking for a cent. If you are planning to develop a game and let the users play it for free; Artoon Solution is there to develop an app with the above-required features. Let us build an app for you.

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