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Best 9 ways to Increase user base in Virtual money games


Do you have virtual money games? Does your audience reach increase with time? If not, here is a quick solution to that.

What is a Virtual money game?

Virtual money games are played on online media platforms and earning real money through these games isn’t possible.

The chips or coins used to play in virtual money games i.e luck/skill-based games don’t have a monetary value.

The earned coins and points just determine the skill level of a player. The purpose of virtual money games or games of luck & skill is to enhance the gaming skills of players and entertain the players.

Some examples of virtual money games are:
Card Games: Rummy, Andar Bahar, Callbreak, Teen Patti, 29 cards, Solitaire, etc
Board Games: Pool, Carrom, Ludo, Chess, etc.
Puzzle Games: Quiz games, 3D matching games, etc.
Hyper Casual Games: Fruit ninja, Bubble shoot, etc.

Let’s go into the steps one by one.

Understanding the game as the market trends

This is very important as the client needs to understand the market trends and should launch the game accordingly. The client also needs to take care of which genre of game is trending in which geographical area.

For example, suppose there is a game designed for older generations with fewer functions, average UI, and medium features. Now, if this game is launched in an area where the number of young gamers is higher, the user base may never grow.

In this new era of technology, gamers lookout for highly intuitive graphics, the latest 3D Avatars, and fully functional app customization within the game. So understanding the game market trends is very necessary.

Perfect Vendor Selection

When you want your game to succeed exceedingly, you need to select vendors perfectly. The vendor should have an in-house team of frontend/backend developers, 2D/3D designers, server management team, QA Testers, and Project managers.

They must have proven experience in working with bigger brands on their multiple repetitive projects. Also, the company should have previous proven experience in handling 10k+ concurrent users.

Developing a picture-perfect game is not possible without having a team of specialists. It requires a lot of knowledge and skills to achieve the goal starting from concept development to testing and marketing.

You also need to check whether the company has a proper team or not. If all the boxes are ticked, then a highly scalable and perfect game can be developed which can acquire a large user base. The game as a final product must be stable

The game must be scalable and stable. Imagine a game with bugs and lags in today’s era. It will never grow, isn’t it? Gamers may start uninstalling the apps once they face lagging issues and bugs.

The QA Testers must make sure the game is bug-free and gives a hassle-free experience to gamers so that the game may touch new heights and the user base will grow with time.

Game development with the latest technology

Mobile game development is a huge process that involves multi-layer functioning. It involves the coding mechanism with the targeted game development. It is the most significant part of the game and must be done with optimum importance.

The owner must avoid a planned approach that may create bugs in the game and might cause problems in the final stages of the process. Instead, start a new strategy that attracts users at first look.

Online mobile game development with the latest technology will include top trends, higher-end graphics, animations, 3D Avatars, and more user-friendly UI. You will need a team of various individuals such as Frontend/Backend developers, 2D/3D graphic designers, QA engineers, an excellent server management team, etc.

Unique logic in gameplay

As virtual money games or luck/skill-based games are only played by users for fun, and entertainment purposes, they need unique, attractive, and engaging gameplay that keeps them in the loop, isn’t it?
Earning real money through these games isn’t possible so if the gameplay and logic are not unique then users may switch to other game apps.

For example, suppose you are making a Teen Paati game app. The game has already been developed by so many gaming industries, right? Users will stick to the game app if there is something unique that differs from similar games available in the market.

Easy App Onboarding

While developing any kind of game app, you need to pay special attention to the app onboarding feature.

When ask your users to fill out long forms for playing the game creates a bad impression in the first place. Instead, you should give them the option to sign in to your app in just a few steps like registering from social media accounts with just one tap. Also, you can use the OTP option to register in quickly time.

Latest 3D Avatars

3D Avatars are the next-gen technology in this ever-changing digital world and it also captures a large user base in a small time. 3D Avatars make the game very interesting and players want to play a game that offers the latest 3D avatars. From head to toe, everything is designed in 3D which creates a new aura for gamers. Hence, there is no wonder why it is among the top-grossing mobile games in the last few years.


The player is offered to earn more chips/coins by playing other games that feature inside the app (can be ad banners of other games).

Ringtones & Wallpapers – Some games’ background music feels so good that many gamers try to make it their ringtones. Considering this, a large chunk of game owners offer the ringtone and even wallpapers in their store with in-app purchases.

Proper Marketing

Proper marketing is necessary. The game should reach the audience and that can only be done through marketing. To cover/win a consistent increment in user base, proper SEO, SMO, social media campaigns, and regular social media posts are the primary requirements.

Facebook marketing campaigns are the best ways to reach the younger generation as they tend to be more engaged in social media platforms.

The Bottom-line!

In today’s tech-prior and internet-based digital world, there is no doubt real money games are on top, but if some of the aforementioned features are implemented by gaming industries, the user base of virtual money games may also increase.

So, would you like to develop a virtual money game in the future?

Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is having more than 14+ years of developing mobile or web games with perfection in delivery. We have 300+ in-house proven and experienced dedicated teams of 2D/3D Designers, Frontend/Backend Developers, QA Teams (Testers), Server management teams, and Project managers that can cater to every challenge.

Let’s get in touch and we assure you to turn your dreams into reality.

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