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How do I Earn through real money call break casino app & Who can Develop it perfectly?


Call Break is one of the most popular card games, especially in Asian subcontinents. Depending on the region the call break casino app is played, it’s known as Lakdi, spades, call Bridge names to a few. However, every version of this one is a little bit different than others and subtle changes in the rules. But the core idea remains the same everywhere.

Since the smartphone and mobile applications have been evolving, most of the card-games are being played on the devices and gamers love to play it with fun. Then how a call break app can leave behind. It also has made a place in the digital era and millions of gamers have installed on their smartphone and play it regularly. If people who have ever traditionally played call break; they will love to play the game on a digital platform.

In short, developing a real money call break app is a good way to make a debut in the mobile app market and earn a handsome amount letting the gamers play with fun. Of course, gamers will earn the money by winning the challenges.

Call Break App can Become a Survivor for Your Fantasy Sports Applications:

As we all know that Coronavirus has made the world in a critical situation and forced the people to stay at home. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, no regional, local and international sports tournaments have been arranged for the last couple of months. Believe it or not, more than 100+ international tournaments of different sports categories have been on halt and no exact schedule when they will be arranged.

No Tournaments means no value of the Fantasy sports app. How? Generally, such applications function well when a live tournament is going. When no international sports competition is going on; no users can play and earn money through it. In nutshell, a fantasy sports game is just an unnecessary occupied space in a smartphone. They will not get hesitated to remove the it from the smartphone and you will get a loss.

But don’t worry, we have got a special solution for you. It seems strange, right? Well, let me first clear your confusion. As you are an owner of a Fantasy sports game means you have a giant userbase. Now, you only need to leverage the users and convert them into call break gamers. How? Simply put the call break app on your fantasy sports platform, let the users play, try their luck and win the competition. As the users start playing it; you will start earning money and of course, your userbase will be with you for longer times.

As you have decided to develop an app; Let’s Discuss the Features first.

Must-Have Features in a Real Money Call Break Casino App:

  • Play with Friends: Enable gamers to invite their friends from the contact list and join the table within a few taps.
  • Multi-Player Game: Allow gamers to play with only real gamers anytime anywhere in the world. Far better than playing with robots.
  • Play with computer: Enables gamers to play with a computer robot to learn & understand the game rules, tricks and strategy to win.
  • Deposit and Withdraw Money: Allow users to add and withdraw the money with ease. Let users withdraw the winning amount in their digital wallet or bank account quickly.
  • Playing Chips: Provide the initial chips for free to play the game and offer free bonus chips on inviting their friends to play the game.
  • Simple Yet Attractive UI/UX: Extreme easy, refreshing, attractive and user-friendly UI/UX is necessary to keep the gamers engaged.
  • Available on Multiple Devices & Mobile OS: A game should be well-functioned on different devices and also OS-compatible so, more players can play the game.
  • Live Chat & Exchange Gifts: Allow players on the same table to chat with each other and share gifts to have fun playing the game.

Call Break Game Development Cost Estimates:

Well, call break card game application development cost depends on a variety of factors including a variety of factors from design, layout, third-party APIs, development platform, a team of developers, and many more. Each factor should be considered carefully because a wrong decision may cost you a lot and a waste of time, nothing else. Before moving ahead, you must choose the right mobile game app development team that can build a gaming app with modern features and an attractive layout.

Who Can Develop a Game for Me?

Well, this is a pretty interesting question. Because not all mobile application development companies can build an application similar to call break master. Artoon Solutions is a top-notch card game app development company offering a variety of game solutions including card games, Fantasy sports games, carrom, Ludo and more. Hire Call break app developer from Artoon Solutions & get a feature-rich application within a given timeline.


Since the card games apps have been getting popular, people love to play different kinds of card games on their smartphones. Call Break casino app is one of the widely played games on smartphones nowadays. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to discuss further the game features, cost estimates, and application marketing. We would love to build a stunning and fascinating call break app that your users would love to play with fun.

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