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How Much Does It Cost to Develop Card & Casino Games?


Online Card & Casino games are the new era for mobile gaming in this ever-changing technology-prior world. Whether real money games i.e game of skills or virtual money games i.e games of both luck & skills, online card and casino games regularly acquire new users.

What are Card & Casino games?

Card games: It is played with a deck or pack of playing cards that are identical in size and shape. Each card has two sides, the front, and the back. Usually, the backs of the cards are indistinguishable. The faces of the cards may all be unique, or there can be duplicates as well. The composition of a deck is known to each player. Several decks are shuffled together to form a single pack in some cases.

Casino games:In a casino game, the players gamble cash or chips on various possible random outcomes or combinations of outcomes. Casino games are also available in online casinos, where permitted by law.

So, while developing card & casino games for the future, what are the points a game owner must look at?

Cost Factors Associated with Card & Casino games

Minimum Viable Product

This is one of the most critical topics when developing a game. A minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. A focus on releasing an MVP means that developers avoid lengthy and unnecessary work.

Suppose you are planning to develop a large game with excellent features but you don’t have that kind of user base to cover. Now when you launch the game the expected revenues may not come as revenues directly rely on the user base. Invested money will be wasted, right? Yes, but by planning your MVP the money can be saved and a profitable game can be developed in a smaller amount. Here is how it goes.

Version 1 – Study the market before designing the game. The owner needs to look at the current trends in the gaming market corresponding to the game. Then the owner also needs to look at what the audience reaches in previously launched games. If the audience reach is lower then it’s better not to add many heavy and expensive features, but if the audience reach is growing then go with version 2.

Version 2 – If all the objectives are ticked in Version 1 then Version 2 will definitely work. Here the idea is to add more features for a compelling user base. With users growing rapidly it becomes necessary to provide features of the highest quality possible.

Now then after getting clarity on providing additional features let’s dive in for a quick look at it.

User-friendly UI

An average UI will make the players lose interest in the game app. Thus, UI/UX is the most important factor to make your gaming app successful. Build the game by looking at the latest trends that will keep users engaged and stand out among competitors. The easy and engaging interactions will bring players back to the game.

Social Media Integration

When users feel connected, the user engagement will automatically increase which in turn will help you retain them easily. A feature like in-app audio, video chat is a must in these games as the gaming skills can be enhanced by learning skills from professional players.

This feature may outsmart competitors as online chatting is a very common thing in our day-to-day life. Hence, it is worth adding a social media element to acquire more and more users and also to retain the old ones.

It may certainly increase the budget but there will be more user acquisition as well.

Addition of latest avatars, emojis

As explained above, online chats are at their peak so it is necessary to offer emojis through which users can share their feelings quickly. Emojis create a huge impact and users can stay connected with whoever they want in the app.

Avatars are the future of online games and it also captures a large user base in a small time. It makes the game very interesting and players want to play a game that offers the latest customizable avatars.

When a feature like an avatar is offered in the game app it starts getting noticed by players and the user base increases as well. Avatar’s cost varies by looking at the requirements of the game.

Security & Privacy

Security and Privacy are two elements that can draw the card & casino game apps to new heights. It brings trust among the players. The secured payments, rich authentications, with login protection, makes your card & casino game app safer.

Rewards & Bonuses

The game app must provide some benefits to the prime or old users occasionally. For example, there is a festival coming, then the owner must make sure new tournaments and competitions are coming on the way with exciting offers and gifts. Most of the Rewards are referrals for family and friends, in-app purchases, etc.


As an owner of the Card & Casino game app, there are many things to look at and for each feature, the development cost increases. The owner needs to make sure the target audience and genre of the game otherwise the invested money will be a waste.

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