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A Complete Guide To Get Started With iOS App Development

iOS App Development Company India: Complete Guide for Beginners

Interested in iOS app development but don’t know anything about iOS apps and the iOS application development process?

Read this blog to get a clear understanding of what the whole process entails. iOS application development is similar to Android application development with a few differences. We’ll explain the process step by step for you to get a clearer understanding of what it involves.

Planning and Analysis

An iOS app development company will first carry out planning, research, and analysis before getting started on anything else in your app. Rightfully so, this is the best approach to take for any software development project.


The first step to starting iOS app development for your project involves gathering all the information and needs of the client. Once all the requirements are precise, getting it across to the iOS app development company you choose will be easier.

Market Research

Making an iOS app too similar to an existing competitor is not bound to be very successful. Think of it this way, why would the user move to another app offering the same features? Would you move to another app if there are no improvements over the last one?

This makes it very important to conduct adequate research into what already exists on the market and how to improve your app over the existing apps.

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After evaluating the requirements, the next step is to draw up the design requirements to send to the design team. This will result in the visual appearance of the application being seen and customized according to the client.

Usually, iOS apps must follow a certain template based on the position of the buttons, and the screen shape and size.

Wireframes and Prototyping

Wireframes and prototypes are not identical, and many people confuse them.

Wireframes do not have the actual content and serve as a mere design template. Plus, they cost a nominal amount to develop.

Prototypes are visually and advanced representations of your iOS with all the actual content, including images. Wireframes may cost more but are well worth the money to visualize your iOS application.

The aim is to devise visually appealing app designs that are also easy to navigate as well. Ultimately, this would result in higher user adoption rates.

Development and Integration

The development phase is very important as it involves selecting the frontend and backend technologies. Both these technologies work continuously to ensure users get the appealing visual experience apps offer while being functional.

An API allows an application to provide services or features to a user through a set of instructions, permissions, and standards.

Developing an iOS app with the proper frontend, backend, and API is a core part of iOS app development.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Several types of testing should be carried out to ensure that the application works correctly, caters to as many iOS devices as possible and is entirely secure.


Why is testing and quality assurance necessary?

Quality assurance is the only process holding an application from being launched with or without bugs. So, in other words, testing is crucial if you don’t want your investment to be a waste or have to pay a lot more to correct it.

App Store Approval

Once the application has been developed, it’s not the end of it! Other things to take care of contributing to your app’s success. For example, the iOS app must go according to the store’s rules, or else it cannot be distributed through this stream.

The Apple App Store is undoubtedly the best way to distribute your application. Working to get users to download your application somewhere other than the app store can be very difficult but not impossible. Take the real-money gaming platform MPL as an example.

Lack of testing or inability to be child-friendly is a reason the store rejected your iOS app.

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Post-Development Services

Even once launched, app owner responsibilities don’t end there! The app must be able to retain its user base. To do this, the app must stay functional and bug-free, listen to the users’ requirements, and add new features regularly.

All these activities fall under the bracket of maintenance and support. These are essential parts of owning an iOS application, and you must prioritize them after the app launch. Maintenance works to keep the application running on the majority of iOS versions.

Meanwhile, support will act as a way for users to inform app developers and owners of a flaw or bug in the iOS application.


Tools Required for iOS application Development

You might ask what the development itself may incur. There are quite a few tools and requirements based on what application you require. Here are the most common of them.

  • Mac system
  • Apple developer account
  • Xcode (preferably the latest version)
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • GitHub/Bitbucket
  • Skilled iOS app development experts

Why Hire an iOS Application Development Company in India?

Many prospective app owners may be catering to audiences in the USA or Europe, so why would you choose an iOS app development company in India?

Reasons include there being so many IT companies willing and able to develop iOS applications. Also, iOS app development services are much cheaper in India than anywhere else. The hourly rate by which developers operate is also lower than in Europe and the USA.

Plus, a faster development process can be possible without communication barriers because of time differences. Time zones can be assessed to make a pattern of communication to ensure clients are kept in the loop.


Anyone who wants to hire an iOS app development company can find the appropriate services in India. The process followed for iOS application development is the same worldwide.

But you will get more features and security at a lower cost when hiring iOS app development services from a company such as Artoon Solutions. We will apply our 14+ years of experience in app development to the project.


What coding languages are used in iOS application development?

The languages used for iOS application development are Objective C and Swift.

Why might developing an iOS application be better than an Android application?

iOS applications earn higher revenue than android applications, and they are best when catering to the American market.


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