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Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Which is Best for Web App Development?


Laravel vs CodeIgniter – Web application development and the use of web frameworks are the trending topics in 2022. Currently, there are many feature-rich web frameworks available on the internet. PHP is a popular programming language and has web frameworks that make web app development more easier and effective. 

Laravel vs CodeIgniter are two well-known PHP frameworks that are used for speeding up the development process and building custom web app development services. In this blog, our key focus will be to look at Laravel CodeIgniter’s detailed comparison to decide which is superior. 

First, let’s take a look at the basics of these two frameworks. 

What is Laravel Framework? 

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, developed by Tylor Otwell that was released in the year 2011. Laravel follows the Model-View-Controller or MVC architecture and its source code is hosted on GitHub which is licensed under the MIT license. 

Features of Laravel

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What is CodeIgniter Framework? 

CodeIgniter is also an open-source PHP framework, released by Ellis Lab in 2006. It is loosely based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture and can also be modified to use a Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC). Its source code is maintained on GitHub under the MIT license. 

Features of CodeIgniter

Laravel vs CodeIgniter: What’s the Difference? 

Laravel and CodeIgniter are two different frameworks and are used for different use cases although they use the same language which is PHP. It has the benefit of eloquent object-relational mapping ORM whereas CodeIgniter lacks ORM. It comes with built-in modular characteristics and CodeIgniter on the other hand requires developers to form and uphold the modules by utilizing modular extension. 

The major difference between these two frameworks is – Laravel is a full-stack framework that is more suited for robust application development and CodeIgniter is a minimalistic microframework. 

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Let’s look at other differences in detail. 

Key Aspects Laravel CodeIgniter
Construction & Updates Follows model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. Contains a command line tool.  Based on the MVC architecture pattern. Supports object-oriented-programming. 
DBMS  Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, oriented, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ORACLE, and JDBC compatible.  MongoDB, Microsoft BI, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Integration support for Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, DB2. 
Popularity is more popular compared to CodeIgniter.  2 times easy to use compared to Laravel hence, developers prefer CodeIgniter more.
RESTful API Support Effortless REST API development.  Does not simplify the development of REST API. 
Template Language Blade Template Engine PHP proprietary 
Database Model Relational object-oriented Object-oriented
Programming Paradigm Component-oriented Object-oriented event-driven functional
Built-in Modules Built-in modularity feature No built-in modularity feature. 
Online Support Offers authorized documentation. 
HTTP Support Developers are allowed to define custom HTTP routes. Does not facilitate HTTP completely. So, by forming paths developers can utilize URLs to maintain data transmission safely. 
Unit Testing Developers are allowed to check the code with the assistance of the PHP unit.  Does not have a built-in Unit Testing Tool. Developers must find extra support. 


Laravel and CodeIgniter both are the best PHP frameworks. These frameworks can be utilized for developing many high-end web applications and websites. Laravel, as compared to CodeIgniter, features a complex and difficult pattern for beginners when it comes to learning it, but eventually, it offers you certain advanced & key features which can be appropriate for your website.

On the contrary, CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework that is easy to study, understand and code. It is perfect for those web projects which are trivial and does not require additional authentication features. 

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