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Everything about Web Application Development


Technology is affecting a large number of masses globally. The way we communicate, think, and work is completely dependent on changing technology. The advancement in technology has changed the way we meet different people. Apart from this, a major difference can be seen when it comes to online education and home security. Even, you can also see lots of technological improvements in business operations. With the help of various technologies, you can reach the T.G by introducing products/services in the market. You have ample technology options, but in the end you need to choose it according to your requirements. So, choosing the right company for Web Application Development services or Mobile app development is required to promote a digital product.

Most of us are familiar with Mobile Applications, but a few of them may not be aware of the term Web Application. Let’s take a basic idea of this by doing a distinction between Web and Mobile applications.

Web Application vs. Mobile Application

Web Application

It means the application which runs in a web browser. The programs are built with the assistance of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5. You can access the web app via. Laptop, smartphone, or desktop. Some of the examples are Google apps, Yahoo, spreadsheets, etc.

Mobile Application

You can use Mobile Applications on your mobile devices such as tablets, and smartphones. Thus, the examples are- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Comparison- Web Apps vs. Mobile Apps

Basis of DistinctionWeb ApplicationsMobile Applications

Downloading Can run without download or install Need to download & install
Update Automatically updated Need to update regularly in App store
Approval Do not require app store approval It requires app store approval
Internet connectivity Need of an internet connection Can be used without an internet connection
User-Experience Slightly difficult at initial stage Better user Experience and easy to use
Reach Reach is lesser as compared to Mobile apps Good audience reach
Trustworthy Users don’t trust much as it is not approved by app store Users find mobile app trustworthy downloaded from App Store/ Playstore

Introduction of Web Application

Web Application is a software program that can run on your web browser. It can be accessed using any web browser. Web Application is not native to a specific PC and you don’t need to install or download on your computer. The software program is created by using the amalgamation of programming languages. In this, Web Applications need less RAM to run.

Why not take any classic example of Web Application so that your understanding of the software program gets more cleared. So the best example of a Web Application is WhatsApp Web. You might be thinking about how it is related to the web? Here is the answer to your query.

WhatsApp Web Application

It is a popular mobile messaging application. The users can stay in touch with their friends/family by accessing Whatsapp on the web. It plays an important role in our life. To use this application you don’t have to get dependent on your mobile phone, it’s only needed for logging in as the OTP or QR code shall be approved via mobile device. After knowing the usage of the WhatsApp Web Application, certain queries might pop up in your mind. A few of them are mentioned in the points below:

  • How to use WhatsApp on your computer?
  • Which browser is the best for using WhatsApp?
  • Is it possible to use WhatsApp without using a mobile device?
  • Does WhatsApp work on the system if the mobile is switched off?

You can use WhatsApp on your system by implementing three steps:

Initially, open a web application on your PC. After this, you need to open it on your smartphone. On your Android phone you have to go to the chats screen>menu>WhatsApp Web. Besides, iPhone users can go to settings then WhatsApp Web. Finally, you have to scan the QR code which is visible on your PC with the help of the smartphone. To use WhatsApp, you can use Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge. Don’t forget to scan the QR code on the same page with your WhatsApp mobile app. Furthermore, to use the free messaging app on your system, you must scan the QR code. Your mobile must be connected to a network. Here again, WhatsApp will not work on your laptop/tablets if your smartphone is switched off.

Last but not least, we should also understand the benefits of Web Applications.

Advantages of Web Application

Easy Accessible-You can access web-based systems from anywhere, anytime. A good internet connection will allow you to enjoy the uninterrupted benefits of Web Application Development.

Cross-Platform-Web Applications are compatible with traditional as well as modern platforms. Whether you are using Linux, Windows, or Mac OS, you can run web applications on all OS.

Maintenance- You don’t have to take the pain of updating your software applications. For users, maintaining and updating software are directly done into the server.

Wider Audience-Web Applications have a large number of customers as they can use any device to carry out their work. Here, online shopping and services play an important role.

Uniformity-No matter whether you are accessing your web application on your system or phone device, it will look the same. It has a simple user interface that allows the users to work effectively.

To Summing Up

The advancement in technology has changed the working nature of businesses. In today’s cut-throat competition, Web Application is becoming a successful online business. In case you are finding it difficult to offer an engaging platform to access services, contact Artoon Solutions. Web App Development Company holds 14+ years of experience in proffering web application development services.

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