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Some Cool Facts About Real Money Games


Real money games are treated with great excitement, fascination, and awe by people in India and around the world. There are many myths and some all-time tales about Real money games. Unfortunately, most of the myths are untrue and baseless. The growth of real money games in recent years is significant and there are some top facts everyone should know about before spreading false myths.

What is a real money game?

Real money games are also known as skill-based games where all types of games that include skill, strategy, logical thinking are involved. Generally, a real-money game means when the user buys chips/coins to play the game and after winning the user is able to withdraw the winning amount from the bank account. However, if the user loses the match/game, all the invested money will vanish. Each chip/coin has a monetary value. Here every win is rewarding and every defeat is a loss.

What is a virtual money game?

Virtual money games are also known as luck-based games where all types of games that include luck, chance, and skill are involved. Here also the user plays with the help of chips/coins. The only difference between virtual money and real money is the user can’t withdraw the winnings and here chips/coins don’t have any monetary value.

Some Facts about real money games:


In real money games, chips/coins are the initial part of the game. If you want to play the game, you need to buy chips/coins. After the purchase is done, you can play the game. The coins you bought will have a monetary value, which means after the end of the game if you are on the winning side, you will be rewarded with money and you can transfer the money to your bank account. However, if you lose the game you won’t be rewarded with money and all the invested money will vanish.

The Game of skill

In real money games, skill-based and strategy-based games are allowed like card games(Rummy, Court Piece, Solitaire), puzzle games(Dominoes, Sudoku), board games(Ludo, Pool, Carrom), hyper-casual games, and fantasy sports. This is the reason even courts of law also consider it as the game of skill and hence completely legal to play in most countries. This is also the reason behind real money games are the source of income for many people around the world since it is a skill-based game.

How the user & owner earn in real money games:


Tournaments are a huge source of earning for both users & owners. For users, they need a specific amount to enter in the tournament and once they complete all the required objectives they win the tournament with astonishing rewards that the user can withdraw from the bank account. Whereas for owners, every time a user enters the tournament a huge amount of revenue gets generated. The more users play tournaments, the more revenue the owner generates. This is the reason why so many gaming platforms always make tournaments so exciting and rewarding.

Competitions (No Tournament)

Competitions are also another way of earning for both users & owners. For users, they all have to go with the same process like in tournaments where the entry fee might differ i.e. relatively lower amount. The game modes might also differ. In tournaments, there is only one winner and the rest all will be eliminated according to their skills. In competitions also the owner generates revenue. Here the entry fee is very low so most users tend to play competitions. The more users play competitions the more revenue gets generated and adds value to the game. Tournaments and competitions are two of the most common ways how real money game owners generate revenue.

One vs One

This comes under mini-games. Mini-games are small games inside the app that take a little amount from the user and bring exciting challenges, thrill, fun. This is not the primary source of earning either for the users or for the owners but this is an additional mode that whenever a user plays in a small amount of revenue gets generated.

Basic Modes

Basic mode is the first and standard mode of the game. This is nothing like a tournament or competition or one vs one. When a new user starts playing a game, he doesn’t have that much gaming knowledge, and playing this mode he learns and executes skills and after becoming a good player he dives into the bigger levels like tournaments or competitions. Here whenever a new user starts playing or joins the game, the revenue gets generated.


Both real money games and virtual money games contain ads inside the app. This is another way of generating revenue for owners. However, this is not the primary source of earning for real money game owners but every time the user clicks the ads (intentionally or not) a small amount of revenue is generated. Primarily ads are of 3 different types i.e. Header Ads, Footer Ads, Interstitial Ads. Read what are the 13 ways to generate revenue for virtual money game owners to know more about ads.


Real Money Games are legal. All the skill-based games are allowed in it. For example, Rummy, Poker, Carrom, Ludo, and some fantasy sports apps like MPL, Dream11, MyTeam11. Rummy is a skill-based game and it doesn’t involve gambling whereas Poker, Carrom, Ludo requires a powerful strategy to succeed in the game. Fantasy sports apps are the combined form of both skills & strategies. You need a strategy to make a team and skills to go past other teams. Some countries/states tend to ban real money games but all real money games require skills + strategies + tactics to win.

Luck-based games are not allowed in real money games as these games are considered gambling and are illegal in many countries/states. Game that involves skills, strategy, and logical thinking are allowed in real money games.

Marketing Strategy

The game owner can arrange in-app advertisements. What this means is, when the user takes a pause in the game there will be a pop-up ad that will promote the game. The owner can do social marketing to engage more users for the game. The owner can opt for affiliate marketing to get a huge boost in the new user’s rate. A proper marketing strategy will always help the business grow.


These are some of the cool facts about real money games that we have discussed above. So, would you like to own a real money game app? Looking at the rapid growth of the gaming industries you should! So, which is the best gaming software agency around? Artoon Solutions it is!

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