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It is a well-known fact that Android has become the most popular mobile operating system. Since its inception, we at Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have been delivering top-notch android app development services to our clients globally. Our cutting-edge technology, user-friendly, highly versatile and scalable Android applications, we have become the prime service providers in India and the USA as well as overseas.

This platform has taken over the major phone and tablet devices. With the extensive usage of mobile apps, demand for Android mobile app development has increased. With Android mobile applications, businesses not only experienced higher customer satisfaction and work efficiency but also started yielding higher revenue.

Android Development

Our Expertise In Android App Development Services

Custom Android app development

We have the competency in creating android apps as per your business requirements and needs. This will make your app to become more compatible to your business, thus generate more revenue and fame.

Native Android app development

With our immense experience in developing apps in the native platform, you are sure to experience more fluidity, reliable user-experience, high performance, offline access, and single platform deployment.

Android game development

As we already said Gaming is in our DNA. Being the leading android game development company, we create interactive and immersive games that are engaging, alluring and addictive.

Android Web Apps

Our talented developers will web applications that will promote, simplify, enhance and deliver services of exponential quality to your users.

Android app maintenance

Time to time bug fixing, adding or removing certain features, enhancing the security features, add new and fresh content on your app is really crucial. It will help you in achieving better work fluidity and provide your users with up to date information and services.

Android App porting

Porting your existing application to the Android platform will increase the popularity of your application and help you earn more profit.

Android App testing

Our highly proficient testers will make sure that you and your users receive a smooth, reliable, ace quality performance with our application.


The Android mobile applications has augmented the entire teaching and learning process. Teachers can use this application to redefine the learning process and implement an innovative way to deliver knowledge to their students. Students also find these applications interesting thus enhancing their grasping power. Thus android app development services in this sector have been certainly a boon to the generations to come.

Food and Beverages

In recent years, the importance of mobile app development in the domain of food and beverages industry is gaining high prominence. Both the customers and restaurant owners are equally benefited by the current fad of on demand food delivery app development. These apps facilitate versatile payment methods, offers and discounts, enhanced food service, better kitchen management, and much more.


Our Android app development services are used by medical organizations to deliver quality healthcare services. This application will facilitate better communication between health professionals and patients. By simplifying the task’s of medical professionals, it reduces the risk of misdiagnosis, and helps in delivering better healthcare services.


Android app development services in the realm of the hospitality industry, is setting new and better benchmarks. These apps facilitate the users with live and up-to-date information and the hoteliers with the latest trends and customer behavior. Users can also make use of this app for self-servicing purposes while hoteliers can leverage their businesses by maintaining better customer relations.

Retail and Ecommerce

Ecommerce solutions service providers in India and the USA are paving the way to give your brand a competitive edge. Retailers can expand their store by enhancing their connection with the customers and lending them with a better and advanced shopping experience. Ecommerce being a dynamic and buzzing industry, these applications are optimized and customized to increase customer conversion rates.

Travel and Tourism

The profitable and prospering future of the travel and tourism industry has been revolutionized with the mobile application. Instead of approaching travel agents, travelers can use these applications for making travel arrangements. These apps will widen the client base, enhance customer engagement, improve customer service, reduce man-hours and pave way for easy transactions.


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Retail, E-commerce








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