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Best transit and Commute apps for Iphone in 2020


In this hustle-bustle of our daily lives, commuting is certainly a thorn in our flesh that is hard to get rid of. Be it public or private transportation, commute apps in busy city life can never be convenient if it is not scheduled properly. With the immense availability of transit apps, knowing the nearest available transit option such as a cab, bus or train is now child’s play.

Let’s take a look at some of the best transit apps available on the iOS platform

  • Transit

    Transit is a real-time-based Canadian public transit mobile app. This app is functional in over 175 metropolitan areas all around the world. The transit app displays multiple modes of transportation including bus, rail, and also other modes of transport. The UI of Transit is very attractive and intuitive. Transit is a trip planner that drives travelers with step-by-step directions to reach the required direction. Also, this app displays any changes in schedules, delays, closures, and much more so that the travelers stay prepared.

  • Go LA

    Travelers living in LA can make use of the Go LA app to access public transport, cabs, cars, bicycle, or other. Go LA is a one-stop shop for the entire transportation choices in Los Angeles. Go LA app will give you step-by-step directions to reach your destination by choosing your required mode of transport. It also gives you the estimated arrival time and cost. In the case of public transportation, it shows the bus line numbers and the name of the rails. With the expanding public transportation, this app will definitely be handy for all the commuters in LA.

  • Citymapper

    Citymapper is a transportation and direction app that has served to be a relief to travelers who are new in the city. All you have to do is download the app, select the city, select a commute option and set your addresses. Citymapper becomes really handy when you are abroad and do not want to use the data. It also allows you to share your journey with your friends so that you can let your near and dear ones know that you are commute apps safely. Other features of Citymapper are the information regarding the calories burnt.

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  • Moovit

    Moovit is a cross-platform mass transit app that has around 70 million registered users in 1,400 cities around the world. It’s a must-have app for commuters of public transit. With a clean interface that allows easy navigation. Moovit gives you real-time alerts as well. For e.g., if you dozed off on the train or bus and are about to miss your station, then Moovit can alert you with notifications such as “Get Off”. Not only this, Moovit displays the actual geolocation, and provides public transportation options in PDF files and the number of stops as well.

  • Google Maps

    Google maps are one of the popular and best-known apps that can help you with any trip around the world. Google maps have covered more than 130 regional and city transit services. Here the user will be required to put the data such as starting and end destination. Google maps will display the transit direction along with the suggestion of the shortest route. Based on the given directions, you can decide which route to choose. The real-time traffic with delays and estimated arrival time will be displayed to the user. By knowing the shortest route, means of transport, and its corresponding time taken the user can decide upon their commute apps option.

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  • ETA

    ETA is another app that provides the estimated driving time from a current location to a destination. This information can be shared with your friends and family as well. ETA becomes your personal assistant for driving, walking, and public transit that gives you quick access to travel times, transit, and driving directions to all your favorite destinations. Through ETS, you get all the information that is needed by you to navigate your city.

  • Apple maps

    Just like Google maps functions, Apple maps are a web mapping service developed by Apple Inc. It is the default map system of iOS, macOS, and watchOS. Input the destination on the map, follow the route displayed, and navigate along the same. Just like Google maps, you can choose the fastest route and best mode of transportation using Apple maps as well. It covers about three dozen U.S. cities, two dozen international cities, and some major countries, such as China.

    With a myriad of apps, commute apps in public transit are never a problem now. We hope that with the help of the above-given app lists, you will find it easy to transit and plan your trip in a lot of big cities.

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