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How to Create a Dating App like Tinder and how it benefits the dating community?


Gone are the days when people met someone special at parks, cafes or shopping malls. With the overflowing dating app, people have moved away from these traditional dating practices and shifted to online dating platforms. Collaborate with a dating app development company, and witness the transmogrification in this industry for yourself.

Online dating communities are not only hugely profited with these dating applications but also find it as an easy and effortless way to find their soul mates without hampering their busy professional lives. In this article, we will discuss how to build an app like Tinder and how is it beneficial to the dating community.

Why you should create a developed Tinder clone app?

  • Online partner search has become the current trend and people have been accepting this concept for a while now.
  • Dating apps are a huge money-making businesses.
  • Creating a dating app is affordable.

dating app development cost

Structure and design used to build an app like Tinder

The basic features of a Tinder-like app include:

  • Sign up/ log in through any social media platform
  • User Profile management
  • Swipe to like or dislike
  • Push notifications
  • Geolocation
  • Voice chatting
  • Blocking
  • Social shares
  • Match-making algorithm

Advanced features

  • Rewards/ points system
  • In-app purchases
  • Advertisements
  • Real-time chat implementation
  • Superlike
  • Undo dislikes
  • Unlimited right swipes
  • User safety
  • Smart photos

The business model of Dating apps like Tinder

As per reports, people are spending more than 90 minutes a day on online dating apps like tinder. This certainly exhibits that if one develops apps similar to tinder, then you are sure to be raking in the moolah. But are you confused as to how a dating application like Tinder makes money? Be at ease and read on, as we have the perfect explanation for you.

Being a free application, one can make use of its general benefits for some time initially. Users will have to pay a fixed fee to use the premium features of the application. In premium apps, one can access all the features of the apps without any advertisement content. By paying this fixed fee, users can also boost their profile so that it is at the highest visibility. Another major perk of premium app users are the provision of unlimited swipes.

Dating applications can monetize by advertising also. Around 90% of the applications cash in through advertisements. But one must understand that teaming your application with ads can annoy their users. Also, incorporating gift options can be a collateral means of making money.

Tap here for more details on how to create a dating app.

dating app like tinder

Benefits of dating apps

Perks of using dating apps are plenty. It lets people with the same character come close and be in a beautiful relationship.

  • Let’s the cupid do his work

The major benefit of a dating app is that it brings together two like-minded people, who share similar interests and likes. The online dating application plays the cupid here by letting people find their best match thorough chatting and calls.

  • Opportunity for market research

The age group targeted here comes between 18-30 years of age. Being the most widely targeted audience for advertising any product and service, through this app you can easily direct your promotional activities by knowing their likes, interests, and preferences.

  • Business branding and marketing

This is an excellent medium to enhance your business branding and market your product. With millions of followers, this platform can be effectively used for increasing the digital presence of your company.

  • Effortless networking and seamless communication

This app enables people to communicate and network with anybody in the world. Through dating apps, one can effortlessly convey their emotions through chats and messages and know if the other person is the perfect match for them or not.

  • Making people confident

This application will let people be more confident and boost their public image. Even if it is for conducting a normal conversation, people find it difficult to break the ice and find them to be in social anxiety issues.

  • It really works!

Yes, that is true. The dating application works on certain algorithms that allow you to get a swipe right to your perfect match. The number of options that are usually not possible in real life, one may find the same here in abundance.

Dating app development company

Are you looking to develop dating app for iOS & Android? Then join hands with us, the best dating app Development Company in India. By keeping your needs and requirements as our main motive, our team of dedicated developers creates dating apps of their genres with a hint of creativity and a dash of innovation. We will keep you at the helm of your competitors and craft a full-proof dating application that can even surpass the loopholes that the most successful dating app like Tinder has.

If you have decided on becoming the next giant like Tinder, then we have the best team of professionals waiting to bring your dream to a reality by creating a dating app clone solution for which the sky is the only limit. Do not hesitate to contact us as our technical team will provide you with all the details you require to build an app like Tinder.

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