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How to Generate Revenue in a Real Money Game


For the last couple of years, the real money game industry has been making its pristine mark in the mobile video gaming industry with an average growth of around 30% a year. Do you know that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the gaming value especially in the highly affected countries like the USA, India, and other Asian countries? Believe it or not, the Indian gaming market is expected to rise 40+ percentage in the upcoming years and reach $5 Billion by 2022-23, a report by Bernstein Analysts.

Back to the basics, let’s understand the meaning of real money mobile gaming app

Definition: A kind of game where the real money is wagered but played on the online digital media.

Talking in general, a real money game is a type of game where the real money is involved to play the game and also win the real money if you become a winner of a particular competition of a game. You must have to pay real money to purchase coins/chips to take part in the competition and play the game. Well, each coin or point has a monetary value. The winner can redeem the points/coins and withdraw the real money.

The Most Famous Examples: Rummy, Poker, Carrom, Fantasy Sports Apps like Dream11, MPL, etc.

Real Money Game Industry and Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports is one of the fastest-growing real money game markets and rising by 5 times higher than in the past 3 years within 2 years the users count will reach 100 million users. Believe it or not, Dream11 has held 90% of the share of the gaming market. The main reason is the current IPL season. There are many more fantasy sports available in the market but they are seasonal. When the biggest football league will start, the fantasy sports real game related to it will gain the highest users and generate the highest revenue.

Let’s come back to the main topic, how the real money game owners earn money through the app.

Well, we all have at least played a real money game once and if you haven’t yet, you should try once in a lifetime. It’s much more than the entertainment you have been indulging in playing other games. As per the expectation, The real money game industry will become a giant $100 Billion industry by 2022. Currently, the real money game apps have been rising at a rapid speed and the speed is gradually increasing day to day.

Now, it is high time to understand the ways game owners use to generate revenue through real money gaming apps.

Gaming Tournaments:

A game admin can organize special tournaments for the gaming players where they have to pay and join the tournament. They use their skills, win the tournament and earn a handsome amount. Such tournaments are specially organized with varied entry fees & accordingly the winning prize shall vary too. The organizer can also vary the winning amount based on the top 3, 5, or 10 that means only 10 winners can win the prize while the remaining players couldn’t get anything. But they definitely got entertainment playing the tournament.

However, a game organizer should have huge crazy players who love to play tournaments otherwise the plan might become worse and you might not get enough profit from the tournaments.

Pre-Defined Competitions in Games (No Tournaments):

The real money game company can regularly generate revenue and let skilled players earn money through in-built competition. This is one of the most common and long-run earning structure for any game owners. This requires a little amount to join the table or take the part in the competition between fellow other players who have also paid the entry fees to compete. As there is only 1 winner, the game owner can generate handsome revenue through a single competition between just a few players. While you can include multiple competitions and tables to let the players have fun and also opportunities to earn money. Here, the owners earn their shares as the players have paid the fees to compete.

Header and Footer Ads:

This is not new and yes, even free games earn money using this way. However, the income is quite lesser than the above two ways. Many consider it indirect income. Generally, the third-party ads are in the header and footer sections of the game screen. When a player taps on it (intentionally or not), a certain amount will be transferred to the game owner’s account. However, the amount is very low. That’s why the majority of real money game apps don’t invest their time and effort in such types of ads. But for the free game apps, this is one of the primary sources of income.

Interstitial Ads:

You might have experienced and have seen ads on the whole mobile screen many times in apps. You might not know the technical name of the ads, right?. It is called as interstitial ads and is interactive & alluring ads that cover the whole screen of your mobile screen (seems like giant pop up ads). Such ads appear suddenly when you complete a level of a game or sometimes appears when you are playing the game or browsing the content of an app. A single click on the ad can increase the revenue counts of the game owner.

Opportunities for Game Entrepreneurs:

Well, the real money gaming industry is up swinging at a lightning speed and no doubt on it. This might surprise you! it’s true that a huge crowd of people does not play the game just for entertainment purposes. They take it as a source of earning with having fun. The count of people with such a mentality is increasing day by day. These are what an entrepreneur is looking to deliver in an app that offers a chance to win a big prize by just paying a small amount. There is no dearth that the opportunities for gaming entrepreneurs are high in the field.


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