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How to Handle 10k+ Concurrent users in a Gaming App?


In computer technology, the server is computer hardware or software (Software program) that provides functionality for other programs or devices called clients. This architecture is known as the client-server model. Servers can provide various functionalities such as sharing data among multiple clients. A client can use multiple servers and a single server can serve multiple clients. Some examples of servers are database servers, gaming app servers, web servers, file servers, and many more.

In 1990 the world’s first web server was developed by Tim Berners-Lee. Since then we are experiencing servers in our every day to day life, specifically in the last couple of years. Multiplayer online games are games capable of supporting thousands of players simultaneously. They are played on the internet and players connect via computers, game consoles, or even smartphones. The game allows players from around the world to interact, cooperate and compete with each other on a large scale. In today’s gaming world, powerful database systems and servers are needed. However, to power, all of this is a virtual activity.

How to make servers a worthy asset?

Servers are the reason why gaming industries, social media platforms, and many internet-based companies are so successful nowadays. Powerful servers can handle vast numbers of users. Having a game so organized, the Best UI/UX, and awesome graphics will definitely get noticed by users. If you don’t have a large server to handle them, the app will crash. Players may not like these things. They prefer a comfortable time, anytime they login should be able to play the game. A large server or large cloud server provides excellent user interaction, handles every user properly. Build a large & powerful server from the beginning so that you don’t have to face losses in the future.

Modern-day Servers

Virtual servers & memory comes at a premium price. The price of AWS and Google Cloud is beyond reach for some small companies and start-ups. That’s why lots of users move towards cloud computing services like ECS.

Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is one of the largest cloud providers worldwide and can provide high elasticity that meets the business needs instantly. ECS provides fast memory and the latest Intel CPUs to help you power your cloud applications and achieve faster results with low latency. Deploy ECS instances with just a few clicks from the easy-to-console and scale capacity up or down based on real-time demands. The benefits of using ECS cloud services are that it provides High Availability, Security, Elasticity, Reliable, Flexible billing methods, and Deployment uniquely.

Use of Servers

Deployment of your gaming app as quickly as possible is the best advantage of taking a rent Server. The advanced range is designed for small businesses looking to invest in versatile servers that fit their business needs. You can install your server easily to host your gaming app. Most Real Money Game owners tend to go with this method as it also helps in generating revenue growth. Buying a server and implementing things may sound like a costly package for small organizations and gaming industries. Large organizations spend so much money on their own servers.

Server Benefits in the Gaming Industry

A dedicated server for a single game has its benefits. It works lag-free and many more multiplayer games are possible. If the game is not so popular or not many users are playing the game, you still need a server that is at least capable of handling 100 users at a time. We always try to implement new technologies, suppose in the future one day suddenly your game earns huge popularity with its new feature then a small server should not be the reason why it will hit losses as small servers won’t be able to handle concurrent users. That’s why having a large server is always beneficial.

Pros & Cons of a Cloud Server

Pros: –

  • No need for onsite hardware or capital expenses. Well suited to smaller companies that may outgrow storage too quickly.
  • Storage can be added as per requirement. Solutions are often on-demand, so you only pay for what you need.
  • Backup and restore can be initiated from anywhere using any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Cons: –

  • The cost of the data recovery could outweigh the benefits for companies that are not as dependent on uptime and instant recovery.
  • The organization may have a limit to data that can be stored in the cloud due to storage availability and cost.
  • If the internet goes down on your side or the cloud provider’s side then you don’t have the access to any of your information.

Server Security

For industries, businesses, IT companies, the threat of being attacked by cybercriminals is very real, and the stakes are high. Besides a direct financial loss, a security breach can also result in negative publicity, which can damage a brand and its reputation.

The very common server security issues are Weak Passwords, Old Software/Operating System, Poor patch management, Open network ports, Old and unnecessary accounts, Poor Physical Security. If all the above things are managed properly then the server security issues may solve.

Concurrent Users on Servers

A concurrent user is a measurement of how many simultaneous requests your game can handle at any one single time. Suppose your site has 100 concurrent users, and over 120 requests are made at one time then 100 of them will be processed immediately. Rest 20 requests will have to wait in a queue. Depending on the complexity of the game, the original 100 requests will be processed almost immediately. That’s how concurrent users on a server work. If you have 10k+ concurrent users you may get requests above 11k every day. Having a large server will solve the issue.


So, what are the basic needs to handle concurrent users in a gaming app even if the concurrency rate is higher than 10k? Got some knowledge? Large servers are always beneficial when it comes to gaming apps but if the game is not so popular renting a cloud service is not a bad idea as it provides faster deployment. Artoon solutions Pvt. Ltd. are known for that. We build games, deploy faster, and get quick responses as well. Our expert developers make sure the app won’t crash due to Server failure.

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