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How to use our free WordPress plugin -WP menu Management?


Are you in looking for effortless ways to manage the menu of your website? But cannot go through the hassle of writing any codes? You, my friend, have landed on the right page.Our free WordPress plugin-WP menu management plugin can help you create and manage impressive menus. Develop a great menu structure using our free WordPress plugin. This is robust and simple plugin that allows you to create a menu structure that suits your business needs. Our plugin provides easy and effortless customization as well. Be it themes, colors, sizes or any other options, with our plugin you can customize the look and functionality of your page efficiently.

What is a WP menu Management plugin?

WP menu management plugin is a simple, efficient and useful plugin that manages websites with complex menus. Our free WordPress plugin helps you to improve efficiency while effectively manage the menus.

How to use our free WordPress plugin for your website?

  • Install social media counter WordPress by uploading the ZIP file.

    WP menu Management plugin

  • After installation, activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

    free WordPress plugin

  • Click on Activate link

    free WordPress plugin

  • Go on to “Menu” under “Appearance ” > WP menu management
  • Here you can see three options. “Import Menu”, “Export Menu” and “Delete all”

    free WordPress plugin

  • Click on Import menu and choose .csv file. And click on Import

    WP menu Management plugin

  • In order to download the file. Click on Export Menu. Select from the dropdown and click on Export Menu tab. Here you can click on the specific ones or click on export all option.

    WP menu Management plugin

  • To delete a tab, Click on Delete Menu. Either select from the dropdown, the respective one or select the delete all option

    WP menu Management plugin

  • This is how it appears.

    WP menu Management plugin

Features of our free WordPress plugin -WP menu Management

  • Import, Export or Delete your all menus in a single click.
  • Free updates and Free support
  • Compatible with 5.2.3 wordpress

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Important notes

  • In order to appear in the dropdown of the export and import menu, one must select pages, post or custom link options in the Add menu items under the Appearance ->menus section.
  • It is only possible to import those .csv files that were exported from our plugin.
  • In case if the exported file from our plugin is imported into another site then the menu structure display will remain the same but the menu page will show as  #0 (no title).

Benefits of our free WordPress plugin -WP menu Management

Other WordPress plugins lets you export and delete the menus one by one. On the other hand, through our WP menu management plugin you can do this function all at once in a single click.

If you wish to download our free WordPress plugin then click here

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