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Laravel VS WordPress- Which is Best For Your Web Development?


Deciding when to use Laravel vs WordPress can put you in a dilemma. Worry not and read on, as we have curated the best strategies to decide upon the same. Based on PHP, there are two main groups: Content management systems and Frameworks. Though there are many frameworks among each of them, in this article we will discuss the differences, features, and similarities between WordPress and Laravel below.

What is Laravel website development?

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework. Being released in 2011, this framework was created by Taylor Otwell and written in PHP7. It manifests and supports the cross-platform operating system. Laravel development services are mostly used in cases where there is a requirement for complex or multifaceted websites. It is majorly opted by business owners and developers. Due to the built-in features, handling such complex websites becomes easy with the Laravel framework.

What is WordPress website development?

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is developed by the WordPress Foundation. Being written in PHP, WordPress was initially been released in the year 2003. WordPress is free-to-use and trustworthy as well. WordPress development services will be used in cases where one needs a content-based portal such as blogs, newspapers, courses, and other educational or informational websites.

Features of Laravel

  • Open source PHP web framework
  • Laravel is a framework
  • Laravel is complex when compared to WordPress
  • Laravel has exceptional built-in capabilities
  • Laravel is based on model view controller architecture

Features of WordPress

  • Open source content management system
  • WordPress is not a framework but a fully-functional application
  • WordPress is simple when compared to Laravel
  • Through WordPress, you can make use of plugins to extend the functionalities
  • WordPress works on a plugin architecture

Laravel VS WordPress

laravel vs wordpress

What would you choose?

Which is the better choice? This is a very difficult decision. Let’s take some situations and understand this perspective as well.


Travel, food, or other blogs are always interesting to read. Usually, the writers may not be skilled enough to create a website on their own. In such cases, using WordPress would be a great idea as it is easy to manage all the content, blogs, and posts here. Also being SEO-friendly, WordPress can get you more online visibility and more audience.

Take a look at the reference site created by us using WordPress:

Web Application and portal web

There are some web applications that have complex needs and requirements. Also, if the goal of your project is to create something fast and cheap, then go for WordPress. But as the complexity of your website increases, Laravel becomes the best option. Web app with large-scale data management, innovative tool collaboration and global online dealership demands for the Laravel framework.

Online Shopping site

WooCommerce is the most commonly used WordPress plugin for creating online shopping sites. This plugin gives a responsive website and displays an unlimited number of products along with integrated payment solutions. Just in case, if you are showcasing around 10,000 products then using Laravel for this purpose in the best.

Take a look at the reference shopping site created by us using WordPress:

Laravel VS WordPress-Speed and Performance

Laravel is an enhanced, better, and improved platform that works really quickly and fast. It uses Eloquent ORM for writing the database queries which makes most of the tasks easier. In the absence of Eloquent, Laravel becomes slow. The use of plugins makes WordPress slow at times. But if one uses strongly coded and better plugins, then the performance of WordPress becomes quite fast.

We hope that you are clear about the fact and figures you need to consider before weighing your options. If you find yourself to be still confused about which platform is better for you, then feel free to discuss your project with us. Being an immaculate Laravel development Company, our experts will help you to analyze the best option for you. If you are looking for an error-free and unique design website or web application then you require a reputed Laravel or WordPress Development Company that delivers the best quality services.

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