How much does it cost to
develop an on-demand food
delivery app like Ubereats or

uber eats business model

Want to create a food delivery business model like UberEATS?

With technology, the world is at your fingertips. When it comes to food, gastronomes around the world are in constant search for versatility, promptness, comfort and convenience. The Mobile food ordering app has been hugely successful in reshaping the food service industry to a newer and better level. UberEATS is one such player in the food ordering business that has gained popularity all across the globe for its convenience and adaptability blended with faster delivery options.

A company that emerged as Uber- a tremendously successful ride-hailing app launched its food delivery service UberEATS in late 2015. New data shows that despite being the youngest app of its genre, UberEATS has earned the highest in the most monthly active users of the top American delivery apps.

Other food ordering and delivery apps in the industry

With the mind-boggling success of on-demand food delivery business model, customers nowadays are moving away from the regular and conventional approach to food ordering and delivery. There many other popular mobile apps in the food and beverages industry such as GrubHub, Postmates, Doordash, Seamless, Zomato, etc. that can easily satiate your hunger pangs without queuing in an overcrowded restaurant anytime, anywhere.

A recent report suggests that the global online on-demand food delivery market is expected to grow 32 percent by 2021. According to another report, restaurant sales are expected to grow at 5.9% CAGR over the next five years, whereas delivery and takeout will grow at a 21.7% CAGR. This certainly displays that the future growth of the food ordering industry is sure to climb in astronomical scales.

About UberEATS and its business model

This online food ordering/delivery app has easily made its niche in the market and has been booming ever since its inception. With convenient food ordering solutions, the UberEATS business model has bridged the gap between restaurants and customers.

  • Food is prepared

    Food is prepared

    Devour in your favorite food while at home that comes straight from the kitchen of your preferred restaurant.

  • Delivered instantly

    Delivered instantly

    Your favorite meals are packed in thermally insulated bags so that you enjoy every bit of it with the same intact freshness

  • Packed securely

    Packed securely

    With just a few taps, you can now pick your restaurant, scroll through the menu, click on your all-time favorite and get it delivered in a jiffy.

Looking for an online food delivery app development?

With our years of expertise and in-depth knowledge in the field of iOS and Android app development, we at Artoon solutions always strive to serve our customers in a way that would bring productivity and efficiency in their businesses. We help you by creating a mobile app with outstandingly unique features and a scalable and interactive UI/UX that other players don’t. Be it fast-food joints, restaurants or food trucks; allow us to create an application that is sure to give your customers a food experience never felt before.

Before you think further, it’s really important to understand how a food delivery business works. Let us help you with the details by taking the reference of the UberEATS business model. It mainly consists of four components:

food delivery app developmentCustomer app

food delivery app developmentCourier partner app

food delivery app developmentRestaurant owner app

food delivery app developmentAdmin panel

The details of standard features that each layer of users can access on the mobile app are explained below.

on demand food delivery app development

Standard features and estimated
cost to develop an on-demand food ordering
restaurant app similar UberEATS

Customer App

  • Customer Login/Sign up

  • Search Menu

  • Payment Option

  • Order tracking

  • Profile management

  • Cost of each user App

Courier Partner App

  • Registration/Login

  • Order/ Requests Management

  • Real-time delivery information

  • —————

  • —————

  • Cost of each user App

Restaurant App

  • Login Process

  • Menu Management

  • Order Management

  • Track payment

  • —————

  • Cost of each user App

Admin Panel

  • Admin Login

  • Restaurant Management

  • Application Management

  • Payment management

  • Technical assistance

  • Cost of each user App

Add-on features for a full-fledged
functioning of your food ordering and delivery app

In addition to the above-given standard features, these add-ons will enhance the performances of
your mobile food ordering app

Customer App

  • Multiple payment modes

  • Rating and Reviews

  • Social media networking

Courier Partner App

  • Payments and performances

  • Order/ Requests Management

  • —————

Restaurant App

  • Price management

  • Menu & Pricing Management

  • —————

Admin Panel

  • Coupons and offers

  • Restaurant Management

  • —————

Unique and ingenious features and solutions
for your food delivery app

  • Blockchain-based Blockchain-based
    Food delivery app

    We at Artoon Solutions can help in leveraging your food delivery app by incorporating the blockchain technology. Each layer of users will be benefited by its perks of cost reduction, increased accountability and transparency.

  • Food ordering and delivery Food ordering and delivery
    through Chatbots

    Chatbot developers of Artoon Solutions can help your users have extended support anytime, anywhere. The pace of each and every process in an on-demand marketplace has been enhanced with the use of chatbots.

  • Instruct Alexa Instruct Alexa to order
    your favorite food

    Integrating Alexa skills into your food ordering mobile app can not only give that much required smart edge to your business but also make the life of users easier.

Expert team of developers behind
a food delivery app development

Once you join hands with us, stay rest assured. We provide you with a dedicated team of developers who would understand your requirements and customize accordingly. The developer team usually constitutes of:

mobile app developers 2 mobile app developers each for native Android and native iOS

UI/UX designers 1-2 UI/UX designers

Backend developers 1-2 Backend developers

Analyst 1 Quality assurance member, 1 Business Analyst and 1 project manager

With our years of experience in online food ordering/delivery or restaurant app development, we assure you that Artoon Solutions can help you to curate your demands and make sure that your business stands out of the crowd of competitors.

restaurant app development

Technology Stack We use to develop

restaurant app development

How does Artoon Solutions help you
in cherishing your vision of starting
an online food delivery business?

food delivery business model Expert panel of Android and iOS developers

food delivery business model A myriad of successful on -demand mobile Apps

uber eats business model Coding as per play store and app store guidelines

uber eats business model Effective strategies for testing

food delivery app development Free deployment

food delivery app development Affordable app cost estimation

Do you wish to create your
own food ordering and delivery app?

Talk to us now


With our pre-built food ordering/delivery app that includes both iOS and Android apps, you can get your project delivered in a jiffy. The time may vary according to your requirements, add-ons and other customization. Kindly contact us for more details on this.

We have a basic model that you can either buy on a single purchase or rental basis. The cost may also vary according to the customization and other requirements. Feel free to contact us directly for more details.

Yes. This can be provided as an add-on to the standard features.

Yes, we do provide annual maintenance contract.

Food delivery business models makes money through:

  • Charging commissions based of the number of orders from the restaurant partners.
  • Chanrging restaurant partners for sponsored ads
  • Paid listings

In case if you are not looking for special or unique features, then we have a standard model of the application, which can be delivered to you within 10 working days.

Yes. We can develop a mobile app for your restaurant chain. It will help you in serving your customers better, get more visibility and ear more profit.

Yes,we have an expert panel of dedicated developers working for the your dream app accomplishment.

Yes we do. Duration of support depends upon model purchased by you. Feel free to contact us regarding the same.


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