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10 Questions To Ask At React JS Developer

10 Questions to Ask At React JS Developer
web development
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In any company, being the owner of a start-up based in India is quite easy. The main challenge comes when you have to stay updated about the technological updates. It becomes mandatory when you have to develop an app with React Native. Here, you don’t need to panic as the process to hire ReactJS Developers from India can become easy through this blog.

In today’s generation, React developers play an important role in developing a mobile application or web application. For this, it is essential to hire reactjs developer. You might find slight difficulty in searching for the best React developer. To make things a little simpler for you the guidelines are given in the blog. Before that, let’s understand what React JS is.

What is React JS?

It is a JavaScript library that is used in web development. You can use it to build interactive elements on the websites. If you are not much familiar with the term JavaScript, let’s understand it further.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a language that is highly used by developers. They are used to create and control dynamic web content.

Things to Ask before hiring React JS Developer

1. Knowledge of JavaScript:

A dedicated team of developers should have excellent knowledge of JavaScript. You should hire React Native developers who have great knowledge related to ES6.

2. Development Tools:

In case the React Native developers know the following tools, it would be an advantage for the company. Knowing the below-mentioned tools will help to speed up the development process. The developers should have an idea of the tools like Enzyme, Redux, Bitrise, Sentry Error tracking.

3. Soft Skills:

Soft Skills help the ongoing or upcoming project to get in the right direction. You should make sure that you are hiring developers that are good at communications. Remember, having amazing communication skills will add extra value to the project.


It is always preferable to look for developers who are experts in working with advanced CSS and HTML tools. Most importantly, hiring React JS developers who are capable enough to build interfaces that are engaging is important.

5. React JS Component:

React JS developers should be comfortable in working with Virtual DOM, JSX, and component life-cycle.

6. Understanding Project Requirement:

Always seek a React JS developer who is proficient in translating the project requirements. Also, understanding the requirements of the company and what developers can offer is a prime thing.

7. Problem Solving:

Hire a developer who can solve the pain-points of the users. It is said to be the most important step toward a successful solution.

8. Creativity:

The curiosity to learn recent trends and the willingness to learn new features and apps shows the creativity of a developer at work

9. Management of Time:

It is mandatory for a developer to sort out the work according to the priority. This will not only help to maintain the schedule but also gives better productivity.

10. Accountability:

A developer should take complete ownership of the work which is assigned by the company. Besides, making excuses and arguments will create a negative impact on the company.

We hope you must have understood that you have got an idea of the points needed to hire a dedicated React JS Developer.

Roles and Responsibilities of React JS

1. They are in charge of creating bug-free apps.

2. They use reusable components so that codes can be used for a live feature in apps.

3. Their job is to translate designs as well as wireframes into the code of high quality.

4. He/she should be capable enough to develop new user-facing features.

React Developers have the full freedom to explore different features/options. Furthermore, the programmers have full rights to do anything from the libraries in React. The popular libraries that are commonly used are React-router, Enzyme for unit testing.

React JS Qualifications

1. The person should have good communication skills

2. Excellent time management is a must

3. He/she should have B.S Degree in computer science

4. A person should have experience with REACT

5. An excellent experience with REST API’s

6. Good time management skills are required

7. Git Knowledge add an advantage for ReactJS Developer


So, as a React Developer, the above skills should be there before thinking reactjs developer for hire. With the given skills it’s become easy to develop amazing React apps. For further assistance, Artoon Solutions is always ready to help you. The company can provide you the solutions related to ReactJS. Our ReactJS development team knows tricks to provide excellent work to our clients. Our company has almost 12 years of experience in offering customized solutions for React apps.

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