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Why are Multi-gaming platforms like MPL, Paytm first so popular?

develop Real money multigaming app like MPL
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Usage of multi-gaming platforms like MPL, Paytm first game in recent years has reached a new height. The reason behind their success is many games placed on a single platform and the arrival of coronavirus gave a reason to grow. Multi-gaming apps like MPL, Paytm first game used the coronavirus situation as their key card to cover the crowd.

Being the billion-dollar revenue-generating industry, gaming apps captivated gamers, entrepreneurs, investors, advertisers with their momentous elevation in terms of usage, installs, and revenue. However, multi-gaming platform apps are playing a considerable role in the gaming industry and engaging tons of users by offering a variety of tiny & major interesting game types like cards and casino, sports, arcade, hypercasual, board, puzzle, etc the different types of games generated interest in different age groups.

Looking at this, several investors started investing in multi-gaming platforms, and apps like MPL, Paytm first game evolved as a global money-making hub these days.

What is a Multi-gaming Platform?

A multi-gaming platform is a gaming app or a platform with a collection of a variety of interesting games that come under a single app. By downloading a single multi-gaming app, you can earn and compete with your friends/ strangers. Gaming apps like MPL, Paytm first game are the perfect example of multi-gaming platforms. They contain a bunch of games in which you can select any game you like and can play on your smartphone/ laptop. Most importantly a player can earn Real Money by playing these games (if they win).

List of Top 9 Multi-gaming platforms:

Multi-gaming platforms are those where there are options to play any game the user wants and can earn Real Money. Every multi-gaming platform is almost neck to neck when it comes to features, customization, and benefits but with the special touch of their own USP. Some popular multi-gaming platforms are: –

Which games should be included in a Multi-gaming App?

The increase in the number of games will surely increase the budget, but it will increase the fun and the main thing ‘the revenue’ too. You should try to provide as many games as you can so that the users can have all the games that they want in your multi-gaming app. Example of some popular games types are casino and cards, board, puzzle, sports, hypercasual, arcade:-

  • Real money games i.e. Skill-based games (Rummy, Poker, Callbreak, Ludo, Carrom, Candy crush, Hillclimb, Fruit Ninja, etc.)
  • Virtual Money Games i.e. Luck-based games (Skill-based games and also Luck-based games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Roulette, etc.)

How to Build a Multigaming Platform App Like MPL, Hago & WinZO?

Essential Features of Multi-gaming App

If you are a gaming app developer two of the things you must focus on is Features & Specification. These two things play a remarkable role in the success of the app. Without advanced and eye-catchy features you can’t enter into gaming competition. The following features are essential when it comes to multi-gaming app development.

Better UI/UX

The game might have thousands of features and loads of adventurous levels, it’s not going to work unless you have a better UI/UX design. If your design failed to impress or make an impact on users, then all your work and invested money will go in vain. Having an awesome UI/UX design will lead halfway to your success.

Coin-Cash Method

This feature is the most significant in the multi-gaming app. It is the major way for players and app owners to earn money. In this feature, a player can buy coins by paying real money and the coins can be converted into real money after winning one match or competition. Designing a constructive structure might be much helpful and the player’s buying and withdrawal process may improve.

Quality Payment Method

Users are playing this game only to earn money and if they feel insecure about payment methods, they will leave and the game will not gain popularity as expected. Providing the best and secure payment methods is one of the things the owner should take care of. Talking about some famous Indian digital payment options like Paytm, GooglePay, and PhonePe will be a huge boost for the company and users trust these payment methods. When we talk internationally then PayPal is one of the most popular. Please note, it depends from country to country which is the most preferred payment method.

In-App Text and Video- Audio Chatting

Probably every gaming app would like to add this In-App chat feature currently. When players will interact with each other they could share some ideas, skills and then play the game. Interaction is also a reason that many players come to multi-gaming platforms and it also enhances the player’s gaming experience. Players will like this feature and it will give another reason to stay in the app for a while.

Refer and earn

More friends, more fun!! This feature allows you to share with everyone you like. Might be friends & family, might be near & dears. In this way, the total user count will increase and so is the revenue. Referral code is another new tactic in increasing the number of downloads. These are some of the features a game app developer should use to make multi-gaming apps like MPL, Paytm first game, Winzo, etc

Who can Develop it?

Not all mobile development companies can build a multi-gaming platform like MPL, Paytm first game, Winzo, and few more prominent names in the industry. A few mobile game development industries with many years of experience in the gaming industry can develop only. A previous proven successful experience, very systematic & strategic planning is needed for the development of these esteemed platforms. Multi-gaming requires excellent skills as well as a good experience.


So, interested in a multi-gaming platform? Features are awesome and the owner might be able to generate huge revenue looking at the development of the gaming world in recent years. Artoon Solutions is one of the companies that is 11+ years old and having 180+ in-house gaming experts under a single roof and having humongous experience in developing multiplayer games with a successful proven track record of global clientele. Developers are professional, experienced, and proven skilled. Artoon has become a front-runner in game development in India. Drop an email at [email protected] and let our developers build a multi-gaming App platform for you.

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