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12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website Today!


Based on the high popularity of website development services these days, there is no shortage of why your business needs a website! The possible benefits you stand to gain are countless against the costs of hiring a website development company to design and develop your web application.

According to Statistica, 230.5 million Americans turned to online shopping in 2021 from 209.6 million in 2016!

12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website Today

But, are there any catches attached to having your business website? Not as many as there would be if you didn’t have a website. If you are worried it is complicated to develop a website, all you need is a dedicated web development company to assist you.

To convince you, here are 12 reasons why your business needs a website now!

1. Global Visibility

2. Beat the Competition

3. Create Brand Awareness

4. Improved Audience Targeting

5. Reduced Costs

6. No Downtime- Sell 24/7

7. Display More Products/Services

8. Facilitated Communication

9. Build Community Loyalty

10. Legitimize Your Business

11. Avail Insights into Customer Behavior

12. Find New Marketing Means

1) Global Visibility

People who need your product won’t buy it if they don’t know about it. The reason is they are situated halfway across the world! This is why your business needs a website to convert from a local business to a global business.

A website removes this barrier by presenting your products/services on a larger scale to the world. Because of the global display, businesses can operate through websites only!

Several start-ups choose to be online-only for many reasons which we will discuss later.

2) Beat the Competition

Websites are not novel, and some businesses have been operating in the online space for decades or years at the very least! Unfortunately, some of these businesses may be your competitors. If you want to beat the competition and grasp control of the market, you need a website!

A web development company will provide you with a functional website to provide your products in the best light. It must be appealing and allow visitors to execute their goals easily.

3) Create Brand Awareness

Any website development company will tell you that websites help you beat competitors as it improves brand awareness, an ever-crucial factor in business success.

The internet is a massive space, and millions of people use it daily, yet another reason why your business needs a website right now. Businesses present on the internet have the potential to be discovered by millions of people. Why does this matter? Because these people are prospective buyers!

Businesses need to spread awareness of the services they offer or their products; a website accomplishes this by offering 24/7 visibility, device-wide.

4) Improved Audience Targeting

Previously a shop relied on clients to find them, but with websites, a business could proceed to find prospective clients. The internet is a vast place meaning that brands have higher chances of finding their target audience.

Once your audience knows about your product and how it would help them, they are very likely to try it when the time arises. After trying your product, people may continue to use it or even suggest it to a family member or friend.

5) Reduced Costs

A website does not require physical space and a host of other resources. Therefore, this eliminates the dependencies and drastically reduces costs. Examples of common costs that can be reduced or eliminated include dedicated physical store office space, utilities, and employees.

On the whole, websites are much more sustainable and manageable than handling a physical store.

Together, lower costs and maintainability will lead to money saved that will reflect in your revenue. In turn, money saved is re-routed elsewhere to improve or increase business operations.

6) No Downtime

Shopping timings apply to physical shops, which means sales cannot occur outside of these hours, leading to lost business opportunities! Websites evade this shortcoming and a few more since they never close.

A sale can occur at any time, day or night, courtesy of automated processes. Payments go through immediately, and the product packaging and shipping commences whenever warehouse staff becomes available. You can virtually sell 24/7 with a website!

7) Display More Products/Services

Websites tend to successfully assist a business because they can showcase more products. Availing more space for a website is not as costly as maintaining a bigger physical storefront!

Virtually hundreds or thousands of products/services can be shown and detailed. Without the need to have the physical product and an experienced individual to explain. This is where website design and development need to be carefully planned out.

8) Facilitated Communication

Very few businesses pick up phone calls these days. The reason being they cannot tend to all the calls they get. Excellent communication is why your business needs a website, and has a permanent digital address.

Websites are built to improve customer satisfaction, and a great deal of this comes from improved communication. Through website development services, you can integrate chatbots. This software is preloaded with automated responses to common questions.

You’ll find that websites provide various methods of communicating with their clients. These include:

  • Live chatting
  • Chatbots
  • Emails
  • Customer care call lines
  • Automated processes- returns, exchanges, order status

9) Build Community Loyalty

A website will help bridge the gap between you and your customers worldwide; it will help the business connect with its audience. It will help keep them more engaged and feel like the business values them.

Pro Tip:

Build Community Loyalty

Website development can also help customers who buy the same products find each other and communicate, all of which helps your company. Loyal customers prove to be a vital asset for businesses to grow and establish prominence.

10) Legitimize Your Business

It has become an unspoken word for a business to have a website as it assures prospective customers that you are real. So, if your business doesn’t have a website, chances are people think your company is fraudulent, or worse, it doesn’t exist!

If you think this is not much of a requirement, you are wrong. There are countless times that people did not buy from companies that did not have a website. Even if they buy from you, you could maximize sales by having a website. If you don’t have a website yet, hire a web development company to start it today!

11) Avail Insights Into Customer Behavior

A unique feature that websites provide and physical stores cannot is the information about customer behavior. This information is often called analytics and is vital to understanding your business’s performance and how to improve.

Websites come with plugins that collect data from the moment users access your website.

Insights Provide Valuable Information

1. Number of daily/monthly visitors

2. Locations of the visitors

3. Most/Least visited pages

4. Busiest/Least busy times

5. Engagement rate- visit duration

6. Popular products

Avail Insights Into Customer Behavior

Ultimately, all these details will help you improve your website and increase conversions.

12) Find New Marketing Means

Owning a website already opens up a world of opportunities to use the internet as a new medium for marketing. You would be shocked at how effective placing advertisements on the right pages can be.

If you hire efficient web development services, they will probably alert you as to how the internet makes an excellent marketing platform.

This puts you in a place where other brands and individuals can notice you. Thus, you have a higher chance of being approached for collaboration. Digital marketing is cheaper than physical marketing and often converts better. This will only benefit your business the most.

Final Note

Countless businesses have praised website development for revolutionizing the way they do business. With the majority of sales occurring online, it makes sense to make the shift now and benefit from technology.

But, to make sure your website best represents your business and the requirements of your consumer base, choose a website development company that understands your goals. With Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd, your business will be in safe hands. We develop web solutions that perfectly symbolize your product/services.

We hope you now know why your business needs a website! If you do, don’t delay and get your website started by contacting us.

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