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A Quick Comparison between Unity & Native Game Platform


The way this world is growing with games, game developers, and gamers. The day is not so far when software engineers will be sayingBro if you are good at game development or mobile game development your career is set. No one likes a software engineer!. The improvements made by gaming industries in recent years are next to none with the skillset it provides and the high graphics implementation it makes every game extraordinary. 

Believe it or not, the highest revenue in the entertainment industry comes through the gaming industries (mostly from Online Games), much more than from the movies and music industries. 

To develop a game we need game development platforms or game engines. The two most popular game development platforms are: 

  • Unity Game Development Platform
  • Native Game Development Platform

Both game development platforms are gaining popularity day by day. Thanks to internet technologies. 4G & Broadband connections. Fast internet connection sets a different world for game developers. 

What is a Unity Game Development Platform?

Unity is a cross-platform game engine with a built-in Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed by unity technologies. Unity platform develops video games, web plug-ins, desktop platforms, and consoles. Also, Unity supports Mobile Game Development. So, Unity is a game engine where you create, control, and run your games.

Some games developed in the Unity Platform are: Rummy, Poker, Ludo, Teen Patti

What is a Native Game Development Platform?

Native is a platform-specific coding environment that is written in platform-specific language to run on the target platform. These are not as flexible as Unity and in Native one app can be developed for one platform only. Native supports Skill-based games to build in their platform.

Some games developed in Native Platform are: 

Super Bowl, Zombie Aircraft, Football Kick, Color Lines 3D 


How do Game developers benefit from Unity Platform Games?


Integrated Development Environment is a software application that provides awesome facilities to programmers for software & game development. It comes with so many tools and a debugger. 


Cross-Platform means the code or software that can be implemented on multiple computing platforms. Games can be quickly ported onto Android, iOS, or Windows platforms. 


2D & 3D graphics are available in Unity. It gives a set of tools for common image processing tasks while importing new image assets. 

Independent Coding Environment

A drag & drop environment is available for creating games in Unity Platforms. Unity users can use any syntax similar to #C, JavaScript. 

An Asset Store

Unity is an asset store where you can download so many game assets, functional extensions, and solutions that are ready-made that integrated with Unity.

How do Game Developers benefit from Native Platform Games?

Unique Device Features

As Native is specific to one platform, therefore it covers all the beneficial features that are present in the compatible device. Developers take all the advantages of available unique features. 


The overall App’s performance increases as the developer will develop a game using one particular operating system’s SDK only. 

User Experience

High Performance usually leads to a good User Experience and Native Games provide a good User Experience. 

App Ranking

High game performance and good UX make it easier for a game to rank higher on App stores and Play Stores. Better UX will result in more positive reviews.


A Quick Comparison between Unity & Native Game Development Platform

Unity Game Development

  • Unity has its IDE.
  • These are cross-platform. This means it can be ported into any OS. 
  • Unity has a bunch of graphics. All kinds of 2D & 3D that give a better UI. 
  • Independent Coding Environment with features like drag & drop.
  • Unity has a collection of so many packages, 3D models, Textures, Music, Plug-ins, Extensions, etc.
  • Mobile Game Development is possible in Unity. 
  • Some examples of Unity are –  Rummy, Poker, Ludo, Teen Patti
Native Game Development

  • Native doesn’t have its IDE.
  • These are platform-specific. Means one game for one OS. 
  • Native don’t use graphics. Rather they focus on User Experience.
  • The coding Environment vastly depends on the platform. 
  • Native doesn’t have this much of a collection but they often ranked high in App stores for performance and UX.  
  • Skill-based game development is possible in Native. 
  • Some examples of Native are – Super Bowl, Zombie Aircraft, Football Kick


What should a Game Developer choose? Unity or Native? 

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