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Advantage of PHP7 over PHP5


Are you a website owner or developer who is looking for a feature-complete version of PHP? Then PHP7 is for you. PHP7 is an advanced version of PHP that is considered twice as fast as its precursor, PHP5. But is it worth migrating from PHP 5 to PHP7? Let’s get into its details and understand the advantage of PHP7 over PHP5 below:

Advantage of PHP7 over PHP5- Let’s discuss

  • Great Speed

    This is one of the major PHP7 features that deliver improved performance when compared to PHP5. Also, it requires fewer servers to serve the number of users as in PHP5. PHP7 is effectively termed PHPNG or PHP- the next generation that takes the performance of your code to a whole new level.

  • Return type declarations

    With the help of return type declarations, the new PHP7 lets the developers increase their coding quality. Return types are used for better scripting as it makes the developers specify the type of variable a scripted function should return. Through PHP7, the developers will state the function of the given code in a comprehensible way so that technical readers can also understand the output of a function.

  • Spaceship (three-way comparison) operator

    Spaceship operator (<=>) was introduced by PHP7. It is also known as combined comparison operators. Spaceship operators are used in comparing two expressions in an orderly manner. With PHP7, users can take advantage of spaceship operator as it allows complementing the code and making it more understandable. It’s an expression that can be used to speedily and conveniently compare two expressions.

  • Apt for mobile devices and business websites

    PHP7 is a perfect platform for large businesses as it exhibits enhanced performance and refined functionality. PHP7 is attributed to low memory usage and improved engine execution making it the best option for mobile devices. When it comes to businesses with a good online presence, PHP7 can seamlessly handle the traffic proficiently, reduce operational expenses, and depict high performance.

  • Good error handling

    With the introduction of the new Engine Exception objects, handling major errors and bugs has become effortless. In PHP5, handling fatal errors is not quite possible, whereas in PHP7 replacing several major errors with exceptions is possible.

  • 64-bit windows system

    Unlike PHP5, PHP 7 supports 64-bit integers or large files. In PHP 5 supporting large files was considered an experiment previously. Whereas in PHP 5, you can run your application on 64-bit system architecture seamlessly.

  • Anonymous class

    Anonymous class is a major inclusion in PHP7 that enhances and speeds up the execution time. PHP5 lacked this feature that is common in other languages such as Java and C#. Anonymous class can be used in place of a full class definition. It is really useful when simple, one-off objects need to be created.


We hope you have understood the advantage of PHP7 over PHP5. If you plan to migrate from PHP5 to PHP7, then it is required that you abide by all the obligations and standards carefully. It is well evident that PHP7 is the future of PHP and upgrading of all the applications to PHP7 will happen soon in the near future for sure. To stay on top of the latest developments in the technology it is essential that anyone who uses PHP5.6 must covert to PHP7 soon

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