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Top 20 React Libraries and Frameworks to Look Out for in 2023


React is an open-source front-end javascript library used to build user interfaces for websites and majorly single-page applications. A vast number of reactjs libraries and frameworks are available on the internet that works conveniently with other frameworks to provide outstanding website results. 

Reactjs is a framework that has become a go-to option for web developers due to its flexibility, performance-driven mechanism, and vast community support. With time companies are selecting Reactjs as their primary technology for front-end development. To make website development even easier, many other libraries and frameworks currently available on the market pair well with Reactjs. 

Before diving into React libraries, let’s briefly look at Reactjs first. 

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What is Reactjs? 


ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library that allows developers to build web apps with rich interfaces. React offers the flexibility to code reusable components, making rapid development much easier. It is mainly used to build complex business applications, and its quick rendering feature makes ReactJS more search engine friendly.

ReactJS is always the first-choice front-end framework for web developers as it provides large benefits in the process of successful website development. 

Best 20 Reactjs Libraries and Frameworks to look out for in 2023

Reactjs Libraries and Frameworks

Create React App

Create React App is a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool that does not need any special configuration to start the development. With Create ReactJS App, it is easy to start the development procedure seamlessly. 

This tool provides a build dependency which leads to zero complicacy. It is perfect for small projects and simple web applications. With Create React App, developers can focus on developing the application without worrying about the development environment. 

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Redux is one of the most popular react frameworks in 2023. With Redux in effect, components can share and modify data. It also allows components to break up into small parts, which becomes easier to maintain. 

Redux has a vast ecosystem of plugins and integrations, making it a powerful tool for ReactJS developers. React also works with other frameworks, such as Inferno and Preact, extending its functionality and allowing developers to port React applications to those frameworks easily. 


Rebass is a components library specifically developed for building stable and concise User Interfaces with user-defined scales and design constraints. With Rebass, developers can create components that are simple to create dynamic and interactive experiences and are highly customizable too. 

It provides a standard structure for developers to begin the development process by eliminating the need for configuring a development environment. 

React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is a powerful UI toolkit that allows developers to quickly and easily create highly customizable user interfaces. It also provides a wide range of components and tools, including modals, alerts, dropdowns, buttons, etc., making creating interactive and dynamic user experiences easy.

Moreover, React Bootstrap is fully responsive, which means it can be used on various devices and platforms. This makes it an excellent choice for developers who must create user interfaces compatible with multiple devices.

React Admin

React Admin plays a major role in creating Business to Business (B2B) admin apps leaving behind REST APIs and GraphQL APIs. The API designs can also be customized in React Admin. 

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React Spinner

React Spinner is made with a different purpose. It comprises loading spinners and keeps visitors engaged during the page loading time so they don’t leave the page. It also plays a massive role in improving the user experience. 

Tailwind UI

Tailwind UI is a flexible and powerful low-level CSS framework designed for ReactJS. It supports customization and allows developers to create custom designs quickly without any hassle. It comes with a list of UI components, including buttons, forms, grids, etc. Additionally, Tailwind UI has an intuitive API that makes it easy for developers to create, customize and extend components. This makes it ideal for creating applications of any size or complexity.


Onsen UI is a mobile application framework using HTML5 and JavaScript and offers integration with Angular, Vue.js, and React. It is compatible with many popular React frameworks. The component library uses pure CSS without the involvement of JavaScript. 

Ant Design

Ant design contains a set of high-standard components and demos for building effective and engaging user interfaces. In Ant Design, developers can customize the components according to their design specifications. The Ant Design components include icons, buttons, breadcrumbs, grids, pagination, dropdown menus, and many more. 

Material Kit React

The main feature of the material kit is consistency. It helps retain the project’s appearance and functions all through. The material kit also contains many basic elements such as badges, buttons, menus, sliders, etc. Using this React component library, developers can customize the style, size, and color for most elements. 

Shards React

It is an open-source, new-age React UI kit that’s built from scratch and geared toward fast performance. Shards use SCSS, which plays a significant role in enhancing the user experience. 

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Grommet is a powerful component library for building responsive component libraries and makes it easy to create mobile, accessible, responsive web projects. It provides developers with various components designed to work together seamlessly, making it easy to create dynamic experiences. 

The flexible and modular design makes it easy to adapt to any project. Grommet also has built-in accessibility features, making it ideal for developers who want to create user interfaces accessible to everyone.

React Virtualized

React Virtualized extends React’s features by bringing React component library typescript. It includes various elements that make it easier to create and style components.  

Semantic UI React

Semantic UI ReactJS is for those who prefer user interfaces that are compatible with multiple devices. Power-packed features like declarative API, augmentation, and shorthand props take the user experience to a larger extent. It doesn’t require the involvement of jQuery, which is a great choice for developers who want to create modern and responsive user interfaces. 

Material UI

Material-UI, or MUI, is one of the most popular React UI component libraries. The components rely on ReactJS but use Google’s material design. Here, developers have a wide range of helpful components available, like badges, buttons, cards, auto-complete, app bars, dialog boxes, icons, menus, and many more. 


Blueprint ReactJS components are designed to perform well and scale up and down based on application needs. They’re also designed to be easy to use and customize, allowing developers to create dynamic and responsive user experiences quickly. Leading Reactjs development company uses Blueprint framework to create user interfaces for mobile and web applications.

React Fabric

React Fabric provides an easy and intuitive way to create engaging user experiences using its native Fluent UI components.

These components are very intuitive to use and allow developers to design and style custom components for their ReactJS projects quickly.


The MobX library is one of the best React libraries for state management in React applications. It helps developers easily and efficiently manage the state of their applications, allowing them to focus more on application logic and less on data. MobX can easily track and update multiple status resources in real-time, ensuring the user experience is always up-to-date and accurate.


With React-motion, developers can quickly create custom animations and transitions that can be used in any application. It allows developers to create complex animations and transitions in ReactJS elements easily. It also uses stiffness, damping, and precision strategies to ensure smooth and precise animations and transitions.

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Evergreen UI

Evergreen includes a set of ReactJS components suitable for enterprise-grade web applications. Since it uses React Primitive, it is very flexible. It includes a wide range of components and tools, from basic layouts, typography, colors, and icons to feature-based components such as drop-downs, switches, file uploads, and feedback indicators.

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Wrapping Up! 

In 2023, ReactJS developers will have a vast array of libraries and frameworks to enhance their development process. Some top libraries and frameworks to look out for include Redux, Rebass, MobX, and Material Kit. 

Redux and MobX are two popular state management libraries used to manage the state of an application, while Rebass and Material Kit are used to build stable user interfaces. 

Tell us your top-listed React libraries and frameworks to help us make a best-in-class web application for you. 

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