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Top Methods to Increase Retention & Revenue in Mobile Games For 2023


Retention & Revenue in Mobile Games – The growth of the mobile gaming market is one of the hottest topics in recent years. Starting from real money games, and virtual money games to multi-gaming platforms, iGaming almost every gaming platform is increasing. The COVID-19 restriction and isolation protocol has also helped a lot in this process. Even small gaming industries have grown significantly as users wanted to get entertained by playing mobile games.

Key strategies to increase player retention & revenue:

  • Make the game stable, Fix ANR/Crashes
  • Must come with new features
  • Challenging & balanced gameplay
  • Stunning App landing page (UI/Animation)
  • Special events
  • WOW factor
  • Optimization
  • Integrate rewarded ads
  • Cross-platform social media campaign

Make the game stable, Fix ANR/Crashes

Now we are in a world where software technologies are more optimized, gaming devices are cheaper, and offer high-level graphics and software. So, it goes without saying that if the game isn’t stable, gamers may start losing interest in it. Optimize the game in such a way that it fixes all the bugs and ANR (App Not Responding) is a large error that can’t be ignored.

If the app is crashing at certain times it will make a negative impact and gamers may move to other platforms in no time. The game app must come with a fixed ANR issue to make an impact in the gaming arena.

Must come with new features

New features are a must nowadays, every gamer wants to see something new in the game. 3D Avatars are the new modern way of capturing a large user base in a small time. 3D Avatars make the game very interesting and almost every player wants to play a game that offers the latest 3D avatars. From head to toe, everything will be designed in 3D which will create a new aura for the gamers. One of the best examples of 3D avatar-based games is 400 Arba3meyeh.

Challenging & balanced gameplay

The best games are challenging but not frustrating. They make you think, but don’t leave you feeling like you will never beat them. So, how do you make sure that your game is challenging, but not so challenging that users may stop playing?

The simple answer is the development process. Let’s take an example, suppose your game app doesn’t offer a feature like skipping the level, and the only way you can make progress is by winning that particular level. It may frustrate users. Instead of making such an old-fashioned design, if the owner puts an ad saying “If you watch a 15-second ad you can skip this level.” users may stick with the game. Some gamers are so addicted that they won’t hesitate to wait 15 sec if the game makes it interesting. In this way, users will be satisfied and the revenue rate will keep increasing.

Stunning App landing page

Making a great mobile app landing page is one of the most important things for App owners to take user acquisition & engagement. Graphics and UI/UX are two of the things noticed highly in a gaming app. The latest and trending graphics, animation effects, and UI/UX implementation in the game app will improve the user experience. If the landing page doesn’t look good, users most often quit from the beginning which may cause a fall in revenue growth. So it goes without saying that an impactful landing page is a necessity to keep players engaged.

Special events

Tired of exploring how to keep your users engaged?

With the addition of special events in the game, the app will get the user’s view in the first place. Consider adding a special event, like tours, playing in a special mode which is a limited-time offer of free play, extra coins, and unique challenges. For example, skill-based games offer new special tournaments every few weeks, where players complete specific levels to earn free chips/coins and many extra features. Special events increase engagement and may boost app downloads.

WOW factor

How can you make your users engaged in the game app for a long time?

The simple answer is by adding a WOW factor. It is something that grabs everyone’s attention very quickly. For example, suppose you have a game that contains all the modern features like avatars, in-app chats, video chats, etc. Now imagine if you provide an option like downloading and saving the 3D avatars that are offered in the app.

Interesting isn’t it?

Another example can be, the user will be rewarded with free chips/coins every few months/weeks (Can be occasional). It makes the game much more interesting and for new users, this feature will be beneficial.

Gamers will surely like this approach and there is no doubt it will create a huge engaging user base.


App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are a must. If the app is not optimized properly on the internet, app store, or play store then player engagement in the app will be very difficult. The game app must come in the top 10 list of the specified category to increase player engagement. The game app description is one of the most important things you can focus on in mobile app marketing efforts.

Integrate rewarded ads

In a world full of digitized transactions, developers are finding some users won’t pay especially in mobile gaming. Rewarded ads, which give users a small reward such as coins or an extra life in exchange for watching an ad, provide those users with an alternative to In-App purchase payment. Rewarded ads also increase overall engagement which boosts revenue.

Cross-platform social media campaign

Create a cross-platform social media campaign and promote gaming apps on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media is where there is always traffic and people stay active 24×7. So promoting apps here will give a large audience. The idea is to leverage influencers to drive a social media campaign that will increase downloads & brand awareness.

The major outcome

Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading IT & Game development companies in India and after implementing the above-mentioned methods we have noticed a huge difference. Organic downloads have increased significantly, player retention has increased, concurrent users on the app have increased, and most importantly our number of game downloads and revenue has also touched new heights!

In short!

Player engagement is a part of revenue. If the app is not engaging users then the app ranking in app stores will be very poor which will affect the revenue. Following the aforementioned strategies will increase player engagement.

Would you like to develop a game app that is feature-rich and easy to reach a large audience?

Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is having more than 14+ years of developing mobile or web games with perfection in delivery. We have 250+ in-house proven and experienced dedicated teams of 2D/3D Designers, Frontend/Backend Developers, QA Teams (Testers), Server management teams, and Project managers that can cater to every challenge.

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