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Node js Development: How to easily update Node.js to the latest version?


Nodejs development services are known as one of the most effective backend technology stacks and currently play a significant role in the domain of mobile applications, web applications, game development services, and many more. Node js simplifies the long-winded development process of mobile apps and web apps with its scalable modules, packages, and services.

Node js allows developers to create server-side applications using Javascript code. Every new version of Node comes with improved performance from its predecessors and ease of access for developers. So updating Node js is critical for the smooth execution of projects. How do you update Node.js to the latest version, then?

In this blog, we will discuss how developers can update Node js to the latest version by different methods.

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Why is it necessary to update Node js?

update Node js

Node js is an open-source javascript runtime environment designed to provide backend solutions in mobile application and web application development. The new update includes handy features, security updates, and bug fixes, improving its performance, security, and stability.

Now, the question is, “Is it necessary to update Node js even if the project runs smoothly?”

Here is the answer. The updated package ensures the code is running with the latest security features. With improved security, cyber threats like stealing source code are minimized. During third-party code integration, security issues can be avoided with the latest security updates of node.js development services.

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Updating Node js on Windows and macOS

Updating Node js

Option 1: Using NPM

NPM is known as a node package manager, used to install many modules and packages in the node js application development and node js API development. However, that is not the end of the road, as it plays a massive role in installing and updating the latest node js development services and Node js. Here is how Node js developers can update Node to the latest version from the command line interface.


Steps to Follow:

1) First, you must check the current version of the Node.

node – v

2) Next, clear the npm cache with the command:

npm cache clean -f

3) Install n globally

npm install -g n

4) Now, to update the node, run the following command:

n latest

This command will install the latest version of node js on your system.

5) If you want to install a specific version of the node, run the following command:

n [version.number]

6) Now, to check the latest node version that is installed on your system, run the following command:

node -v

BOOM! You are using the latest version of Node.js development services.

Option 2: From Web Using Windows and macOS installer

Another easy way to update Node.js is to go to the official site of Nodejs and download the newest release. By doing so, the system will overwrite the older version with the updated one. Here is how it can be done.

Web Using Windows and macOS installer

Steps to Follow:

  1. Browse on the web and move to the download section.
  2. Now, select the version you want to download (LTS or Current Latest) and then select Windows or macOS installer, depending on your OS.
  3. Once the download is complete, run the installer.
  4. A pop-up window will appear, which will guide you through the installation.
  5. Check mark the license agreement box and click on Next.
  6. Choose the destination folder to install node.js.
  7. Node.js will offer how you want to install the node js development features.
  8. Once you select the features you want to go with, click install, and after installation completes, click Finish.
  9. Now the latest node js is installed on your device, to check run the command on CLI:

node -v

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Updating Node js on Linux

Compared to Windows and macOS, a different procedure is followed to update Node on Linux. Linux requires a package manager like NVM or APT to update Node js development services. Here is how you can update Node to the latest version in Linux.

1. Using NVM (Node Version Manager)

NVM is nothing but a tool that gives the flexibility of managing multiple versions of Node on your system. It plays a large role in developing scalable web and mobile apps. NVM can install, update, and switch between different Node versions.

Using NVM (Node Version Manager)

Steps to Follow:

1) First, you must check whether you have nvm installed on your system.

nvm –version

2) If nvm is not installed, install it using this command:

curl -o- | bash

3) After the installation of nvm, check the current version of the node:

node -v

4) Follow this command to update the node version

nvm install node –reinstall-packages-from=node

5) Recheck your updated node by running the node version command again:

node -v

2. Using APT (Advanced Package Tool)

APT or Advanced Package Tool is used for Debian-based Linux distributions like Ubuntu. Here is how Node can be updated to the latest version using APT.

Using APT (Advanced Package Tool)

Steps to Follow:

1) First, check the current version of the node by following the command:

node -v

2) After that, run this command to update it to the latest version:

sudo apt-get install nodejs

3) Confirm the installation by checking the node version again:

node -v

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Tips for Updating Node to the Latest Version

It is a simple process to update NODE. Here are some tips you must follow.

  • Before updating, make sure your current node version is up-to-date. If the previous updates are pending, you may face issues updating it to the latest version.
  • New features or bug fixes must be solved in the development environment before deploying them to production. It ensures everything is running as expected without any live project changes.
  • If anything goes wrong in the upgradation, there has to be a backup for the development environment.
  • Visit the official Nodejs website regularly for new release notes and software changes.

Node js Development Company: FAQs

Node js Development Company

1. What is the role of Node in web development services?

Node js web development services are among the most popular, reliable, and advanced in the current occupied web development business needs.

2. Do Node js solutions offer real-time collaboration tools?

Yes, Node js development services offer dynamic web applications and software solutions by working with flexible engagement models and real-time collaboration tools in Node js.

3. Is Node js safe to use?

Yes, the core of Node.js is secure to use. Additional security measures are required in third-party packages to protect web and mobile apps.

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The best feature of the robust user base of open-source software is continuously trying to improve the platform. So, are you looking for a Node js development company? Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s leading node.js development companies, focuses on advanced node.js web development by working with experienced developers. We aim to become the best node js web development company and ace node js app development company worldwide.

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