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Step-by-Step Guide: iOS App Development Process


With Statista Q3, 2023 stats of 3.5 million apps on the Google Play Store and 1.6 million apps on the Apple App Store, the Apple App Store holds a great opportunity! Investors would leap at the opportunity to create apps for popular Apple devices Apple Watch, Apple iPhone, and Apple TV. 

How to hire an iOS app development company

How to Develop iOS Apps – Step-by-Step Process

How to develop an iOS app offering that successfully caters to the bulk of iOS device users is a common question for investors looking to stake their claim in the mobile app market. To fill you in on the full iOS development process for apps, continue reading.

1. Market Research

This step is taken to determine if your app idea is unique enough to attract a sizeable audience. Completing this step first, before investing a cent is vital to avoid a total waste of money. Creating an app is not a wise idea unless you can make excessive improvements. 

We suggest iOS applications that have a unique and original idea as these are most likely to attract and retain iOS application users.

2. Scope of Work Submission 

Once the appropriate iPhone app idea has been found, the investor must derive an all-inclusive document detailing all the requirements pertaining to what the project should include. The iOS app development company should cover everything mentioned in the Scope of Work (SOW) document.   

Usually, iOS developers will receive the SOW document from the sales and management team after they communicate with the client.


In this scope of work document, there will be details regarding the iOS development services such as type of app, features, design elements, and any maintenance and update commitments the company has made towards the app owner.  

In reply, the sales team must carry out the following:

  • Study the SOW document (ensure all requirements correspond to services to which the company caters)
  • Clear any doubts regardings the requirements
  • Passes the SOW to the technical team /iOS developer
  • Provide an accurate cost & time estimate 

3. Wireframing     

After the SOW document is seen by all parties and all terms have been agreed upon, the next phase begins. Wireframes and Mock-ups are drawings of the concepts of the application, which is the final and complete appearance of iOS apps.

These concept drawings are a clear definition and representation of the UI and UX elements of iOS apps.

The wireframe itself is nothing but a blueprint of what the final app will look like and this is as far as this step goes. The design team is responsible for this step and can finish it after just receiving the client’s requirements. 


4. UI & UX Development 

The next step is to develop the user interface and user experience (UI and UX) of the iOS app, and put life into the blueprints. This involves the designers and needs to be done using a strategy in mind. Not only does the application need to look appealing, but it also needs to be easy enough to navigate! 

To satisfy the design requirements of these mobile applications you must use the best iOS software development kit to ensure an appealing design. The best iOS mobile app design tools are Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma.

iOS App Development Process

Note- Having a Mac computer running the Mac OS X and being part of the Apple developer program is important for iOS development.

5. Software Development 

This is the core stage of the process and the actual application will be coded during this stage of all iOS app development services. Using the correct programming languages meant for the best iOS mobile app development will be a crucial step in creating a successful first app.

Top iOS app programming languages are Xcode, React Native, Swift programming language, Objective C, and Flutter which is also applied to Android development. Xcode is preferred by iOS app developers as it is Apple’s standard Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Objective C is also a web development technology: The Future and Scope of Website Development Services

Apart from this, other developers have been adopting other frameworks such as CocoaPods and Cocoa Touch frameworks.

An expert iOS app developer is required to oversee the project and ensure that the correct technologies are applied to make an app that will result in the best user experience.  

Important Software for iOS App Development

  • Swift -Programming Language
  • Objective C -Programming Language
  • React Native – Programming Language
  • Flutter – Cross-Platform Programming Language
  • Koder – Code Editor
  • iOS SDK – Technology
  • Xcode – IDE
  • Figma – Design
  • Adobe XD – Design
  • Sketch – Design

iOS App Development Process

Features & Functionality

Knowing what features to add to your iOS application will also take some research particularly so if it is your first app. A few features we feel are required are:

  • Account creation
  • Log in
  • Push notifications
  • Invite users
  • Location tracking
  • Auto-save payment details

6. Testing

The testing phase ensures iOS apps of two things:

  • Your application will support all iOS devices 
  • User experience from your app will be above satisfactory 

The process of an iOS unit test is a vital part of iOS development services as inadequate testing or failure to carry out the process at all can lead to the failure of your app! Testing ensures that the mobile apps created are accessible to every iOS device, featuring optimal performance, and lacking any bugs or glitches. 

A few tools for testing iOS apps are iOS Driver, Kobiton, Eggplant, and Appium.

iOS App Testing Tools

  • Appium 
  • EarlGrey 
  • iOS Driver
  • Kobiton
  • Eggplant

iOS App Development Process

MVP Deployment

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or testflight app is an app released onto the market with just enough features to make the app effective and usable. An MVP has the role of testing the actual app in the market with genuine users. It is a great way to receive user feedback and understand how the market is reacting to your app.     

7. Deploy

Deployment of an iOS mobile app will take place on the Apple app store, where your app first has to successfully pass the Apple Store rules. Among them is having an active Apple developer account, which you may know about from the Apple developer program.

App Store Review Guidelines


8. Maintenance & Support

Ensuring users have the latest version of your app and a constant flow of all the latest and greatest features is a top priority! Regular prompts to update to the latest version will improve user relations and aid in brand building.

Important Factors for Developing a Successful iOS Application

Everyone wants their mobile app to be an instant success! An iOS app developer will warn you that success requires a bit of work.

-Extensive Market Research 

Undertaking more than enough research on the market and your competitors will make all the difference between failure and success. Developing apps requires mobile development knowledge as well as insight into the target audience and type of game and mobile devices commonly used by users.


Instead of copying an idea, bringing forth a new and novel idea is in your best interests. Something new and novel is bound to attract enough attention from iPhone users. If it doesn’t already exist, users are bound to want to try it out.   

-Understanding of User Preferences

Users are most likely to download and constantly use an application that aligns with their preferences. Anything that offers no value to the users is not likely to gain a substantial user base. An experienced iOS developer will know what market trends are currently in place so go ahead and ask before you start developing ios apps.


iOS apps have a distinct design! Creating an iOS app that makes sure it uses all the features of an iPhone is one way of winning over your users. Native applications are made with an intention of satisfying a single mobile platform. iOS development experts skilled in iOS app design software are very likely to know what

Design is especially important if you are thinking about game development instead of the usual iOS development services for an app.


Another point that contributes to iOS app success is accessibility. It would not be right to target users that possess a single group of iPhone devices. Catering toward the entire selection of iOS devices, new and old is the best path forward! 

iOS development that includes extensive device compatibility testing will succeed in this category.

-Experience of iOS Developers

While we all may credit a company for developing successful iOS applications, it is actually the iOS developers and their expertise with Mac OS and multiple programming languages that affect the outcome of apps.



Each step in the iOS app development process is important and will have a significant yet different impact on your application. That said, every iOS development company does not adopt the exact same process.  

iOS App Development Process

As long as Apple devices are around, there will always be hype for the devices and the App Store will present the opportunity to gain success with your own app. For iOS mobile app development services that will build apps that are successful, partner with Artoon Solutions.


How to develop iOS app for iPad?

First, you must prepare a Scope of Work document that details everything that you would like to have present in your iOS Application, secondly, you will need to choose an iOS app development company, that has an expert iOS engineer who will work on your mobile app.

How much does iOS development cost?

iOS development cost for creating apps does not have a fixed cost. Instead, there are several factors that will influence the cost. The most common factor is the client’s iPhone app requirements and the hourly cost of an iOS developer.

Which language is used for iOS app development?

There are multiple programming languages that can be used to develop iOS apps. The most effective iOS programming languages are Swift, Objective C, and React Native.

What is an iOS simulator?

An iOS simulator is a tool that acts as an iOS device and is able to replicate the environment and behavior of particular Apple products. Thus, aiding in mobile development for iPhones and iPads.

Can I hire a dedicated iOS App Developer?

Yes, Artoon Solutions allows you to hire an iOS developer who will work on your project alone for a set number of hours daily and weekly. This option is best to create mobile apps that must be developed within a set timeline.

Is there a cost to publish apps to the Apple App Store?

There is no on-the-spot publishing fee. However, every developer needs to be part of the Apple Developer Program which attracts an annual fee of $99 or equivalent based on country and currency.

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