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What is the Current Status Of Playing Online Rummy Game in India


When questioning the legality of Playing Online Rummy Games, their status as being a gambling game or not usually arises. More so since gambling is a controversial topic in India! 

Rummy has long been played at home. But, with the recent growth of mobile Rummy games, people wonder what Rummy’s legal status is, mainly when it can involve real money. 

Yes, it is entirely legal to play online Rummy games in India! Solely because laws state that games of skill are legal, and Rummy has a special status as a game of skill by Indian courts. 

Gambling Definition

Gambling is the activity of betting money or any other valuable item to receive money/valuable items on an uncertain outcome. 

Another word commonly used for gambling is betting, used in conjunction with sports, as in sports betting. A few examples are Dream11 and MPL, which provide sports betting after being categorized under skill-based activities. 

A gambling game is a game where individuals bet on chance. However, betting on skill and ability to influence the outcome is not gambling. 

Gambling Games vs. Online Casino Games 

The core feature of gambling is that it revolves entirely around the “chance” factor.

Then there are also those states and countries that ban gambling games because of their addictive nature. A fact that can disrupt the younger generation!

But, not all casino games involve luck/chance or real money alone! The majority of them involving virtual money is just as enjoyable! Users would agree that skill-based games are also as compelling as luck-based games. 

What India Law Says 

Rummy games have been protected by Indian law, and the Supreme Court of India has ruled twice in favor of games of skill. Once in 1957 and then again in 1997. 

The rulings have separated Rummy from other casino games because the latter are chance games and depend heavily upon “chance.” 

However, a few states in India have banned Rummy and other skill-based gambling games in their state. These states are Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, and Sikkim. 

Even today, Rummy is legal in India, except in a few states. 

An Exception

One would argue that Rummy is not completely a game of skill!

This fact is accurate since some element of ‘luck’ is necessary to get the most desirable outcome in a Rummy game. This fact is accurate since some element of ‘luck’ is necessary to get the most desirable outcome in a Rummy game. There is no way to influence or control the cards that the dealer hands out at the start of the game. 

However, despite this, the Supreme Court has labeled Rummy a skill-based game and given it the same characteristics as a full skill-based game. 

So, you could say that this game is an exception to the rules.

Another skill-based card game is Solitaire which leads the pack when it comes to card game development services available in India. 

Many Rummy game enthusiasts have welcomed the decision. Also, this new ruling did play a massive role in Rummy becoming one of the most popular games in the casino and card game category. 

What Makes Rummy Predominantly a Skill-Based Game? 

For many people still wondering how Rummy qualifies as a skill-based game, here are some skills to make you change your mind. 

Excellent Mathematics Skills

Being good at mathematics can improve your counting skills and also your observation skills which would allow you to notice certain elements in this card game.

Math Skills Help Identify Which Cards: 

  • Have already been played
  • Are yet to be played 
  • What cards opponents are collecting 

Arguably this is a task for people with excellent observation and a general liking of numbers. Although this would be a slightly tricky task, knowing a slight bit about the cards in the deck can relieve a bit of game tension.   

Analytic and Logical Skills

Rummy requires analytic and logical skills to help determine the sequencing of cards. These skills will be able to instantly identify sequences and how certain cards will affix with others to create the desired sequence or pairing necessary to win. 

Bluffing Ability 

A great deal of playing Rummy involves playing with your opponents’ minds and not letting them play with yours. 

The ability to trick your opponent is called bluffing. It requires you to deceive them and make them think you are looking for a specific card you are not looking for. Thus, you can make opponents feel relaxed while you are nearing a win. 

Rapid Reflexes 

Rapid reflexes allow you to swipe up a card rapidly from the discard pile. It can also help you identify a card sooner. 

You may be able to take up the card so fast that your opponents don’t even have enough time to see what card it was. Fast actions can be desirable if you want to be a successful Rummy game player.  


Having the skill of excellent memory can bolster your Rummy playing skills. You may ask how so. Assuming you know how many decks of cards are being circulated in the game, you will be able to know what cards have passed on and which are yet to come. 

Also, knowing the rules is imperative to playing a card game. Breaking even one of the rules will lead to a disqualification, resulting in losing the game. 


Games in which outcomes are influenced by skill are legal in India. This is due to their lack of dependence on the element of “chance.” Such games can be played with real money throughout India except in a few states (Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, and Sikkim). 

Are you interested in developing a Rummy game to cater to the vast requirements of Rummy game players? If yes, get in touch with us, an expert Rummy game development company with 14 years of experience in this particular gaming space.

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