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Mobile Game Market Trends in 2021


During the time when COVID-19 was at its peak in the year 2020 and even in 2021, mobile games became a survival tool for many people. Staying at home for months isn’t easy no matter how well settled you are. People tend to follow things that are engaging, exciting, and bring fun at the same time. Mobile games have been making some noise for a long time but during the pandemic, mobile gaming industries touched new heights.

Let’s take a look at the latest mobile game market trends in 2021.

  • Graphics and UI/UX
  • Arcade and Quiz games
  • Puzzle game is evolving
  • The rise of Hyper-casual game
  • Online Board games are the new trend
  • Card & Casino games on top of the list
  • 3D Avatar-based games are among the top-grossing

Graphics & UI/UX

Superior graphics make a huge impact and it stands out among other mobile games. Graphics and UI are the front part of the game and it is noticed by every player. If the UI is not up to the mark players may leave the game right from the beginning which causes a bad user experience and might spell disaster for the business growth.

Making a great mobile app landing page is one of the most important things for App owners to take user acquisition & engagement. In graphics and UI/UX, the latest trends are animation effects, 3D designs, live background animation effects. So, graphics and UI/UX are a necessity to keep users engaged.

Arcade and Quiz games

Arcade games used to be a fun package game in the late 70s and early 80s. In those days the meaning of the Arcade game is a game machine that is found most often in restaurants, malls and is usually coin-operated. The popularity of the Arcade game slowly decreased as PC games evolved. But with the change in time & technology when mobile games came into the market, Arcade games started to rise again. Today Arcade games like pinball are one of the trending virtual money mobile games.

Quiz games were very popular in past years. It is a way of playing games by answering questions and competing with fellow members. Quiz games are now modified as Mind games, where the player has to think and answer to the relevant topics (Can be crossword, history, sports). Quiz games are also a trend as many people don’t go with graphics and strategy. A quiz game is the best solution to relax your mind.

Puzzle game is evolving

In the last few years, the Puzzle game industry saw a large change in the gaming market. It is the latest mobile game market trend that leaves behind the match-3 puzzle technique and adds new exciting layers to the game. One of the best examples can be Candy Crush. It is known as a giant in puzzle games. Being on top of online puzzle games, it creates a different mindset and gameplay.

The rise of Hyper-casual game

Hyper-casual games are one of the most successful games in the last year. Most people turned to hyper-casual games as these games are simple to play and users can experience fun and relaxation in a small time. Some users want to play games just to have fun and don’t require heavy graphics, for those Hyper-casual games perfectly fit. The hyper-casual gaming market is on the rise and it is indeed a trending topic in 2021.

Online Board games are the new trend

Board games are more popular than ever before and they might gain more popularity in the future. The global board games market is worth over $3 Billion. That’s huge!

Board games like Carrom, and Chess are not only engaging but also develop various skills in a player as board games come under skill-based games. As it provides an option of earning real money, users play this game on a regular basis.

Card & Casino games on top of the list

Card & Casino games are known as the oldest games of all time. The reason why card games are on top of the list is due to their highly engaging and exciting gameplay with picture-perfect UI and animations. Generally, card games are simple with graphics but the logic implementation, strategy planning, and decision-making skills are something that attracts users and keeps them in the loop. Also, it comes under skill-based games that take the center stage in the online mobile gaming market.

Some examples of Card & Casino games are Rummy, Callbreak, Mindi, 29 cards, Court Piece, and many more.

3D Avatar-based games are among top-grossing

A 3D Avatars are the new modern way of capturing a large user base in a small time. 3D Avatars make the game very interesting and players want to play a game that offers the latest 3D avatars. From head to toe, everything is designed in 3D that creates a new aura for gamers and there is no wonder why it is among the top-grossing mobile game market in 2021.

One of the best examples of a 3D Avatar-based game is 400 Arba3meyeh.

Growth of virtual money games

The purpose of virtual money games is to enhance the gaming skills of players and entertain the players. The earned chips, coins, and points in virtual money games just determine the skill level of a player. As chips/coins in here don’t have a monetary value, it is risk-free. Virtual money games are a tremendous addition to the plays who just want to relax & entertain. Virtual money games like Candy Crush, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Bid Whist are growing significantly in the global gaming market in 2021.

Growth of real money games

Real money games are played online and real money is wagered on the outcome. As the money involved here is real, it is risky. Every win-lose counts. Players need to be very efficient and skilled with their game knowledge and gameplay. Some players make real money games as a profession. They earn money based on their skills. Also, real money games promise huge rewards and cash prizes after winning a particular tournament or competition. Real money games like Rummy, Callbreak, Solitaire, Spades, Uno, Carrom, Ludo, Pool, Hill climb and many more are growing exponentially in the global gaming market in 2021.

In Short!

So, do you want to explore more trending games? Or want to develop a game that can make some noise in the market?

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