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Money Earning Games Without Investment 2023


Don’t believe in anything coming for free? What about playing games like real cash-earning games? There are several gaming app and platforms, some developed by the real money game development company, Artoon Solutions, waiting to pay you for playing. You have probably heard of our esteemed clients MPL, Winzo, A23, and Zupee. All are categorized in the best Paytm cash-earning games that you MUST try!

Since their arrival, money-playing games have created a craze around game apps that offer the player an opportunity to win cash rewards. Anyone not familiar with the best Paytm cash-earning games can check this list to get acquainted.

Check out the list of the best Paytm cash-earning games.

1. Paytm First Games

It’s only fair that the first entry on the list of the best Paytm cash-earning games without investment is Paytm’s own creation, Paytm First Games. The gaming platform holds a game title for everyone, as there are games like Rummy, Fantasy Sports, (Ludo) Loodo, Poker, and Call Break. 

What’s in common with all these games, the majority of them are skill-based real-money games. For anyone honing their skills or already a seasoned professional, all these games will reward you well.

The platform is only four years old but has already impacted Paytm users and beyond and is rightfully one of the best online cash games in India!

2. Winzo 

Another gaming platform that has become quite prominent in the market is Winzo. There are several games to switch up your playing habits, including Rummy, Free Fire, Cricket, Fruit Fighter, Fantasy Sports, and Pool.

You can mix and match your preferences and skills and even take on new challenges with new games.

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3. Mobile Premier League

Never heard of Mobile Premier League (MPL) before? You must be living under a rock. 

This name has become a household name for India’s best Paytm cash-earning games. It is a multi-gaming platform that is wildly popular! Only a few other cash-earning games come close.

MPL hosts many games, and anyone, regardless of taste, can choose a suitable match. The real cash-earning games on MPL include Rummy, Fantasy Sports (Cricket, Football, Basketball), and Board Games such as Ludo, Pool, and Carrom. 

These games all come with the in-built feature of earning cash by winning the game. Thus, fitting into the ideal game app for people of different preferences, MPL is a forerunner in the cash game market.

4. Galo: Earn Money, Play Games

Why do something boring when you can have fun and make money simultaneously? The Galo app runs on this simple concept of having fun to make money. This would be more than exciting to the average mobile user with much spare time. 

Forget having to spend hours on an app to make anything remotely valuable in terms of a monetary asset. It will take just a few minutes a day to accumulate a decent amount that can offer some value.

5. Brain Baazi 

The Brain Baazi game app gives you a chance to test your knowledge and mental abilities while also standing an opportunity to earn, making it the best Paytm cash-earning games option for people looking to increase their knowledge and acquire based on it. 

Choose from live Quizzes, Polls, Trivia Games, and Bingo Games. You won’t feel bad playing these games as you will get to learn a lot from them, thereby preparing you for more play and even other games related to the education and intelligence field.

A bit of time daily dedicated to Brain Baazi will let you learn a lot while also earning!

6. Rush (Launched by Hike)

The Hike is a popular app, but one we associate with messaging as Hike was a social messaging app. The company released a gaming app specializing in skill-based games such as Call Break, Carrom, Ludo, Football, and Pool. 

The platform sees tens of thousands of players ‘rush’ to the site daily.

7. Gamezy

Would you choose to play one game when you can play more from just one app? Fantasy sports games on Gamezy is the online earning app to choose if you want variety. Game options include Cricket, Football, and Kabbadi. In contrast, the casual games niche includes Carrom, Ludo, Pool, and Snakes & Ladders.

The platform is well-designed, and you get a good idea of what it is about and how to operate it by just scrolling through its homepage. Users will find an assortment of cash tournaments, both free and paid options are available.

8. mGamer

Play games, watch videos, and enter tournaments to win big with the mGamer. Offering real cash-earning games, select a game that suits you and play to reap the rewards of your time and efforts. 

The game app is exciting to open and explore as it doesn’t replicate any of your regular multi-gaming or cash-earning games. A few minutes a day will suffice in aiming toward winning considerable sums of Paytm cash.  

9. Bulb Smash Cash

Talk about a good time with the touch of a button. The Bulb Smash Cash app hosts a slew of mobile games that can turn any spare time into a memorable gaming experience which even has the ability to earn you some real Paytm cash. 

Choose from some of the beloved skill-based card and casino games such as Poker, Rummy, and even Fantasy Sports games for various sports like Cricket and Basketball. That said, sports game enthusiasts and card game enthusiasts can find a fit in the bulb smash cash game app. 

Also, if you don’t like either of these two game genres, you can look forward to the wide array of casual games that include racing and other possible board games.

10. Cash OK: Earning Apps Games 

The Cash OK app will expedite your earning potential and become a permanent fixture in your life. Whether you are a student or a part-time professional, it will only take a few minutes to play a bit and ear a bit. 

With consistency, you will be able to make a mark with your impressive earnings. Released in 2022, Cash OK gives you Paytm cash-earning games that will be relevant well into 2023. 

11. Bakbuck

The Bakbuck game app offers trivia on topics the everyday person is knowledgeable about. This includes trendy topics like TV series, Hindi Movies, and Sports quizzes. Everyone has what it takes to earn through the Bakbuck app, all you need to do is invest a bit of that time. 

So, the Bakbuck game app can find a large and diverse user base that makes a great solution for plenty of people with varying tastes in real cash-earning games throughout the country. 

12. Quiz King: Earn Money Games

People constantly following the Google Play Store to get the best Paytm cash-earning games without investment, should seriously look into Quiz King! 

You can be fussy about what game to choose as there is a multitude of categories that exist from which you are able to pick and choose a game.  

13. Frizza: Earn Money App

Frizza is an all-in-one entertainment application that allows multiple tasks to be carried out to earn Paytm cash. Here’s what you can do in the app: 

  • Play games
  • Read articles
  • Transfer money
  • Play quizzes
  • Watch videos 

Plus, you can fulfill a list of simple daily tasks to win instant cash! Sounds like fun and you should already be downloading the multi-purpose app. Even after earning your cash, Paytm is the prime method by which you can withdraw your winnings.

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14. EarnEasy: Earn Cash in 24 hrs

What’s one of the fastest ways to make easy cash? Getting started with EarnEasy is definitely one of the sure ways to do it! 

You can refer to earn more rewards, and if your referee completes a task you can earn again. What app rewards for referring and task completion of the person you have rewarded? EarnEasy does this and so much more, making it a desirable option for people with spare time on their hands. 

You can earn high amounts in just the time span of a day, creating a lot of incentive to start playing to earn your keep.

15. Roz Dhan: Earn Wallet cash

What better incentive than to give users a signup bonus and another bonus for completing a few very simple tasks? The Roz Dhan app allows you to do this. Post that, there are referral bonuses and bonuses for users completing tasks gradually.

Besides this, there are a few tasks you can easily take advantage of. You can check your horoscope, read articles, play games, and take surveys to reap the rewards of Paytm cash.

16. Money Ball

Want to pick a game from the rest of the real cash-earning games that directly offers you a chance to retract or convert money now to Paytm? Well, the Money Ball game app is one of the best Paytm cash-earning games without investment.

Apart from earning real cash, players will receive thorough entertainment whenever they launch the Money Ball app courtesy of a great selection of games. 

17. Spin Wheel – Make Money Games

You can only list the best Paytm cash-earning games if you add Spin Wheel. The game allows users to earn real cash without having to do much. It consists of spinning wheels, scratch-and-win, prediction games, daily spins, and quizzes.

Each game offers the chance to earn money, but the game will take up to a couple of minutes to complete. Thus, creating a win-win situation that no one will find tedious or excessively time-consuming. 

18. Lucky Money Flame: Make Money

Lucky Money Flame, as the name suggests, lists a single game in which you must protect your flame by moving it to avoid obstacles falling from the top of the screen. Players receive gems that have a monetary value based on scores.

Alternatively, you can earn by answering surveys in the same application, where you again will be awarded gems or Paytm cash. You have two options when redeeming your money; PayPal or Paytm.

19. AIO Games

The AIO games platform makes it onto the real cash-earning games list even though it isn’t just one game but a whole real-money gaming platform. There are many games to earn from, and you can switch games with a few taps whenever you get bored with one.

Multiple games on this platform range from various game genres. You can find game titles from the following genres, card games, board games, and casual games. All of which are easy to play and appealing to all age groups. 

20. Adda 52

Specializing in Poker, Adda 52 is the only Poker game you will need. Play from a range of variants to win and claim your Paytm cash. 

If you are a Poker expert, it won’t take long to accumulate much cash in Adda 52, one of the best Poker cash-earning games. Variants you can choose to pay are Texas Holdem, Omaha Hi/Lo, Crazy Pineapple, Pot Limit Omaha, and Holdem++.

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21. Ludo Supreme – Zupee

Are you nostalgic, wishing for college days? You can get a taste of college days but earn real money while you do. Ludo Supreme, now owned by Zupee, has a unique proposition: play Ludo, beat your opponents, win the game, and win Paytm cash. 

It seems fair enough!   

Ludo Supreme holds three Ludo titles, including Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, and Ludo Supreme, each just as exciting as the other. You’ll have a great time remembering your fun with Ludo while making some cash. 


The GetMega platform is a haven for mobile gamers interested in the games of Poker and Rummy. This does make sense since India is a country that plays a wide range of card games. 

This category, particularly these games, is a significant player in the real-money market, and players now have a chance to earn from it. Combining two of the most popular card and casino games worldwide, GetMega has a large following and user base.

The website requires a phone number to which the cash-earning games apk is sent via SMS, allowing the user to download and install the app.

23. Poker Baazi

Poker Baazi is similar to Adda 52. Both are great for Poker enthusiasts who are also looking to put their Poker skills to good use. Again you’ll find an array of variants by which a poker player can earn a considerable amount! 

That said, real cash-earning game lists should include Poker Baazi as it comes off as a winner to whoever finds Poker an impressive game. There is little left to desire for a Poker gamer from Poker Baazi. You get multiple Poker formats and the ability to win money.

24. KhelPlay Rummy

KhelPlay is yet another single-game platform catering exclusively to the Rummy game. The platform earns its place among other Paytm cash-earning games as it can reward Rummy winners with Paytm cash. 

The platform has a complete guide to the rules and possible questions players may encounter. Thus, you can consider it novice-friendly for players of all experience levels.

25. Gamezop

If you are looking for the biggest selection of games without having to move to another platform, Gamezop is the first place to go looking for it. It’s not majorly composed of sports games or casual games, but rather an equal combination. 

The platform automatically segregates games based on categories like Action, Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle & Logic, Sports & Racing, and Strategy. 

26. Rummy Circle

We have covered a lot of Rummy games that are actually platforms catering exclusively to one game, Rummy Circle fits into that category. Featuring three variants of the Rummy game; Points, Deals, and Raise Rummy are all means by which you can play and win Paytm cash. 

Whether you are an expert or a starter, Rummy Circle is a fresher-friendly game app that anyone can get used to.

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27. Playerz Pot

Incorporating a significant number of Fantasy Sports and Casual Games, PlayerzPot has made it onto the radar of real-money game enthusiasts. 

Casual game titles include Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Fruit Slice, Rummy, Poker, Dino Run, Ball Crush, Sheep Fight, and Housie Quiz. Fantasy Sports game titles include Football, Kabaddi, Cricket, Hockey, NFL, Baseball, and Basketball, to name a few.

28. Queeda

Play casual games or fantasy sports matches to win either Queeda coins or Paytm cash. Perfect your skills to have better chances of winning and getting more Paytm real money. 

Play more to stack up better against the competition. Try rank on the leading topscorers list to get a chance to earn more from the Queeda app. Even try the game’s latest offering called Dots and Boxes which features a very unique gameplay strategy.     

29. M Rewards

Users can immediately install and start playing to earn as much as a couple of hundred a day. Again there is also a referral program here where you stand a chance to earn a desirable amount of real cash. 

You won’t be left with any requirements at hand as there is more than enough to keep you entertained. There are a lot of options and finding one that fulfills your every requirement for a game will not be an impossible task. 

30. Game Gully

Catering only to Android users for the moment, Game Gully rewards you for every level you are able to pass. Progressing through levels fast will be rewarding but you are also awarded elsewhere with scratch cards which are handed out often. 

As for the games section of Game Gully, there are only casual and shooting games with the exception of a basketball game. So, you can say although Game Gully ranks as one of the best Paytm cash-earning games, it rather suits casual gamers rather than casino or card gamers.

31. Winzy

Winzy uses quite a few currencies in its app, but the most popular ones are coins, points, and Paytm cash. Thus, giving players quite a selection with its cash-earning games that are appropriate for everyone. 

Spending more time on the Winzy app helps to obtain more coins, points, and Paytm cash. There’s even a prize pool that you can enter to test your luck to try and win. Otherwise, there are other ways to earn. Participate in surveys and watch videos to be rewarded.

32. Earn Real Cash Games 2022

Predict scores, and play quizzes and short games to receive your rewards. You can even play three short games to get up to 100 coins at a time. Paytm cash isn’t the only thing on offer, and you get the chance to earn coupons, gift cards, and even subscriptions!

This may not seem like much at the time, but it adds up to a lot. A handful of other game apps offer such an odd variety of ways to make real cash, and the Earn Real Cash Games app is one of them.

Considering the benefits, having this app on your device is a real benefit that yields more than it requires.

33. Gully Games

Not to be mistaken for Game Gully which is completely different, Gully Games is a gaming platform featuring a different lineup of games including Chess, Carrom, Fantasy Cricket Apps, Pool, including other uncommon titles such as Knife Ninja, Fruit Splash, Infinity Build, Word Puzzle, and Bubble Shooter. 

Get signup bonuses for every new member who joins using your link, you will the chance to earn a small commission. Based on this commission you will be able to keep on earning. Plus, there is always another way to earn from referees when they complete a task. Thus creating so many revenue generation streams.

34. Ludo Ninja

Remember classic Ludo? Ludo Ninja is a new take on this game and includes a new ability in which players have the possibility of earning money when they win a game of Ludo Ninja. 

It’s a simple yet catchy game strategy. Players each get the same amount of moves. The move must be made within 20 seconds or else an automatic movement is made. The game runs on a points system and the player who reaches the points target wins the game. 

The game skips past the slow process of waiting for a six to let your token out of the home position. Mark this game as one of the popular best Paytm cash-earning games without investment.

35. FunTap

As the name suggests FunTap is a game that involves fun games. Some examples of the games you get to play in this game app are Slots, Bingo, and a few matching games. In addition to these games, you can earn coins/cash easier by completing very simple tasks.  

Users can withdraw earnings immediately and even get the option to claim their amount as an Amazon gift card. Not many Paytm cash-earning games 

There are several other things you can do to have fun in the FunTap app! That too, with the perk of earning a handsome amount.

36. Step Set Go

This isn’t exactly a game app but it’s an exception as it still offers ways by which you can earn Paytm cash. The app literally pays you to walk! Walk to accomplish goals and progress to new levels, each new level comes with rewards. 

Work more to progress more and reach the highest level you can and in turn receive the highest number of rewards you can. What’s even more fun is that you are able to check your progress in comparison to friends and family. 

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37. Fan Fight (Merged with A23)

The Fan Fight app is not a part of A23 but this doesn’t have any effect on how enjoyable and rewarding this game is. Users can log in straight away and be assigned a team to play with before finally getting the chance to play to win. If you do win, you will be rewarded handsomely!

Later on, users will be able to create their own desired team and play against friends or family also on the app. This app is accessible to all mobile users as it is available on both mobile platforms Android and iOS. 

Also, A23 has a selection of games that you can also choose from to entertain you when you need a break from one fantasy sport. 

38. Qureka: Play Quizzes & Learn

Love quizzes and wish you could earn from them? The quiz app Qureka provides you with a unique chance to earn based on your knowledge. 

You can easily count this as one of the best Paytm cash-earning games without investment as it is purely knowledge-based and you will never have to deposit any amount. There is a multitude of quizzes to play from but the app limits each user’s paying capacity to 25 quizzes a day. 

But, you shouldn’t feel too sore about this limit because there is great remuneration after each quiz; thus, this is a worthy app to install on your mobile. 

39. One to 11

Fantasy sports are wildly popular in India and that’s why have another fantasy sports app to add to your Paytm cash-earning games. What’s different about Oneto11? Well, you get more than one way to earn, but, three instead! Let’s discuss them. 

The app offers users cash prizes to the top 75% instead of the top 50% like other fantasy websites. You also earn a 1.5% commission on the contest fee from each referred friend, additionally, you get to earn from the referral of a referral.   

That’s so much better than most of the other fantasy apps on the market these days! 

40. HappyBox

What stands out the most about HappyBox? You can really count it as one of the 0 investment real cash-earning games you can rely on to play and win real cash. 

You won’t have to add any money to get off the starting mark as inviting your first friend to join the app will automatically credit you with Rs12.   

Some of the ways by which you can earn through this app are by playing fantasy sports, casual sports, daily tasks, and surveys. You can win rewards on a daily basis and there is no limit as to how much you can play or win a day! Proving it to be among the best Paytm cash-earning games without investment. 

Other Online Earning App Mentions

  • OK Money – Cash Earning Apps
  • Big Cash (Platform)
  • Wheel of Fortune 


Which is the number 1 money-earning app? 

There are many money-earning apps that aren’t necessarily games. The best online earning game app is CRED. But if you are a sports enthusiast, a fantasy sports game like Dream11 is the best money-earning app for you.

Do I have to invest to earn with these best Paytm cash-earning games? 

Some games require absolutely no investment and thus make a great addition for anyone. But, some games that do require an initial investment only require a very small amount of money to start winning larger amounts of real cash. 


Which app was the last one that allowed users to have fun playing games and earn real cash at the same time? There are a few online earning app options that do allow for this and as a player or investor, it is good news to know that this niche holds a bright future. Don’t be left behind in the dust and miss out on an exclusive chance to partner with an expert game development company and make a game like these! Contact us with your requirements and get your game developed.

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